Watch TV Shows on ADK

ADK is a channel that specializes in serialized documentaries, news segments, and live streaming of professional fighting events. Started in 2004 by an entrepreneur by the name of Chad Kinsman, the media company received early positive reviews and thus grew rapidly. Originally, only written content such as blog posts, articles and still images were available on ADK, but a demand for more information and services allowed the service to grow into a full featured digital distributor of information and entertainment surrounding the fighting world.

For example, a recent documentary by ADK followed the fighter Anderson Silva around for 2 weeks as he prepared to fight Jon Jones and defend his world championships title. The audience can watch as Anderson fights through training to learn new moves, struggles to overcome family issues, and ultimately arrives at the ring to face his renowned opponent.

Organizations such as the UFC, K1, Fight Korea, and others have partnered with ADK to bring live matches, commentary, and in-depth post fight interviews to viewers all around the world. While certain content is available free of charge, users can also choose to purchase premium packages that give them access to more fights, statistics, interviews, and even prize pools.

ADK was one of the first channels to offer truly live "fight night" style events, featuring professional commentators that offered differing opinions on the strategy, health, conditioning, and skill level of combatants in order to give viewers the best context possible.

ADK can be accessed from a number of devices such as your home television, laptop, iPhone, iPad, and more.