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  • TV-14
  • 2012
  • 3 Seasons
  • 8.2  (11,630)

Kuroko's Basketball is a sports anime series based on the manga of the same name by Tadatoshi Fujimaki. It was produced by Production I.G and directed by Shunsuke Tada. The series premiered in Japan in 2012 and ran for three seasons, ending in 2015. The show follows a high school basketball team called Seirin as they compete against other schools in Japan. The team's lineup includes a mysterious player named Tetsuya Kuroko, who possesses a unique playing style that makes him difficult to notice on the court.

The show's main character is Kuroko, a shy and unassuming boy who lacks the athleticism of his teammates but possesses incredible basketball skills. Kuroko's playing style is based on deception and misdirection, which allows him to pass the ball to his teammates without being noticed by opponents. His partner in crime is Taiga Kagami, a transfer student from the United States with incredible physical abilities and a fierce competitive spirit. Together, Kuroko and Kagami help lead Seirin to victory, overcoming various challenges and obstacles along the way.

One of the unique aspects of Kuroko's Basketball is the various playing styles exhibited by the show's characters. Each player has their own unique strengths and weaknesses, and the show does an excellent job of showcasing these differences. Some players rely on speed and agility, while others use their size and power to overpower opponents. This variety makes the games exciting to watch and keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

Another impressive aspect of the show is its animation. Production I.G is known for their high-quality animation, and Kuroko's Basketball is no exception. The basketball games are fast-paced and action-packed, with smooth animation and dynamic camera angles that make viewers feel like they're on the court with the players. The character designs are also well-done, with each player having a distinct look that matches their personality and playing style.

Aside from the basketball games themselves, the show also delves into the personal lives of the Seirin players. Each member of the team has their own backstory and motivations, which are explored throughout the series. From Kuroko's relationship with his former teammates to Kagami's past experiences playing basketball in the United States, these personal stories help to deepen the characters and make viewers care about their success on the court.

Overall, Kuroko's Basketball is a fantastic sports anime that is sure to entertain viewers. With its unique characters, exciting games, and high-quality animation, it's no wonder that the series has become a fan favorite. Whether you're a basketball fan or someone looking for a great anime to watch, Kuroko's Basketball is definitely worth checking out.

Kuroko's Basketball is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (98 episodes). The series first aired on April 7, 2012.

Kuroko's Basketball
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Again and Again
75. Again and Again
June 27, 2015
Entering the true Zone, the united team of Seirin begins catching up to Rakuzan. However, with only 40 seconds remaining, the end of the game approaches.
It Was You
74. It Was You
July 4, 2015
Akashi is awakened by a conversation with himself. He apologizes to his teammates and asks to be put back in the game. When the Generation of Miracles see him play, they know he's returned to his former self.
Why Don't You Give Up
73. Why Don't You Give Up
June 27, 2015
Abandoning his teammates, Akashi enters the Zone and begins handling both offense and defense by himself. When Kagami becomes paralyzed in the face of such overwhelming strength, Kuroko suggests they work together against Akashi.
Let Me Warn You
72. Let Me Warn You
June 6, 2015
The game enters the final quarter! The ten minutes that will determine the champions of the Winter Cup have begun. Having found a way to stop Mibuchi through Koganei's play, Hyuga returns to the court while carrying the risk of a fifth foul to challenge Mibuchi once again! As though inspired by Hyuga's resolve, Kiyoshi dominates Nebuya with all his might and gets rebound after rebound.
I'm Desperate
71. I'm Desperate
May 30, 2015
Through Kagami's wide-range defense and Kuroko stopping Mayuzumi, Seirin regains its hope. However, it's not enough to close the gap. They must stop the attacks of the Uncrowned Kings to change their situation.
The Weight of Resolve
70. The Weight of Resolve
May 22, 2015
The Seirin-Rakuzan game enters the third quarter. Seirin continues to place their hope in their scorers Hyuga and Kagami. However, Akashi tries to nip their glimmer of hope. Hyuga is his target. When Mibuchi's "Earth" shot turns Hyuga's aggression against him and Hyuga receives another foul, he receives a fourth when he argues with the referee. Admist Seirin's desperate situation, Kuroko retu...
Miracles Don't Happen
69. Miracles Don't Happen
May 16, 2015
Mayuzumi's mysterious power finally becomes clear. With the same qualities as Kuroko, he uses misdirection as a weapon as Rakuzan's "Phantom Sixth Man." Additionally, the "new model" is even good enough to make shots on his own.
We Are No Longer
65. We Are No Longer
April 18, 2015
Through the efforts of the Generation of Miracles, Teiko wins the national tournament for the second year in a row. However, they grow stronger and stronger than their opponents. Cracks begin appearing between the overwhelmingly powerful members of the Generation of Miracles as well.
Blue Sky
63. Blue Sky
April 4, 2015
The night before the final against Rakuzan, Kuroko begins telling the Seirin team about his past with the Generation of Miracles. Though Kuroko joined the distinguished Teiko Middle School basketball team, he placed into the third string.
The Greatest Player
62. The Greatest Player
April 11, 2015
Kuroko desperately analyzes the apparently unstoppable Kise's Perfect Copy and arrives at his answer amidst a series of comebacks. They have only one chance. Sensing Seirin's resolve, Kise makes his finaly attack, evading Kuroko's steal by copying Aomine. He passes Kagami by copying Akashi and deals the final blow with Murasakibara's Thor's Hammer! However, Izuki's Eagle Spear deflects the ba...
This Time
61. This Time
March 21, 2015
Kaijo starts catching up when their ace Kise returns to the court, and their desperate effort makes the fans go wild. The entire gymnasium fills with support for Kaijo. Seirin has never experienced such pressure before.
Don't Underestimate Me!!
59. Don't Underestimate Me!!
March 6, 2015
The Seirin-Kaijo match heats up with an ace showdown. The tables turn, and Seirin takes the offensive. The final awakened one whose abilities rival the Generation of Miracles... Kagami's talents begin to blossom. Kise senses the threat more keenly than anyone else, but it gives him all the more reason not to lose! However, Kise's injured foot takes a turn for a worse, and he's forced to retre...
The True Light
58. The True Light
March 1, 2015
The battle between Seirin and Kaijo finally begins. Seirin tries to secure their victory by striking first, but Kise unexpectedly begins using his Perfect Copy at the start of the game, demonstrating his overwhelming strength. With their start ruined, Seirin's attacks get them nowhere. The unsteady team must be returned to their feet. Riko calls for a player substitution. Furihata takes Izuki...
I Can't Help But Laugh
57. I Can't Help But Laugh
February 21, 2015
During the pre-game warmup, the aces Kise and Kagami take some all-out shots to distract the opposing team. Everyone is excited to play their first official game since their practice game in the spring.
I Will Give Them to You
56. I Will Give Them to You
February 15, 2015
In the face of Akashi's "Emperor Eye," which allows his to predict his opponents' future movements, Shutoku seemed powerless, but the fighting spirit returns to the eyes of its members, and they face Rakuzan with an indomitable spirit!
I Don't Know
55. I Don't Know
February 8, 2015
The first semifinal match is between Shutoku and Rakuzan. The game of fluctuating high level offense and defense changes as it enters the second quarter. Hayama, one of the Uncrowned Kings, and overwhelms Miyaji with his amazing dribbling.
I'll Take It
54. I'll Take It
January 31, 2015
Only four teams remain in the Winter Cup. However, the day of the semifinal, both Kuroko and Kagami's basketball shoes fall apart, and they rush to purchase new shoes. However, they can't find any shoes in Kagami's size!
Stay Out of My Way
53. Stay Out of My Way
January 24, 2015
Haizaki's ability allows him to "steal" any move he sees instead of simply copying it. Unable to use any of their special plays, Kaijo is on the ropes. Even Kise, who possesses numerous moves due to his copy ability, begins running out of moves he can use as the game progresses.
It's Mine
52. It's Mine
January 17, 2015
The other semifinal between Kaijo and Fukuda Sogo begins. For Kise, Haizaki is a nemesis that he has not once won against. Being on Teiko Middle School's starting lineup, Haizaki's skills were definitely there, but due to his arrogant attitude that ignores the rest of the team, the Kaijo team members feel anger against him.
I'm Just Playing As Hard As I Can
51. I'm Just Playing As Hard As I Can
January 11, 2015
Seirin High School makes it into the semifinals of the Winter Cup. They defeated To
Many Times Over
25. Many Times Over
June 30, 2015
With 40 seconds left in the game, Rakuzan is in the lead, 105-98. Kagami scores with 27 seconds left. With 17 seconds left, Izuki is the only one not fired up, deliberately trying to keep calm and use his head to catch Rakuzan off-guard. He predicts that Rakuzan will take a shot and steals the ball, making a perfect pass to Hyuga. Hyuga forces a foul as he scores a three and is allowed a free throw. Hyuga's shot rebounds and Kiyoshi uses his last strength to take it. With three seconds left the ball is passed to Kuroko, who goes to shoot. Akashi defends but Kuroko states "I am the shadow", and Kagami does one of his impossible jumps to dunk and Seirin win, 105-106, winning the Winter Cup. Akashi experiences his first ever loss, but is thankful to Kuroko and congratulates him with tears in his eyes. Some days later, Seirin see Kiyoshi off at the airport, as he is going overseas to get a surgery for his knee. Meanwhile 3rd years from Seirin's opponent teams are studying for college, while their teams appoint new captains and prepare for the next season of Basketball. Seirin return to school to practice but Kuroko is late. Kagami is sent to find him, and Kuroko explains that he was getting a photo from Momoi. As Kuroko and Kagami head back to practice, Kuroko's locker opens to reveal the photo- a team photo of the Generation of Miracles reunited.
So It Was You
24. So It Was You
June 20, 2015
Akashi starts supporting the team by setting up perfect opportunities which also boosts their morale. The watching members of the Generation of Miracles recognise Akashi's old self. Seirin still manage to score, but Akashi enters the zone again and Akashi's support draws out his team members' potentials, making them enter an imperfect version of the zone, possible because they are members of the "Uncrowned Kings". Kagami is the only one who can stand against them, but reaches his physical limits, and exits the zone. The rest of Seirin are also exhausted and Seirin has no more time outs left. Suddenly, Kuroko's friend, Ogiwara, cheers from the audience, bringing Kuroko to tears. Aomine, Kise, Midorima and other past opponents adds their cheers, and the crowd starts to chant for Seirin. With the Rakuzan in the lead, 103-96 and 2 minutes left in the game, Kagami talks with the team, and manages to fully open the "door within the zone", unveiling the "True Zone", which is team play at the speed of the zone (possible because of the bond between the team members). Aomine realises that the person in front of the "door" is not a gatekeeper, but Kuroko, leading the way to team play. Seirin manage to score a two-pointer, but Akashi counters with a two pointer, and is not going to allow Seirin to win that easily.
Why Don't We Give Up?
23. Why Don't We Give Up?
June 13, 2015
Faced by Akashi's huge zone of defence, Kagami despairs, having reached the bottom of the zone, but seeing no way to open the "door". Kuroko suggests they give up relying solely on Kagami for now, and offers to take some of the burden. By watching and predicting Kagami's movement, Kuroko becomes Kagami's "eye" and is able to intercept Akashi. Although stunned, Akashi catches up and attempts to stop Kagami, but is intercepted again by Kuroko. One last time, Akashi attempts to intercept Kagami's dunk, but Kagami, with his teammates supporting him, manages to crack open the "door" within the zone and scores. Akashi misses a goal, and has fallen out of the Zone. A voice inside Akashi starts telling him to give-up. Rakuzan calls a time out with 5 minutes left in the game, and the score 92-90. Just as Rakuzan's coach is about to sub Akashi out, Mayuzumi chastises Akashi, asking rhetorically "Who are you?", which triggers an internal dialogue with his other self. Akashi strove for victory in order to keep his team together and in his weakness he created his other self. But then he started playing for victory itself, forgetting why. Now, his two selves appear to merge, or perhaps switch places, and, echoing his words to Kuroko in middle school, aloud he declares himself "Akashi Seijuro".
A Warning
22. A Warning
June 6, 2015
Hyuga rejoins the match in fourth quarter and scores the first three, flourishing under the pressure and having worked out how to tell the difference between Mibuchi Reo's three shots, and the secret of "Void". Despite Kiyoshi's knee injury bothering him, he pushes back against his opponent Eikichi Nebuya. Akashi relieves control of the ball against Kagami who is going even deeper in the zone. However, Akashi has learnt how to enter the zone at will, reserving it for when Rakuzan is in trouble. His trigger being when he decides to abandon the rest of the team and use his own strength to win. Akashi enters the zone and scores on his own. Seirin calls a timeout with Rakuzan in the lead, 90-78. Seirin puts their faith in Kagami. In the audience, Aomine mentions that he suspects there is a greater zone within the zone. And that Kagami may need to open this second "door" to be able to beat Akashi.
In My Own Way, I'm Desperate
21. In My Own Way, I'm Desperate
May 30, 2015
Izuki manages to interfere with Rakuzan's Kitari Hayama's five-finger-dribble offense, by predicting future moves and coordinating with Kuroko and Kagami. Kagami remains in the zone. Koganei faces Reo, and although Koganei doesn't manage to defeat him, Hyuga comes to understand how to beat Reo's three specialty shots (Heaven, Earth, Void).
Weight of Resolve
20. Weight of Resolve
May 23, 2015
Rakuzan vs. Seirin enters the third quarter. Seirin, not giving up, entrusts their scorers Hyuga and Kagami with all their hope. However, even that small glimmer ...
A Miracle Will Not Happen
19. A Miracle Will Not Happen
May 16, 2015
Rakuzan reveals their own 'phantom sixth man,' Mayuzumi, who's just as good at misdirection as Kuroko and better at making shots on his own.
Isn't It the Best?
18. Isn't It the Best?
May 9, 2015
Kagami dangerously continues using up his stamina in the zone, Riko swaps Kuroko for Mitobe so that Kagami can focus on offence. Akashi pairs up against Kagami and Akashi takes control of the game until Mitobe's defense breaks the flow. Kagami exits the zone, and Kuroko re-enters the game. Kuroko is more visible than usual, which Akashi claims is due to his learning how to dribble and shoot. Disheartened, Kuroko is taken out of the match for one side pass, then put back in for the remainder of the first quarter. The first quarter is finished with a tie, 21-21. Kuroko is set to sit out the 2nd quarter to think of a solution. Meanwhile Rakuzan's Chihiro Mayuzumi reveals his ability to misdirect just like Kuroko, but with better base attributes.
Final Tip Off
17. Final Tip Off
May 2, 2015
Seirin prepare mentally for the grand final match of the Winter Cup. Kagami and Tatsuya finally properly reconcile. The teams from previous matches, including the teams of the Generation of Miracles come to watch the grand final. During the decider for 3rd place, Kise sits out of the match and Shutoku wins against Kaijo, 96 to 54, taking 3rd place. Rakuzan and Seirin warm up, and Akashi declares the winner will be Rakuzan. Furihata gives Kuroko a wristband filled with the team's thoughts. The game starts with Kagami taking the tip off. Kuroko fumbles a pass but Kagami manages to score the first goal with an impossible jump. And enters "the zone".
What is Victory?
16. What is Victory?
April 25, 2015
Kuroko get's knocked unconscious in the game before the grand final, in which Teiko is set to play against Kuroko's friend, Shige's team. Kuroko regains consciousness, and since he cannot play in the game, asks Akashi to make Teiko play their best. Teiko, bored by scoring quotas, decide to play a new game. Kuroko gets to the match in time to see the conclusion of the game, with Murasakibara scoring the final goal for the opposite team in order to make the score read "111, 11". Devastated, Kuroko decides to quit basketball and visits Shige's school, where he finds out Shige has transferred and is going to quit basketball. Shige's friend tells him not to quit basketball, because he thinks Kuroko can melt their hearts.
We Already
15. We Already
April 18, 2015
The old coach advises to Aomine to keep playing basketball until he can find a worthy opponent. Teiko wins the National finals. The old coach collapses and the young one takes over coaching the team. The team individually undergoes rapid growth in power. Aomine leaves mid-practice and the coach gives him permission to skip practices, leaving Aomine in even more despair. After an act of insubordination, Akashi goes head to head with Murasakibara, and just when Akashi is about to lose, he switches personalities and crushes Murasakibara. Akashi gives the rest of the team permission to skip practice as long as they win matches. He later tells Kuroko who failed to convince Aomine that there is two of him.
14. ...Sorry
April 11, 2015
Nijimura gives the captain position to Akashi because his father is sick. Akashi now becomes captain. The Teiko coach comes back. Midorima and Murasakibara gets into a fight, and Kuroko challenges them into a practice game. Then, Aomine and Kise get into a fight, but not a serious one. Akashi wants to get rid of Haizaki because he keeps skipping practices. Aomine plays a game, but he doesn't have fun and loses interest in basketball because he crushed the other team. Teiko goes to the National qualifiers, and Aomine meets his friend, while the face of Kuroko's friend is also revealed. Aomine ends up crushing his friend's team, and gets called a monster by his friend. Also, Kuroko's friend loses, and calls Kuroko, crying. The episode ends with Aomine sitting by the pool, a blank expression on his face.
A Day with Blue Skies
13. A Day with Blue Skies
April 4, 2015
Kuroko is first placed into Teiko's third string basketball team. However, after practicing everyday after school with Aomine, Akashi realised Kuroko talent as the "Phantom 6th Man." During a game between the third and second string, Kuroko proved himself and was upgraded to first string. But when he plays in a friendly game as starting player, he is so nervous he is subbed out immediately. The coaches are unsure if they should keep him on first string, but with Aomine's encouragement, they keep him on for one day. Now that Kuroko's nerves are under control, his help in the team is obvious and he is permanently placed on the first string bench.
He is the Best Player
12. He is the Best Player
March 28, 2015
Kuroko finally finds a way to stop Kise, and Seirin wins with a deciding shot made by Kuroko. The episode ends with Kuroko telling a story about his past
This Time, for Sure
11. This Time, for Sure
March 21, 2015
Kise recovers and manages to fill the 15-point gap. Kaijo becomes the lead with a score of 78-77. Seirin becomes restless and their moves become stiff as Kise's fast recovery and Kaijo's persistence to win makes the crowds cheer, putting Seirin under pressure. Kuroko devises a plan that requires time for observation in order to overcome Kise's Perfect Copy.
In Order to Win
10. In Order to Win
March 14, 2015
Kise's injury becomes worse. His coach orders him to step down the court for a while and rest until the last two minutes of the last quarter wherein he could use his Perfect Copy. Kagami's talents give way to Seirin having a 15-point gap in the lead with four minutes left in the game. Kise's frustration leads him to recover fast, determined to win the cup. Rico is surprised and realizes that Kise's Perfect Copy can now last until the end of the competition.
Don't Underestimate Us!
9. Don't Underestimate Us!
March 7, 2015
The Seirin-Kaijo game was white-hot due to the battle between their ace players. With the defense and offense reversed now, Seirin goes on the offensive. As the last one to awaken, and one with potential comparable to the Generation of Miracles, Kagami was on his way to unleashing that latent talent. Kise felt that as a threat more than anyone else. That was why he definitely didn't want to lose!!
True Light
8. True Light
February 28, 2015
The battle between Seirin and Kaijo finally begins. Seirin tries to secure their victory by striking first, but Kise unexpectedly begins using his Perfect Copy at the start of the game, demonstrating his overwhelming strength.
It Makes Me Laugh
7. It Makes Me Laugh
February 21, 2015
After the match Rakuzan vs.Shutoku, Rakuzan wins with the score of 86 - 70 against Shutoku. For the Shutoku team, it is a very huge defeat that even Takao and Midorima cried after the game. Kise, Kagami and Kuroko did have some short greetings before their match. The match started, how can Seirin stop Kise's Perfect Copy?
I Will Offer Them
6. I Will Offer Them
February 14, 2015
Facing Akashi's Emperor Eye, which sees the future movements of the opponents, Shutoku looks like they had no hand to play. But the will to fight once again lights up within the eyes of the team members, and they face Rakuzan with the spirit of "unyielding tenacity"! Thanks to Midorima and Takao's trick play, they try to close the gap in one strong run, but to answer that, Akashi scores in his own goal to the shock of everyone around him. Against Shutoku, who bares their teeth without giving up until the very end, Akashi throws out words that show no mercy.
I Know None of That
5. I Know None of That
February 7, 2015
As the second half of the match between Shutoku and Rakuzan starts, Akashi uses his eye, it is revealed that Akashi was the one who found Kuroko's talent by using his eye on him, which meant that the eye can see potential of people, but it is said that in matches the eye is completely different, it predicts the future movement of the other players, thus nullifying both offence and defense of the other team.
I'll Take This for Now
4. I'll Take This for Now
January 31, 2015
The final four of Winter Cup has finally been decided: Rakuzan, Shutoku, Seirin, and Kaijo. However, on the day of the semi-finals, Kuroko and Kagami both realized their basketball shoes were broken and hurriedly get on their way to buy new shoes. However, Kagami can't find shoes in his size! Thanks to Kuroko's suggestion, they seek advice from Momoi, and her reply is that he should use Aomine's shoes, as they both have the same shoe size. Of course, Aomine wasn't going to meekly hand a pair over, and they end up in a one-on-one with the shoes as the prize! Daiki quickly won but still offered the shoes to Kagami. Taiga grudgingly accepts and says that he'll take it for now but their competition isn't over yet. Taiga and Tetsuya rushed to watch the first semi-final match of the Winter Cup: Rakuzan Vs. Shutoku.
Don't You Get in My Way
3. Don't You Get in My Way
January 24, 2015
Haizaki's skill is not copying a move he's seen once, but to "pillage" it. Kaijo starts to be cornered as each player's signature plays are sealed away. Even Kise, who has a variety of moves thanks to his Copy skill, starts to run out of stock moves as the game progresses. Furthermore, the fierce game pace puts Kise's leg close to its limit... The groove is completely with Fukuda Sogo at an advantage, causing frustration as the Kaijo team couldn't move as they wanted. Kise finally kneels down, but at that moment, a cheer from Kuroko reaches him from the audience. Kise stands up once again as if to answer that voice and uses his new skill Perfect Copy to start the comeback run!
This is Mine
2. This is Mine
January 17, 2015
Kise and Haizaki face each other head-to-head for the right to advance to face Seirin. At first it seems that Kise and Haizaki have the same copy ability as Haizaki is able to start duplicating Kise's teammates moves. However once Kaizaki has duplicated a move, the original user seems to be unable to use it. Kuroko reveals that Haizaki uses psychological warfare against his opponents. While he copies the moves of the individual, he also alters the timing of the move. When the original user tries to do the move again, they try to do so with the new timing and ultimately fail. Kise and his teammates fall further behind as the second half begins. Can Kise find a move that Haizaki can't use and somehow manage to turn things around, or is his team headed for certain defeat?
I'm Just Going at Full Strength
1. I'm Just Going at Full Strength
January 10, 2015
After defeating Yōsen High, Seirin is interviewed for Basketball Monthly. After the interview Kagami heads outside to visit with his old friend, Tatsuya Himuro, and Alex, but instead of being able to resolve their differences he runs into one Shōgo Haizaki of Fukuda Sōgō Academy. He is trying to flirt with Alex, making Kagami mad, but before Kagami can act Kise arrives on the scene and reveals that Haizaki was a starter on the Generation of Miracles team before he arrived. Kagami heads back in to ask Kuroko about this news only to find out the final quarterfinal will feature a showdown between Kise and Haizaki, with the winner moving on to face Seirin in the semifinals.
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  • Premiere Date
    April 7, 2012
  • IMDB Rating
    8.2  (11,630)