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Saint Seiya is a episode anime adaptation which closely follows the manga (Japanese comic book) of the same name across the span of over 100 episodes and three major story arcs; Sanctuary, Asgard (only told within the anime), and Poseidon. The series was produced by Toei Animation and was directed by Kozo Morishita and then by Kazuhito Kikuchi (during the "Asgard" and "Poseidon" story arcs later on).

The Sanctuary story arc involves a Japanese youth, named Seiya, tasked with obtaining the "Pegasus Bronze Cloth" from Greece's Sanctuary. This cloth is actually a suit of body armor worn by the 88 warrior "Saints" of the goddess, Athena. When Seiya obtains his cloth, it awakens his inner spiritual essence; a force hearkening back to the Big Bang. Seiya quickly assumes title of Pegasus Saint and enters into a tournament, known as the Galaxian Wars, where all Bronze Saints fight for the supremely powerful Sagittarius Gold Cloth. If Seiya wins the tournament, he will not only win the Cloth, but also be able to search for his missing sister.

While the Galaxian Wars seem to be the first major conflict, the actual trouble begins when the Phoenix Bronze Saint, named Ikki, appears. Ikki seeks to stop these contests of champions, where every contender is an orphan from a massive catastrophe prior to the series' beginning, by separating the Sagittarius Gold Cloth armor into pieces. Seiya and a few other Saint friends take Ikki on in a dramatic battle.

Eventually Seiya and his friends Hyoga, Shiryu, and Shun, defeat Ikki. Worried that other Saints might rebel against Sanctuary, the Sanctuary's Pope sends a squadron of Silver Saints to eliminate the Bronze Saints before they become too powerful. The Sanctuary arc concludes with Seiya and friends traveling across the globe to investigate twelve temples of the Zodiac, ultimately to save his still-living sister from Saga, the Gold Saint Gemini.

When the series jumped to North American shores, under license by DIC Entertainment, it was renamed Knights of the Zodiac. Only the first 32 episodes made it to air, with all content, like blood, heavily edited.

Saint Seiya is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (114 episodes). The series first aired on October 11, 1986.

Where do I stream Saint Seiya online? Saint Seiya is available for streaming on TV Asahi, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Saint Seiya on demand at Netflix online.

TV Asahi
6 Seasons, 114 Episodes
October 11, 1986
Anime, Action & Adventure
Cast: Bryson Baugus, Emily Neves, Blake Shepard, Patrick Poole, Luci Christian
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Saint Seiya Full Episode Guide

  • Having given his final burst of energy, Shun destroys the South Atlantic pillar. Seiya, clad in the Sagittarius Gold Cloth, challenges Poseidon again.

  • Seiya faces Poseidon at last, but Seiya's attacks are thrown back at him. His Bronze Cloth gleams with golden light, but Poseidon destroys it easily.

  • At the House of Poseidon, the Mariner General Sea Dragon appears before Ikki, who is certain he has felt the man's powerful energy somewhere before.

  • Isaac knocks out the unresisting Hyoga and begins stomping on young Kiki. Seeing Isaac's cruelty, Hyoga no longer hesitates to fight his old partner.

  • Though Krishna's lance lies broken, his secret technique flummoxes Shiryu. Camus, who died in the Battle of the 12 Houses, appears before Hyoga.

  • Shun's versatile chain counters Io's beasts. Elsewhere, Poseidon tells Saori about the day he learned of his destiny as the divine ruler of the seas.

  • Saori can only be saved by destroying the seven pillars, which are guarded by Mariner Generals. First, Seiya fights Baian at the North Pacific pillar.

  • As Poseidon's rains threaten the world, Saori enters the central pillar supporting the seas to give humanity a chance by taking on the water herself.

  • Saori wakes after being swept away by a wave and is shocked to see the man who once asked her to marry him now standing before her -- as Poseidon.

  • Seiya wields Balmung to free Hilda from the evil power of the Nibelung Ring. But Asgard is crumbling, showing the destruction of the world is at hand.

  • With the seven guardian stones now in his hand, Seiya must now retrieve the legendary sword Balmung, but Hilda's dark energy stands in his way.

  • Saori and the other Bronze Saints entrust Seiya with their remaining life energy, shaking Siegfried's confidence in the justice of his cause.

  • Shiryu takes on Siegfried, but his attacks are useless against the seemingly immortal warrior. When all seems lost, Shiryu hears his master's voice.

  • Only one God Warrior remains: Siegfried, the immortal hero of Asgardian legend. One by one, the Bronze Saints fall before his overpowering might.

  • Burning with ambition to take his brother Syd's place as a true God Warrior, Bud overwhelms Ikki, but Ikki's Phoenix Illusion stops Bud in his tracks.

  • Rising like his namesake from near death to reach Valhalla Palace, Phoenix Ikki faces Bud, the hidden shadow and twin brother of the defeated Syd.

  • With his chain rendered useless, Shun is hit by Syd's Blue Impulse. As his consciousness fades, Ikki calls from afar, rekindling Shun's will to fight.

  • The God Warrior Syd awaits Shun at the Valhalla Palace. Meanwhile, Marin tells Shaina about the frightening secret of Syd's strength.

  • Alberich's Amethyst Shield is useless against Shiryu's Dragon Shield, but his Nature Unity is more than enough to challenge Shiryu's defenses.

  • Hyoga can't bring himself to use his full power, knowing Seiya and Marin will die in the amethyst if he wins. Alberich unfurls his ultimate technique.

  • With Marin encased in amethyst and Alberich demanding his surrender, Seiya makes an agonizing decision and unleashes his Pegasus Meteor Punch.

  • Alberich, regarded as the greatest mind in Asgard, heads out to stop the Saints. He encounters Marin as she tries to infiltrate Asgard.

  • With his past revealed by Ikki's Phoenix Illusion, Mime flares with open hatred and unleashes his deadly Stringer Requiem on Ikki.

  • Mime turns his onslaught to Ikki, who takes Shun's place in the fight. Ikki senses something hidden deep within Mime's powerful Cosmo.

  • Shun continues to struggle against Mime as his chain doesn't react to his enemy, but realizes the lyre's music had been deceiving his senses.

  • As the other Bronze Saints are wounded on their separate paths toward Valhalla Palace, Shun hears music: a requiem played by the God Warrior Mime.

  • Hyoga, who was raised in the freezing climate of Siberia, struggles in the oppressive heat of the magma cavern as Freya hurries to stop the fight.

  • Hyoga tries to convince Hagen to give up his guardian stone for Freya's sake, but Hagen just lures Hyoga to a new arena to gain the upper hand.

  • Shiryu keeps getting up despite Fenrir's merciless onslaught. While Shiryu speaks of the nobility of trust, Fenrir refuses to trust anyone but wolves.

  • A pack of wolves attacks Shiryu as he heads for Valhalla Palace. He manages to defeat them, but must next face their master: the God Warrior Fenrir.

  • Shiryu arrives to save Seiya from Thor's assault and tells him they need the God Warriors' seven guardian stones to free Hilda from the ring's power.

  • Seiya and his friends rush to Valhalla Palace to free Hilda from the Nibelung Ring's evil control, but the God Warrior Thor stands in their way.

  • In Asgard, Saori and her Bronze Saints meet Hilda's sister Freya, who explains that the change in Hilda will lead to grave danger as ice caps melt.

  • A mysterious voice speaks to Hilda, the ruler of wintry Asgard. She then assembles the seven God Warriors of Asgardian legend to defeat the Sanctuary.

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