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Fate/Zero is an action-oriented anime series that tells the story of the fourth Holy Grail War, a supernatural event that takes place in Fuyuki City, Japan. The Holy Grail War is a cyclical occurrence, a contest that pits seven powerful mages against each other in a battle for the legendary Holy Grail. In order to participate in the War, each mage, or Master, must first summon the spirit of a great hero, known as a Servant. Each Master and Servant team must work together to defeat the other six and claim the prize of the Holy Grail, which will grant the victor any wish.

At the opening of Fate/Zero, we are introduced to the initial players in the fourth Holy Grail War: the Einzbern family, headed by Irisviel von Einzbern and her husband Kiritsugu Emiya, Tokiomi Tohsaka, Kariya Matou, the priest Kirei Kotomine, the arrogant magic professor Kayneth Archibald El-Melloi and his young, disgruntled student Waver Velvet, and Ryuunosuke Uryuu, an insane child-killer. These characters are all mages with various levels of command over magic, and they all end up summoning Servants categorized by their fighting specialties. Each Servant is the spirit of a famous hero, but they attempt to conceal their identities and skills from each other by assuming the titles Saber, Lancer, Rider, Archer, Assassin, Berserker and Caster. The Servants' titles are determined by their fighting styles: Saber is primarily a sword-user, while Caster is a magician. The Masters have nominal control over their Servants' actions, although in practice, Servants sometimes act of their own accord and even against their Masters' wishes.

Fate/Zero features plenty of fights involving hand-to-hand combat and magic between both Masters and Servants. Viewers can also expect to see shifting alliances between different Master/Servant teams as the old, powerful mage families of Einzbern, Tohsaka and Matou attempt to play the other Masters off of each other and eliminate their opponents one by one. The Servants play a similar game, as they attempt to uncover each others true identities and gain tactical advantages in battle.

This anime series is an adaptation of the Fate/Zero series of novels written by Gen Urobuchi. Fate/Zero itself is a prequel to the popular Fate/stay night visual novel and anime series. The two-season, 25-episode Fate/Zero series was produced by Japanese animation studio Ufotable and licensed for North American distribution by Aniplex of America.

2 Seasons, 25 Episodes
October 1, 2011
Cast: Ayako Kawasumi, Kari Wahlgren, Sayaka Ôhara, Jôji Nakata
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Fate/Zero Full Episode Guide

  • As commanded by Kiritsugu, Saber unleashes her Noble Phantasm on the Holy Grail, with a completely unexpected result. Who will end up winning the war?

  • Two heroes, two masters, one grail; a winner will be decided.

  • The end of the battle is drawing near and relationships between Masters and Servants are changing. Many players have dropped off the field, and a very special one is next to go.

  • The end of the battle is drawing near and relationships between Masters and Servants are changing. Many players have dropped off the field, and a very special one is next to go.

  • Saber is hot on the trail of Rider, much to his delight. Meanwhile, Kiritsugu sets off on a different lead. The new player, Matou Kariya, watches in the background as his play unfolds perfectly.

  • Irisviel's time is running out and Kiritsugu is doing what he can to make her comfortable. But the game continues and he leaves to eliminate his next target. A surprise attack against his hideout leaves him a man down and heart broken.

  • Natalia has raised Kiritsugu since rescuing him from the island. He has followed her in every step in becoming an assassin. Over the years their relationship has grown to the point of mother and child, so what Kiritsugu does next is...

  • As a child, Kiritsugu lived on a small island with his father Nori. Nori's magical work with flowers has captured the attention of a local girl.

  • With rules being broke and new players entering the tournament, the remaining Heroes and Masters are entering a new phase of the tournament. What Tokiomi does next will affect everyone.

  • With all the Heroes exhausted from their win against Caster, Saber has challenged Lancer to a final battle. A battle fought with honor and respect between two Knights. Kiri doesn't care for honor or respect, he will win by any means necessary.

  • Rider is shifting Caster into his Reality Marble to buy some time. He asks the other Heroes to come up with a plan to finish Caster off. A phone call from Kiri gives them a fighting chance, but it comes down to Lancer making a difficult choice.

  • The battle against Caster continues as the Heroes have no way of stopping him. Toki is trying to appeal to Archer to use his Noble Phantasm to obliterate the monster. Kiri meanwhile, is planning to destroy the source of the monsters powers

  • Rider and Waver make a trip into town, and stop in a bookstore along the way. Meanwhile, Caster and Ryuunosuke return to their destroyed base. A conversation with his Master leads Caster to an epiphany, and the mad magician begins casting a spell...

  • Hidden in a Fuyuki hotel, Kiritsugu tries plan his next move, but is still at a loss regarding Kirei's motives. Elsewhere, Iry and Saber have moved to a new hideout, but while Iry seems excited about their new location, Saber senses something is amiss...

  • Rider, Saber, and Archer sit down for a drink and discuss what makes a King. The talk turns violent when Assassin interrupts

  • The mystery of the mass kidnappings in Fuyuki remains unsolved, with more kids disappearing daily. When Tohsaka Rin can't get in touch with her friend Kotone, she braves the darkness and enters the city on her own to search for her.

  • Kiritsugu and company are wrapping up after the assault on their castle, and the Einzbern Master decides to ignore Saber's desire to pursue Caster, instead leaving to finish off Kayneth. But Kayneth awakens to find himself bandaged and strapped to a bed.

  • Battle rages throughout Einzbern Castle: Kayneth's magical mercury sphere versus Kiritsugu's formidable gun arsenal, Saber and Lancer join forces against Caster in the forest, and Irisviel detects a new enemy as she and Maiya make their escape.

  • The rules of the game have changed and the Masters have a chance to earn an extra command spell. All they have to do is find Caster and kill him.

  • A car screams down the moonlit streets of Fuyuki City, with a very happy-go-lucky Irisviel behind the wheel and a slightly unnerved Saber sitting next to her. The evening takes a bad turn when a mysterious shadow darts in front of them.

  • As Saber and Lancer continue their battle, Kiri and Maiya continue the search for Lancers master. What they discover is shocking

  • All the servants have been summoned and now it is a game of spy vs spy. Who will be the first to take the initiative in Fuyuki City?

  • Seeking the Holy Grail, seven mages summon seven Heroes and fight until the last man remains-the Holy Grail War. Eight years ago, a girl named Illyasviel is born. Her father, Kiritsugu Emiya, embraces her knowing he will be part of the battle as well.

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