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"OniAi" is the shorthand name for the 12 episode harem anime series known as "Onii-chan dakedo Ai sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne!" which means "As Long as There's Love, It Doesn't Matter If He is My Brother, Right!" OniAi is based off its source manga (or Japanese comic book), is directed by Keiichir? Kawaguchi, is produced by Studio Silver Link, and licensed for American distribution by Funimation.

The plot of this anime revolves around twin siblings Akito and Akiko Himinekoji. The high-school-age brother and sister, who have lived apart for six years from the moment their parents died, are reunited when Akiko decides she wants to return to some sense of familial bonding. However, as time passes, Akiko's feelings for her brother intensify beyond what is socially acceptable; feelings which are not even reciprocated by Akito who only cares for her like an older brother does for his little sister. Despite the show's incestuous title and undertone, it's eventually revealed that Akito is actually adopted but kept the information a secret to taunt Akiko.

In addition to Akiko, several other girls wind up vying for the closest place within Akito's heart. From the Russo-American Student Council Vice-President, Anastasia Nasuhara, who always seems to do slightly better than Akiko; to Akito's tomboy of a childhood friend, Ginbei Haruomi Sawatari; to the seemingly perfect, sexually aggressive, katana-toting, Student Council President Arashi Nikaido (later revealed to be related to Akito and only supporting him instead of seducing him); to the 12 year old child prodigy, Arisa Takanomiya, who prefers to display her emotions through her facial expressions rather than through her words.

1 Season, 12 Episodes
October 4, 2012
Cast: Minori Chihara, Ibuki Kido, Eri Kitamura, Sumire Morohoshi

OniAi Full Episode Guide

  • Everyone gets separated and Akiko is left alone with Nasuhara. While contemplating her panty dilemma, Nasuhara reminisces about her first meeting with Akiko. What will happen to Akito and his crew of crazy girls that sleep under the same roof?

  • Unable to find her panties, Anastasia decides to go commando for the rest of the day. Arisa gets frightened by something she sees outside of the dorm and the group decides to investigate the source. All the while, Kaoruko sleeps in a feverish slumber.

  • During her turn nursing, Ginbe reminisces about Akito's transfer to her school and how they first met. After Akito recovers he has to choose the winner of the contest he had no idea about. What is the prize and what will the winner do with such a chance?!

  • Akito follows Gin to the back of the school building to find out why she is acting so suspiciously. When Akito suddenly falls sick, everyone fights over who will nurse him back to health. They decide to take turns treating him how they see fit.

  • The girls all go to find new swimsuits even though summer is still in the distance. They try frilly ones, sexy ones, and cute ones. Then, Arashi proposes a contest to show off their new goods and Akito must decide which one impresses him the most.

  • Kaoruko reads the latest installment of Akito's love story. She decides to stop by the dorm, where she meets the others, and asks them whether they think Akito has a sister complex. The council decides to separate Akito and Akiko into separate rooms.

  • In a student government meeting, the council members discuss what they are going to call Akito. Kaoruko proposes that Akito write a short story to be published in a women's magazine. She grows concerned for him when she learns his sibling is a sister.

  • Akito brings home a special dessert, just for Ginbe to enjoy. Akito continues to fix up Anastasia's room, and the two of them discuss her hobby of collecting stuffed animals. Arashi has the girls take a bath together, to help them bond together better.

  • Akiko asks Akito for help changing her light. Akito has his hands full maintaining the dorm, from fixing the plumbing to repairing the doors. The girls have differing opinions over allowing Akito to take in the laundry. Akito helps Anastasia settle in.

  • Akito catches Akiko reading a trashy romance novel. Akito, having trouble settling in to in his class, is given firsthand lessons in the concept of "tsundere" from both Akiko and Anastasia. Akito and his longtime friend Ginbe get into an argument.

  • Akiko moves into a school dormitory with her brother Akito, when he transfers to her school. Owing to her brother complex, Akiko has a crush on Akito. With both of them in student government, will Akiko be able to share him with the other council members?

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