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  • TV-Y7
  • 2008
  • 15 Seasons
  • 5.7  (3,413)

Bakugan Battle Brawlers is an action-packed animated series that aired on Cartoon Network from 2007 to 2011. It follows the adventures of a group of friends who discover a mysterious card game that allows them to enter a parallel dimension and battle with their Bakugan creatures.

The show centers around the main character, Dan Kuso, a lively and determined boy who is always up for a challenge. Along with his best friends, Shun Kazami and Marucho Marukura, Dan begins his journey to become a top-ranked Bakugan player.

However, their peaceful small town is soon turned upside down when the evil Naga, a Bakugan creature, breaks through to their world and begins causing chaos. Dan and his friends soon find themselves in the middle of a battle for control of the Bakugan universe.

The show’s characters are brought to life through the talented voice acting of Eri Sendai as Dan Kuso, Mamiko Noto as Mira Clay, and Keiji Fujiwara as Drago. Chihiro Suzuki plays the role of Shun Kazami, while Risa Mizuno voices Marucho Marukura.

Atsushi Ono is the voice behind the powerful Masquerade, a Bakugan player who becomes Dan and his friends’ arch-nemesis. Ayumi Tsunematsu plays the character of Julie Makimoto, a skilled Bakugan brawler who forms a close bond with Dan.

Chiharu Suzuka voices Alice Gehabich, a shy and mysterious girl who becomes an important ally to Dan and his friends. Eiji Miyashita plays Runo Misaki, a strong-willed girl who also becomes a fierce Bakugan player.

Hideyuki Umezu brings to life the villainous Hal-G, a malicious entity that seeks to destroy the Bakugan universe. Hiroki Yasumoto provides the voice of Klaus von Hertzon, a wealthy businessman who is both powerful and intimidating.

Kiyotaka Furushima plays the cool and collected Ace Grit, a top-ranked Bakugan player who always keeps his cool under pressure. Nao Takamori provides the voice for the helpful and supportive Kato, a character who provides guidance and advice to Dan and his friends.

Souichiro Hoshi plays the role of Rikimaru, a skilled Bakugan player who becomes an important ally to Dan and his friends. Yuichi Nakamura voices the wise and powerful Gorem, a Bakugan creature who takes on the role of mentor to Dan and his friends.

The show’s animation is top-notch, with bright colors and a highly detailed world that immerses viewers in the Bakugan universe. The battles that take place between the Bakugan creatures are a highlight of the show, with each match requiring strategy and skill from the players.

As the series progresses, viewers become more invested in the characters and their journeys, rooting for them as they take on increasingly difficult challenges. Bakugan Battle Brawlers offers a thrilling adventure that is both entertaining and satisfying.

Overall, Bakugan Battle Brawlers is an exciting animated series that is sure to captivate viewers of all ages. With its engaging storyline, talented voice acting, and dazzling animation, it is a must-watch for anyone looking for an action-packed adventure.

Bakugan Battle Brawlers is a series that is currently running and has 15 seasons (221 episodes). The series first aired on February 24, 2008.

Bakugan Battle Brawlers
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End of the Line
10. End of the Line
January 26, 2012
As the Brawlers face off against Mechtavius Destroyer in the battle to end all battles, Dragonoid Destroyer pulls a surprise maneuver. He begins channeling the energy from the bonds that exist between all humans and Bakugan. The Brawlers watch in amazement and then fear as his power levels continue to skyrocket without any sign of stopping. Having never encountered this much energy before no one knows what to expect, least of all the surprise visitor who shows up to determine on which side the victory will land.
Beginning of the End
9. Beginning of the End
January 7, 2012
Having successfully traveled back in time, the Brawlers have one last chance to stop Mechtavius Destroyer from wiping Bakugan City and New Vestroia from existence. They immediately go toe-to-toe with their enemy but soon find themselves at a disadvantage. Not having fought using the Battle Suits, Gunz is worried that he may cost his team the fight and ultimately their lives. He pleads with Reptak to battle with Dan instead, but he refuses. What happens next takes everyone by surprise as the show of loyalty between Bakugan and Brawler creates the ultimate game changer. One that may indeed guarantee the Brawlers the win...
Blast from the Past
8. Blast from the Past
January 7, 2012
Mechtavius Destroyer lands on New Vestroia intent on destroying every last Bakugan who lives there, but unbeknownst to him, just before he finished annihilating Bakugan City a distress signal was sent from the Bakugan on Earth. Having lost the element of surprise, he now finds himself facing off with an army of angry and battle ready opponents, but it is still far from an even fight. Meanwhile, still in the Doom Dimension, the Brawlers are presented with a risky option for escape from Professor that involves traveling back in time...
Doom Dimension Throwdown
7. Doom Dimension Throwdown
January 7, 2012
Still trapped in the Doom Dimension, the Brawlers find themselves face to face with Gunz and Betadron who are itching for a fight. Unable to negotiate a truce, the Brawlers decide to engage in battle, in hopes that a victory will allow them to return their focus to finding an escape route back to Earth. Meanwhile, in Bakugan City, Mechtavius Destroyer shows up and unleashes the first part of his master plan...Something so sinister and destructive it's beyond what anyone could have ever imagined.
Evil vs. Evil
6. Evil vs. Evil
December 31, 2011
The Brawlers are banished to the Doom Dimension, and the Nonets are being led by a new version of Wiseman, or maybe it's Gunz in disguise, no one really knows! The hardest part of the battle is going to be deciding who the Brawlers need to defeat first!
Evil Evolution
5. Evil Evolution
December 17, 2011
The Brawlers learn the origin of Wiseman. In what seems like their darkest hour, Gunz appears at the worst time, taking on the mantle of Wiseman and leading the Nonets.
Gunz Lives
4. Gunz Lives
December 10, 2011
Gunz wakes up in his own worst nightmare and realizes that the evil ringleader Wiseman looks just like him! Can anyone help him remember what happened before Wiseman permanently steals his identity?
Enemy Infiltration
3. Enemy Infiltration
December 3, 2011
The Nonets begin to get curious about the true identity and motives of Wiseman. They find a hidden body that bears a striking resemblance to Wiseman and want answers. Meanwhile, Dan and the Brawlers try to take on the combined forces of the Nonets.
Jump to Victory
2. Jump to Victory
November 26, 2011
Runo meets a new Bakugan named Aerogan when he literally falls in her lap. Having just reached Earth from New Vestroia, he is a young Bakugan who is extremely eager to put his battling skills to the test. With their focus firmly set on finding Wiseman, the rest of the Brawlers have no interest in helping the arrogant young Bakugan prove his worth. Soon enough, however, Aerogan gets his chance when Wiseman, Worton and Balista show up looking for a fight. The question is: will Aerogan have what it takes to defeat them, or will his first battle be his last?
The Eve of Extermination
1. The Eve of Extermination
November 19, 2011
With the clock counting down to Mechtavius Destroyer's dreaded return, the Brawlers find themselves missing a crucial member. Dragonoid Destroyer is still recuperating after the last battle and without a Mechtogan by their side, any chance of victory over Wiseman and his evil horde seems hopeless. Faced with no alternative, the Brawlers charge head on into battle and discover that even though Dragonoid Destroyer is sitting this one out...he still may be the one to save the day.
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Bakugan Battle Brawlers is available for streaming on the Cartoon Network website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Bakugan Battle Brawlers on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, The Roku Channel Free, Google Play, Apple TV, Tubi TV and Pluto TV.
  • Premiere Date
    February 24, 2008
  • IMDB Rating
    5.7  (3,413)