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This anime series is based on a popular manga of the same name. It revolves around a young man who is a master of video games in which his task is to "conquer" a series of virtual girls. Ironically, the young man is not all a master of the ladies in his real life high school. His gaming skills are put to use, however, when he is recruited by a cute demon to help her catch evil spirits.

The World God Only Knows is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (48 episodes). The series first aired on October 6, 2010.

Where do I stream The World God Only Knows online? The World God Only Knows is available for streaming on TV Tokyo, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The World God Only Knows on demand at Google Play, iTunes online.

Wednesdays on TV Tokyo
3 Seasons, 48 Episodes
October 6, 2010
Cast: Chris Patton, Luci Christian, Kanae Itô, Hiro Shimono
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The World God Only Knows Full Episode Guide

  • Due to spending all of his time chasing after loose souls, Keima's room is filled with dating sims that haven't been completed... "Conquest mode" is activated to clear off the backlog of games! Keima is truly a god as he conquers game after game!! ...After a few hours, Keima is still gaming away after ignoring warnings from a concerned Elsie when his body finally gives out and he falls the end draws near, he is greeted by an unexpected sight...!?

  • The library has decided to dispose of a number of books to prepare for the new media room. Shiori can't bear the thought of her precious books being thrown away, so she sets up a barricade and holes herself up in the library. The members of the library committee pay no heed to Shiori's silent protests and prepare to storm the library and dispose of the books as planned. Shiori begins to falter in the face of adversity, when Keima suddenly appears before her. Has he come to save her, or perhaps...

  • Keima proclaims that books are no longer necessary in this day and age and the soft-spoken Shiori finally loses her cool!? As a result, Keima is able to hear how Shiori truly feels, but now there's an uproar in the library...? The "fortress of paper" that's protected Shiori from the real world is about to change...

  • It's the night before the Mai High Festival. Keima and Chihiro are alone on the roof of the school. Chihiro seems confused by Keima's behavior, but he continues with his conquest. But as Keima makes his move, Chihiro says something unexpected.

  • Elsie tries to cook for her divine brother, but Keima is never pleased. This time, she tries to make a "self-propelled" lunch, but she gets yelled at again... Elsie is feeling down, but after some advice from Chihiro, she decides to try again! As she prepares to make a strawberry shortcake, she prepares sugar from hell and eggs of all kinds of colors. One of the eggs is...

  • The goddess search is going well, but the strain is too much for Keima and he falls ill. However, this is an opportunity the God of Conquest to trigger the sick visit event. Ayumi and Chihiro are the remaining candidates for the final goddess. However, Keima doesn't realize how difficult it is to conquer two friends at the same time.

  • ...I'm going to turn you into a fan! And so, Kanon sings on the roof for Keima. Keima treats her coldly in an attempt to learn what is troubling her, but Kanon is so hurt that she goes into a state of shock and her body becomes transparent! It appears to be related to the loose soul inside her...but as Elsie looks for information about Kanon, she learns about something that happened in Kanon's past. In the meantime, Kanon's dream concert at Narusawa Seaside Hall is drawing near.

  • With help from Vulcanus, the third goddess, the Ancient Demon blade in Kanon has been removed. However, she still remains unconscious. Keima must search for the remaining goddesses and restore their power, but one of the potential hosts approaches him first. Does Keima have a way to handle a heroine who doesn't follow the dating sim model?

  • During the simultaneous walk-home-from-school events, Keima is attacked by a wave of flying books. The books are being controlled by a small figure. Meanwhile, section chief Nora drops by the Katsuragi residence to see Elsie. It sounds like the Hell Bureau of Peace has issued an order to the loose soul team to search for residents of Heaven. Kanon/Apollo is currently at the Katsuragi residence. Is this a coincidence?

  • A girl who hosts a goddess will remember everything that happened during her conquest. In other words, she will remember falling in love with Keima. Armed with that information, Keima attempts to walk home from school with all five potential hosts and increase their affection level.

  • One night, Keima is in his room when he picks up a certain game. On the cover is a very poorly drawn heroine, Yotsuba.Will this game change the world as Keima knows it'Keima Katsuragi, the god who has won the hearts of many girls. Will he finally see his ideal ending...!?

  • Jun begins to lose the support of the students as she continues on her impassioned crusade. The shock drives Jun to attend a pro wrestling match to cheer herself up.Keima uses a special ticket made by Elsie to ambush Jun and forces her to face the barrier of reality that she came up against in her past...A touching ending to the three episode story of the young student teacher, Jun Nagase, who faces both ideal and reality.

  • Jun is doing her best to meet the expectations of the students. She's very popular with the students, but she's been possessed by a loose soul. And so, Keima begins his conquest of Jun. However, she's preoccupied with becoming the ideal teacher, so she only sees Keima as a student. In order to break free of the teacher-student mold, Keima decides to approach Nikaido, who was Jun's senior in school...

  • It's the season for student teachers at Mai High. Keima's class gets Miss Nagase, a cheerful pro wrestling fan who has great hopes and dreams about becoming a teacher.However, her attention is immediately drawn to a problem child who plays games during class (...Keima, of course).The other teachers have already given up on Keima's attitude, but Jun is inspired to save him...

  • Keima and Elsie head to a game store in a neighboring town to buy a certain game.However, there is a very enticing fair at a different store... Keima dispatches Elsie to obtain the game in his stead. Will she succeed... ("Her First Errand") Haqua shows up because she needs to write a report about the loose soul which was secured a while back. It appears that she wants help writing the report... ("Tea for Three.")

  • An extremely fired-up Keima and somewhat apathetic Chihiro have spent many days going through possible situations and conversations to prepare for the conquest of Yuta. Everything is going smoothly as the day of the confession finally arrives''However, Chihiro says something which leaves Keima dumbfounded...Will this be the first failure for the God of Conquest?

  • Keima was under the impression that he had found a potential route where he would cheer up the broken-hearted Chihiro, but she's already found a new love!?Keima snaps at the absurdness of the real world, but he is beaten down by Chihiro's counterattack.That is when Keima is helped by a previous conquest, Ayumi!Ayumi manipulates Keima and Chihiro into cleaning the classroom by themselves.Eventually, Keima finds himself caught up in a certain event...

  • One gloomy Monday morning, Keima's sour mood is exacerbated by harsh words from Chihiro.Keima doesn't give a damn about the real world, but her words still leave him a little depressed. However, he brushes them off as the ramblings of a background character...but then they discover that she's been possessed by a loose soul!And Chihiro's parameters are the worst Keima's seen so far...Keima is beaten down by the ordinary girl who exemplifies the real girl.That is when a certain someone appears before him'!?

  • Keima and the demon girls find the fugitive loose soul in one of the older school buildings. However, the matured loose soul is far more powerful than any of the previous loose souls!! Haqua and Elsie work together to capture the loose soul, but it escapes after taking control of students and using them as a distraction. Haqua yells at Elsie for her mistake and runs after the loose soul by herself...

  • Elsie reunites with her classmate, the overachieving Haqua. Chief Docrow reports an evil spirit on the loose in their area.

  • There are two of Kusunoki!? In order to succeed the Kasuga School of Martial Arts, Kusunoki had forsaken her weak "feminine" side. However, when she engages in weak activity, her lingering "girly side" appears... Kusunoki agrees to go on a date with Keima to draw out the "feminine Kusunoki" and conquer her weakness. Elsie watches nervously as Keima and Kusunoki go on their date. How will their date go...