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Take a trip across the stars with the adventurous, romantic, and heroic Captain Harlock. The captain, along with his crew, journey throughout the galaxy aboard the infamous and masterfully crafted Arcadia. This space pirate with his own brand of philosophy towards life is a swash buckling, gun totting hero who's out to rid the cosmos of villainous trash. Instead of risking his life for mounds of priceless treasure, he is more interested in rescuing the less fortunate. With the help of his friends, like the Arcadia's architect Tochiro Oyama, the captain is a force to be reckoned with.

Embark on the tale of one man's determination to bring wickedness to an end no matter what the cost. Discover the price that must be paid to defend a universe overflowing with blood thirsty bullies that must be taught a lesson.

Toei Animation
3 Seasons, 70 Episodes
March 14, 1978
Cast: Makio Inoue, Akira Kamiya
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Captain Harlock Full Episode Guide

  • "Mayu, plant flowers on this burnt field. Then call the butterflies and birds back here. Daiba, make history."Harlock and his crew go for their triumphant return to Earth, but, all that awaits them is an order that they've been banished from Earth. Harlock, thinking for the young crewmembers' sake, pleads to the Prime Minister to just pardon them and to disband as pirates. However, even that plea is rejected. At that moment, all the Mazone that were lying dormant on Earth arise. Harlock realizes that the Queen hinted at this happening but it was too late, cities are laid in ruin. The Prime Minister cries for help to Harlock and they decide to have their final fight for the sake of Earth. Peace is restored. Harlock entrusts the remnants of Earth to Tadashi and the gang and once again heads for space.

  • "I want to make a flower bloom. A flower of the future."Making its way past countless gunshots, the Arcadia finally arrives at Queen Lafresia's flagship. The crew sans First mate Yattaran makes a full assault on the ship. Harlock then confronts Queen Lafresia, who is wearing a battle uniform. They clash swords as she furiously battles the man who trying to crush her dream. Then, Harlock's friend who is in the Arcadia helps Harlock to victory. When Harlock sees the red blood flowing from Lafresia's veins, he decides to let her and the Mazone go. However, her final words are "I will leave."

  • "I want to have a drink with you. Once the battle is ended."After a bunch of skirmishes, the true battle finally begins. The Mazone use an underhanded tactic by camouflaging a medic ship and sneaking in to attack. Harlock then rescues a pregnant woman from a civilian ship that they accidentally attack. As this is more important than being friend or foe, they ignore the Queen's orders for the time being. Neither party attacks until the baby is safely born. Seeing this side of Harlock for the first time, the Queen decides to stop the petty tricks and to fight Harlock directly.

  • "Have a drink and talk to me. Sometimes people need to clear the air between them."The Arcadia leaves for space with Kiruta on board, after he was injured while trying to save Mayu. Before the final showdown, Kiruta confesses his true feelings to Harlock. About how he rescued a bunch of juvenile delinquents who were branded criminals, and how he wanted to create a future for them. He then drums up the courage to ferociously fight and closely battles with Mazone who board the ship. He then sacrifices himself to put up a defense and to protect Tadashi and First mate, Yattaran. Harlock buries him with respect.

  • "Commander Kiruta gave me his word. I have trust in a man's promise."The invasion Mazone forces finally begin their attack on Earth. With no power to resist, the air space on Earth is quickly dominated. The Arcadia passes the main Mazone fleet by utilizing an electromagnetic storm and quickly rushes to Mayu's school to get her to safety. Kiruta says that the elder Hasshi who took care of him when he was young, in Egypt, would be able to look after her. Harlock agrees to entrust Mayu to Hasshi. As they make their way through the battle field to deliver Mayu to Egypt, Kiruta is injured. Nevertheless, they get the Arcadia to safety. It's there that Harlock tells Mayu the truth behind her father, the main computer.

  • "It's cold in space."Upon realizing that Harlock knew who Shizuka's real identity is, she deems that she has failed in her mission. Harlock was going to banish her from his ship but he sees Shizuka help someone out and reconsiders. He decides to let her stay on the Arcadia but she then tries to blow up the main computer! Harlock scrambles to get the bomb out of the way and almost dies! The truth is that Shizuka was in love with Harlock, and as she couldn't live her life as a failure, she wanted to die by Harlock's doing.

  • "Even within all this silence, a flame is toiling."The beautiful, dazzling Shizuka Namino becomes a bit of a celebrity on board the Arcadia after being rescued. However, she's really a spy sent by Queen Lafresia. Upon the Queen's orders, she takes photos of the ship with a camera in her earring and seeks to discover Harlock's true intentions. However, Harlock doesn't fall to her sexual advances and provokes Lafresia, almost as if he knows Shizuka's true identity. Lafresia, hearing his words over her earring transmitter, becomes infuriated. She suddenly sends her main fleet out. At the same time, Shizuka realizes that the forty-second person on board the Arcadia is Tochiro Oyama.

  • "It's time for our showdown, Lafresia."The Arcadia is trapped due to an artificial gravity device. However, they escape and protect Mayu from the Mazone base. However, she is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder after being held captive for so long, and if she stops playing her ocarina, she goes into terrible bouts of terror. Worried that she'll die at this rate, Harlock turns to the main central computer which harbors her father, Tochiro's soul, in order to save her. Finally, after the computer plays her a lullaby, she is able to go to sleep.

  • "When a man is searching for his final resting ground, don't go running your mouth."Commander Kiruta learns of the existence of the Mazone and persistently tries to inform the Prime Minister of the impending doom. Nevertheless, the Prime Minister ignores his pleas and begins to think of Kiruta as a dangerous person who may pull off a coup d''tat. Then, Kiruta encounters Commander Otawara in a drinking establishment once again. He was the former commander who was accused of being a murderer after killing his wife upon finding out she was a Mazone. Learning of the Mazone invasion, Otawara leaves in a fighter all alone and makes contact with the Arcadia. He then leaves his final parting words to his former lover, whom he broke up with due to a misunderstanding, Masu-san. He then charges into the Mazone's crosshairs. Harlock is impressed with Otawara and vows once again to rescue Mayu.

  • "We're all as one, together on the Arcadia."The Arcadia is rapidly being repaired on a Pirate Island while Lafresia continues her bloodthirsty hunt for it. While this is happening, Harlock tells Tadashi the secret story behind the Arcadia's origins. As fate would have it, Commander Kiruta captured and enlisted the services of a brilliant scientist named Tochiro to build a battleship to help capture Captain Harlock. However, Harlock saves Tochiro after he is in a pinch on Heavy Meldar, a planet which was being cultivated and they escape on the newly built Arcadia. Though it was a close call, they escape, but Tochiro (is hit with a bullet and) dies right after. Emeralda, wishing to remain with Tochiro, entrusts their daughter, Mayu, to Harlock. She then follows Tochiro out into space in a burial at space sea.

  • "If you can imagine, I drank whiskey that time..."While the Arcadia is being repaired at the dock of a Pirate Island, Tadashi and Tori-san come back with a pair of glasses. Harlock says they belonged to the man who built the Arcadia. Harlock met that man, Tochiro Oyama, in a bar in the Ulysses Nebula. The two of them got along great, but due to the influence of a mysterious woman named Emeralda, the two of them got a bad reputation and were sent off to the mines on Bad. The truth is Emeralda needed the help of the two men to rescue her younger brother Jimmy who was sent there already. After being freed from life in the mine, Tochiro and Emeralda got married and had Mayu.

  • "A man learns little by little while in battle."The Mazone come attacking the Arcadia which has had too much free time lately. Tadashi, thinking he may find clues to Mayu's whereabouts, gives chase in a fighter and is wrecked on the Rainbow Planet. A Mazone civilian saves him. Believing their story that they escaped in search of freedom, Tadashi befriends the girl, Kirika. Though he's hated the Mazone up until now, Tadashi gives a grass whistle to Kirika and they quickly grow close. But then he sees that it was all a trap to get close to him. He's saved by Harlock in the brink of time and grows due to this mistake.

  • "The human race started with two."In order to rescue Mayu, Harlock allows the will of the ship to choose its own course. It then sets course for the Human Planet within the seven planets of the Ulysses Nebula. Dr. Ain and thirty humans escaped to there. It's almost like a tropical paradise. Harlock and the crew are there to take respite but when they hear that many UFO's have been spotted overhead recently, they go off to investigate. But, the Mazone have reached there as well and Harlock and the crew are attacked. Miyu, who pretended to be one of them but is really a Mazone, threatens Dr. Ain and make him use his weather control device to create a massive storm. Because of this, the only people who are left in the village are the two young children Vena and Ikaru.

  • "You have awakened the lion that sleeps within me."Due to Harlock's unrelenting resistance, there is a growing resentment between the Mazone military and its civilians. There is a faction in the military saying the civilians are just a nuisance and should be cut off. But the queen has resigned herself to complete the exodus of all her peoples to Earth. When Tesius breaks away from the caravan with a group of Mazone, the queen sends her subordinate Cleo to deliver her punishment. She lets Tesius commit suicide rather than kill her...

  • "Zol issued the attack order! Your father!"A surprising couple, Zorba, the son of the warrior Zol, and a Mazone medic named Lucia, escaped from the Mazone fleet. There are members in the crew who doubt Lucia and think she may be a spy, but when they see that the Mazone are truly trying to recovery the two, they begin to trust her. Then the Mazone launch their general attack. Zorba is upset over his mother's execution, but Harlock yells at him and he become brave again. He decides to use himself as a decoy to protect the Arcadia. The two of them are hit by the Mazone and they sparkle off almost like a shooting star.

  • "A little leak will sink a great ship."Upon victory, Harlock orders First mate Yattaran to secure the hostages. But, Yattaran ends up being the one who is captured! Dr. Zero, who has known Yattaran since elementary school, proceeds to tell the crew about his rarely seen genius and ability to analyze the structure of the Arcadia. The Mazone, Elza, sent on an intelligence gather mission, decides to use Yattaran's love of models to get information on the structure of the Arcadia by challenging him to a model building contest. He is to build a scale-model of the Arcadia. But, right when he completes it, Harlock and the crew show up and Yattaran is recaptured.

  • "So, being an alcoholic is useful for once!"Miime's old planet is named Jura, and it was once devastated by a nuclear attack. Making one of her occasional visits to her hometown, Miime and Harlock are once against ensnared in a Mazone trap. Receiving a mysterious, shape-changing flower, the entire crew passes out. Before they have time to recover, a Mazone battle unit comes attacking and they're suddenly in a bind. Furious over this cowardly way of attacking, Miime and Harlock head to where they believe their base to be. There, she meets her old friend Fuure, who confesses to be a Mazone who organized the nuclear attack. Furious, they have a showdown.

  • "Falling into the trap will be fun, as well. Will we become skeletons together?"There are supposed to be forty-two crewman aboard the Arcadia. Searching their true colors, they try to read the minds of all at the Horsehead Nebula. After reading them all, they decide to take the next measures. Harlock and his crew finally realize that the light Yamanaka thought to be the Mazone base is actually a group of young stars. But, before they have time to sulk, they're attacked by a Mazone comet. The Arcadia escaped to Deathshadow Island to escape from this attack. Queen Lafresia appears in front of Harlock and leaves saying the mysterious words, "Challenged by a seed that was sown..."

  • "That sort of your weak sympathy is no help to the Chief engineer."A group of Mazone suddenly appear in the ship. They carelessly assume they'll just be holographs, but soon real Mazone appear and they begin fighting. During the battle, the Chief engineer realizes that one of the enemies is the daughter him and his wife had, Midori, who was taken away by the Mazone. The Chief engineer coolly tells the Mazone commander Patras that the only reason he boarded the Arcadia was to get his daughter back. He retorts, "The Mazone have no need for fathers." This sends Maji into a flurry as he recalls his past and he delivers the finishing blow himself to Patras's fleeting battleship.

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