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Saint Seiya is a episode anime adaptation which closely follows the manga (Japanese comic book) of the same name across the span of over 100 episodes and three major story arcs; Sanctuary, Asgard (only told within the anime), and Poseidon. The series was produced by Toei Animation and was directed by Kozo Morishita and then by Kazuhito Kikuchi (during the "Asgard" and "Poseidon" story arcs later on).

The Sanctuary story arc involves a Japanese youth, named Seiya, tasked with obtaining the "Pegasus Bronze Cloth" from Greece's Sanctuary. This cloth is actually a suit of body armor worn by the 88 warrior "Saints" of the goddess, Athena. When Seiya obtains his cloth, it awakens his inner spiritual essence; a force hearkening back to the Big Bang. Seiya quickly assumes title of Pegasus Saint and enters into a tournament, known as the Galaxian Wars, where all Bronze Saints fight for the supremely powerful Sagittarius Gold Cloth. If Seiya wins the tournament, he will not only win the Cloth, but also be able to search for his missing sister.

While the Galaxian Wars seem to be the first major conflict, the actual trouble begins when the Phoenix Bronze Saint, named Ikki, appears. Ikki seeks to stop these contests of champions, where every contender is an orphan from a massive catastrophe prior to the series' beginning, by separating the Sagittarius Gold Cloth armor into pieces. Seiya and a few other Saint friends take Ikki on in a dramatic battle.

Eventually Seiya and his friends Hyoga, Shiryu, and Shun, defeat Ikki. Worried that other Saints might rebel against Sanctuary, the Sanctuary's Pope sends a squadron of Silver Saints to eliminate the Bronze Saints before they become too powerful. The Sanctuary arc concludes with Seiya and friends traveling across the globe to investigate twelve temples of the Zodiac, ultimately to save his still-living sister from Saga, the Gold Saint Gemini.

When the series jumped to North American shores, under license by DIC Entertainment, it was renamed Knights of the Zodiac. Only the first 32 episodes made it to air, with all content, like blood, heavily edited.

TV Asahi
1 Season, 170 Episodes
October 11, 1986
Anime, Action & Adventure
Cast: Hideyuki Tanaka, Tôru Furuya, Ryô Horikawa, Kôichi Hashimoto
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Saint Seiya Full Episode Guide

  • The Silver Saints Dante and Capella outclass Shun and Hyoga, throwing them off the cliff. But as they turn to Saori, Ikki suddenly appears.

  • Seiya just manages to rescue Saori from the clutches of the Silver Saint Jamian's crows, but finds himself cornered on a cliff when Shaina appears.

  • Shiryu is victorious, but he may never see again. He returns to China, and Ikki departs as well, leaving Saori unsure whether she can become Athena.

  • Shiryu faces Algol alone to save Seiya and Shun, but his Dragon Shield is turned to stone. Just as he seems doomed, the three Steel Saints arrive.

  • As Seiya, Shun and Shiryu escape their crashed plane, the Silver Saint Algol appears before them. His Medusa Shield turns Seiya and Shun to stone.

  • Overwhelmed by the Silver Saint Babel, Seiya and his friends are saved by the mysterious Steel Saints, who wear Cloths unlike any seen before.

  • As Seiya tries to save Marin from being executed, he is defeated by the Silver Saint Asterion. But before the final blow, Marin rejoins the fight.

  • Seiya and his friends, including the resurrected Ikki, determine that their enemy is Pope Ares. Meanwhile, Marin is ordered to kill her pupil Seiya.

  • Desperate after a string of failures, Gigas strikes in Japan while Seiya and his friends are away. Shun must defend Saori and the Golden Helmet alone.

  • Hyoga returns to Siberia to find that his master, the Crystal Saint, has turned evil. He threatens Hyoga for the Golden Helmet, forcing him to flee.

  • Milo again breaked out of Cygnus's restrains, and Cygnus finds that Milo's Scarlet needle attack is beginning to take effort.Cygnus becomes paralysed and begins to lose his senses one by one.

  • Cygnus enters the house of Scorpio carrying an exhausted Shun in his arms. Revitalised from his long rest, Cygnus managed to temporarily restrain Milo with his 'Freezing Ring' attack, allowing Seiya and Shiryu to move on the next house.

  • As Shun tries to revive Cygnus, by burning up his energy to keep him warm, he has a flashback of his days on Andromeda Island when he fought to become a saint.

  • Shina discovers that Cassios sacrificed himself to save Seiya and she blames herself for his death.

  • When Seiya shoots an arrow at Poseidon, it is returned and attacks Seiya!! Even though he gets lots of injuries, he still keeps attacking Poseidon!! At the same time, the Gold Cloth of Aquarius leaves from the Sanctuary to the Poseidon Temple!

  • Seiya finally arrives Poseidon’s Temple to rescue Saori. Now the fight between Poseidon and Seiya just begins! However, Poseidon is very strong, that he can even destroy Seiya’s Bronze Cloth easily….

  • Ikki tries to get to the Temple of Poseidon, but on the way to get there, Sea Dragon stops him. When Ikki meets Sea Dragon, he feels a Cosmo which he felt before. When Sea Dragon takes off his mask, Ikki sees Saga of Gemini’s face!!

  • Hyoga is defeated by Issac…. When Kiki arrives at the Pillar, he gets attacked by Issac, but Kiki keeps protecting the Gold Cloth from Issac. Once Hyoga sees that, he realizes his mistake and he starts burning his Cosmo to defeat Issac!

  • After Ikki breaks the pillar, Hyoga wakes up and decide to head to the fifth pillar of the Arctic. However, once he arrives there, he gets shocked, because the guardian of the Pillar is Issac, who used to train to be a saint with Hyoga at Siberia!!

  • Shun finds Seiya and Hyoga at the pillar of the Antarctic Ocean, but they are attacked by the guardian of the Antarctic Ocean pillar, Kasa. Kasa has a special ability, which he can transform into anybody. Now he transforms to Ikki in front of Shun!

  • Shiryu breaks Krishana’s Golden Lance with the Excalibur, which has Shura’s Soul living in his right arm. However, because Krishana’s Golden Lance broke, his power raises and beats Shiryu!

  • All of a sudden Shun's Cosmo starts burning and his Cloth changes into Gold!! Now, Shun catches Io by his gold Nebula Chain, and finally breaks down the South Pacific pillar by using the Twin Rod of Libra Cloth, which Kiki brings to him!

  • Shun learns how to change Andromeda’s Nebula Chain in to various defensive styles to attack Io’s six beasts!! At the same time, Poseidon starts telling Athena Saori about how he became Poseidon….

  • To save Saori, the Bronze Saints have to break the Main Bread Winner, but to do that they have to break the seven huge pillars that support the seven seas. Now Seiya is going to fight with Bian, who is protecting the North pacific Pillars!!

  • Seiya and Shun sink into the whirlpool of a dark pond to get to the Temple of Poseidon. When they get to the temple, they meet Titis and Sea dragon who are the guardians of Poseidon!

  • All of a sudden a big wave, which is caused by Poseidon, kidnaps Saori!! Saori wakes up at the temple of Poseidon. When Saori looks at Poseidon, she gets shocked! Because, he was the guy who proposed to Saori before as Julian Soro!!

  • After Seiya cut the ring, Hilda is finally released from the evil energy. Even though Seiya breaks the Ring, Athena Saori’s Cosmo power gets weaker and weaker…. –What will happen to Saori and the Earth?!

  • Shiryu risks his own life to point out Siegfried’s weak point to Seiya. Seiya receives the Cosmo of Saori and other Bronze Saints, and now he tries to defeats Siegfried again!

  • Siegfried keeps defeating all the Bronze Saints except Shiryu. Shiryu tries to defeat him, but his fist doesn't work on him. Since Siegfried has the legend of eternal life, Shiryu thinks there is no way to defeat him….-Can Shiryu deafeats Siegfried?!

  • Now one more God Warrior is left! But the last God Warrior, Siegfried, is the biggest hero and the most horrible God Warrior of the seven in the myth of Northern Europe. He is the strongest of the God Warriors, and he easily defeats Seiya and Ikki…!!

  • Since Bud wants to be the real God Warrior instead of Cid, he tries to get the Odin Sapphires from Shun. Once Ikki attacks Bud with his “Great Illusion”, now Bud realizes about his true heart…. –Can Ikki and Shun defeat Bud?!

  • Right after Shun defeats Cid, a new danger attacks him. It’s Cid’s twin brother, God Warrior Bud. Shina saves Shun from Bud, but Shun already has been damaged from Cid’s fight…. After Shun falls, suddenly Ikki appears to help Shun!

  • At the Valhalla Palace, Shun finds a God Warrior Cid and they start a fight! Once Seiya and Hyoga arrive at the palace, Shun tells them to keep going to the palace. At the same time, Shina hears about the fearful secret of Cid from Marin….

  • Now Shiryu and Alberich’s fight just begins! During the battle, Roshi tells Shiryu to unite with nature….

  • Now, both Marin and Seiya get shielded into the Amethyst!! Once Hyoga finds out this, Alberich tells Hyoga that if he dies then no one can able to release Seiya and Marin from the Amethyst! Since -Can he defeat Alberich?

  • Hilda has already lost four God Warriors. So Hilda decides to send a God Warrior Alberich, who has the brightest brain among the all of God Warriors. Once Alberich leaves the palace, he finds an intruder so he starts chasing her. -Who is the intruder?

  • Ikki has revealed Mime’s heart by his “Great Illusion”. Now, Mime starts bring back his love for his father, Forker, which he killed. Mime gets shocked about his true heart, and he starts to feel anger to Ikki who opened his heart. So, Mime starts attacking Ikki with his String Requiem!!

  • Shun is in danger from Mime’s String Requiem. All of a sudden, Ikki appears to save Shun! Now between Ikki and Mime’s fight just begin! –Can Ikki defeats Mime?!

  • Hyoga leaves Flare to Kiki and he goes to the next step to get the Odin Sapphire. So far Shun doesn’t get any injuries, but he starts hearing a sound of harp. Once he looks towards the sound, he finds God Warrior, Mime!!

  • Hyoga and Hagen are fighting in the cave where magma is. At the same time, Flair hears Hyoga and Hagen are fighting, so she decides to go to the cave to stop the fight! –Can she make them stop fighting?

  • Shiryu and Phenril still keep fighting. At the same time, Hyoga finds a God Warrior, Hagen, on the way to the Valhalla Palace. Now, Hyoga and Hagen’s fight just begin! -Will Hyoga and Shiryu defeat the God Warriors?

  • From the attacks by Phenril, Shiryu loses his sight, but he never gives up fighting back, and Shiryu tells him how important it is to believe in something. However, Phenril tells him that he only trust the wolves and he start telling his past to Shiryu….

  • The four Bronze Saints spread out and head to Valhalla Palace to get the Odin Sapphire to take off the ring from Hilda. On the way to Valhalla Palace, Shiryu gets attacked by wolves, and a God Warrior, Phenril, appears in front of him!

  • During the fight with Toll, Shiryu tells Seiya what he hears from Roshi. Regarding Roshi, Seiya and the other Bronze Saints have to beat the Seven God Warriors to get their Odin Sapphires to break Hilda’s Ring.

  • Athena finds out about the Nibelung Ring on Hilda’s finger. The ring has a horrible spell on it. Unless the ring is taken off, Hilda will be evil forever. So, Seiya and other Bronze Saints decide to take off the ring!!

  • Hyoga goes to Asgard to check what is going on there, and he meets Hilda’s young sister Flare. Once Flare meets Saori, she tells her about Hilda. Hilda stops praying for Odin, so the ice in North Pole/South Pole melt and it will cover the Earth!

  • When the battle comes to an end in the Sanctuary, at the same time something is happening in the Legendry country Asgult, which was conquered by Hilda. Hilda is controlled by someone and now she gives an order to kill Athena to her God Warriors.

  • Eventually, Athena Saori is revived. The light from the Athena's Sheild reaches to her. The Gold Saint of Libra, the mentor of Dragon Shiryu tells the truth to the other Gold Saints what happened 13 years ago, and that Saori is the reincarnetion of Athena. Saori moves to the Athena's Shrine from the foot of the Sanctuary through the 12 rooms of the Gold Saints, saving other Bronze Saints, Shiryu, Hyoga and Shun by the miracle power of Cosmo. In Athena's Shrine, Seiya is about to death, beaten by Saga of Gemini, Seiya helped by Ikki. And other friends, Shiryu, Hyoga and Shun. Suddenly, the Gold Cloth of Gemini is removed automatically against Saga's intention. Finallly, Saga killed himself by sticking the Athena's Rod. His personality of good regrets his sin. Thus, the battle comes to one end. The evil is disappeared from the Sanctuary.

  • The battle in Sanctuary is about to end after making a lot of sacrifices. In spite of losing his precious friend Shun, Seiya has managed to go through the twelve houses and broken into the Pope's room being helped by Marin. There he finds Pope regretting his sinful conducts with tears. Pope tells Seiya to head for Athena Shrine in order to save Athena but soon after that turns into the reincarnation of the evil. Saga is double-personality of Good and Evil. It is revealed that Pope really is Gemini Saga and that he's gained the position after murdering the former Pope.

  • Hyoga is missing somewhere in Asgard... When Seiya and the others are looking for him, Athena is kidnapped and they have to rescue her from Dolvar and some mysterious warriors.

  • Shiryu manages to break Shura's arm, but is badly wounded in the process. Just like at the beginning of our story, when Shiryu battled Seiya in the Galactian Wars Tournament, as Shiryu attacked Shura with his 'Rising Dragon' Technique he left his heart unprotected for a split second, and this is all Shura needed to deliver his damaging blow. Realising that Shura must be defeated in order to save Athena, Shiryu uses his most powerful technique the 'Ultimate Dragon'. Although this technique will kill any one it is used against, it will also ensure Shiryu's own death. So, Shiryu chooses to sacrifice himself for the cause of saving Athena, and he defeats Shura of Capricorn. But is Shiryu really dead?

  • With only a 3-hour window remaining to save Athena, the saints are feeling the pressure. They enter the tenth house, the house of Capricorn, and find it vacant. They pass through to the other side safely, but all of a sudden, the ground cracks creating a large gap in the earth. Seiya, Hyoga and Shun end up on the side away from the house (close to the eleventh house), but Shiryu is stuck on the side near the exit of the house of Capricorn. Then, Shura the gold saint of Capricorn emerges from the house and a fight with Shiryu ensues. Unable to help their friend by the distance between them, the saints realise they must move on to the eleventh house, as their need to save Athena is great. We discover that Shura is the most loyal of all the gold saints to Athena, and he is the one who killed Aioros those many years ago, because he thought Aioros was the one who tried to kill Athena when she was a baby, Shura punishes Shiryu and has him near deaths door, when suddenly, Shiryu is spirityally guided by his mentor in China. With his mentor's help, Shiryu realises Shura's weak link and he exposes it to his advantage.

  • The arrow barely misses Seiya's heart and lands in the wall behind him. After a confused Seiya ponders the significance of it all, he realises that where arrow has penetrated the wall leads to a secret passageway. Shun comes to, and Cygnus arrives, reuniting the four bronze saints together for the first time in a while. They all decide to enter the passageway to see where it leads. Once inside, the entrance disappears behind them and the ceiling begins to press down upon them like a vice. Shiryu yels for the others to run ahead to the tunnel while he tries to hold up the ceiling ; they reluctantly agree, although worry about their friend's welfare. Up ahead, the three saints must evade a barrage of rocks flying at them, and then deal with a torrent that prevents them from moving onto the next passageway. Cygnus volunteers to take care of it, to allow Seiya and Shun advance. Next, the two saints come to a wide opening in the rock and they must use Shun's chain to swing across, but the chain gives out and the two falls to the rocks below. But, then, the power of the sagittarius armour energises the four saints giving them extreme powers and the strength to emerge unscathed from their predicaments and unite again in the house of Sagittarius's main chamber. In the cahmber, others to run ahead to the tunnel while he tries to hold up the ceiling ; they reluctantly agree, although worry about their friend's welfare. Up ahead, the three saints must evade a barrage of rocks flying at them, and then deal with a torrent that prevents them from moving onto the next passageway. Cygnus volunteers to take care of it, to allow Seiya and Shun advance. Next, the two saints come to a wide opening in the rock and they must use Shun's chain to swing across, but the chain gives out and the two falls to the rocks below. But, then, the power of the sagittarius armour energises the four saints giving them extreme powers and the strength to emerge unscathed from their predicaments and unite

  • With only four remaining to save Athena, Tatsumi and the other bronze saints protecting her are beginning to worry about losing her.

  • Milo attacks Hyoga by using his Scarlet Needle". Even though he is loosing all of his senses from Milo's Scarlet Needle, he still tries to beat Milo, so Milo starts telling the truth of why Camus is trying to kill him....

  • Cygnus enters the house of Scorpio carrying an exhausted Shun in his arms. Revitalised from his long rest, Cygnus managed to temporarily restrain Milo with his 'Freezing Ring' attack, allowing Seiya and Shiryu to move on the next house.

  • At the Risk of my Life As Shun tries to revive Cygnus, by burning up his energy to keep him warm, he has a flashback of his days on Andromeda Island when he fought to become a saint.

  • Shina discovers that Cassios sacrificed himself to save Seiya and she blames herself for his death.

  • True to his name, Phoenix rises from the ashes of death and attacks Shaka with his powerful "Phoenix Illusion."

  • Seiya, Shun and Shiryu cautiously enter the house of Virgo, and confront a closed-eyed Shaka.

  • Phoenix is unable to slowdown Shiba and Agora'a attack.

  • Shiryu and Shun arrive to help Seiya, but Cassios stands in their way.

  • Seiya's attacks are futile against Aioria 's gold armour.

  • Seiya enters the house of Leo and finds the gold saint Aioria guarding it.

  • Shiryu and Death Mask have the ultimate showdown between good and evil.

  • Shiryu finds himself again at the doors of the Underworld (Sekishiki), and suddenly realises that Shunrei is praying for him at the Five Old Peaks. Death Mask hears Shunrei's prayer too and, fearing that Shiryu could find his way back to the living world again, decides to go himself to Sekishiki and destroy Shiryu once and for all. Cancer beats Shiryu really hard and decides to throw him in the Yumotsu Hiraska (the hole where souls have to fall in order to reach the Underworld), but Shunrei's prayer disturbs him again. Then, Death Mask uses his cosmo to cast Shunrei in the waterfalls. Shiryu's cosmo is filled with rage and Death Mask is mercilessly attacked by an enraged Dragon!

  • After a seven minute introductory "bringing you up to date" type recap of the story, we rejoin Seiya and Shiryu heading to the house of Cancer.

  • Just when you'd think Shun is sure to be destroyed, someone interferes with ArIesconcentration, infiltrating his forbidding mind control powers, and he loses control of his death-grip on Shim, saving him for the time being.

  • While he's fighting Aldebaran, Seiya tells his friends they should advance through to the next house and begin fighting there.

  • Before he dies, Tremy of Sagitta informs the bronze saints that unless they are able to make it through the twelve houses and defeat the pope within the next twelve hours Saori will die!!

  • As the bronze saints wait for Shun (Andromeda) before departing for Greece, they are unaware that he is battling for his life against vengeful old friends from his homeland.

  • Seiya, Saori and the others visit their alma mata prior to starting their trip to the Sanctuary. On the day of the deparure, Shun is nowhere to be found.

  • Shunrei applies the Water of Life to Shiryu's eye, but there's still no sign of Shiryu's sight returning. One day, a Gold Saint 'Cancer' named Deathmask visits the Goroho to get rid of the Rooshi.

  • Aioria begins to have about Pope Arles's motives as he is told the story behind the alledged betrayal of his brother Aioros. He asks Saori to show proof that she is Athena.

  • Shina has to choose whether she'll kill Seiya or love him. When she sees Aioria try to kill Seiya, she decides to love him.

  • While Saori Kido and the others are searching for the Gold Cloth Mask, Pope Arles is also desparately seeking the Gold Cloth. Both sides suspect that the other has stolen the Cloth.

  • Seiya manage to arrive safely in Jamiel, but finds Mu nowhere around. Even Kiki doesn't know where he is. Kiki suddenly remembers Mu talking about the water of Life which flows from a spring at the summit of Jandara, a mountain nearby.

  • Although Shiryu has lost his sight, he accepts the challenge of Ohko, who had also been a disciple of the Rooshi when they were both children, but who had been expelled.

  • Shiryu is recovering under the wing of the Rooshi in the Goroho, China. Nursed by Shunrei, Shiryu's scares heal but there is no sign of his sight returning. One day, an old enemy, Ohoko, returns to challenge Shiryu.

  • Although Seiya is still recovering from his injuries, when he discovers that Ikki has gone to Death Queen Island(DQI) in order to battle Jango, who as ruler of DQI, aims to rule the world from the shadows, Seiya insists on going to help Ikki.

  • Andromeda and Cygnus are challenged by two Silver Saints, Dante and Capella. They have been sent by the Pope to bring saori to the Sanctuary.

  • Saori is taken away by Jamian's crows. Seiya catches up and is badly hurt in the battle to regain her. As Shina and Jamian prepare to kill them both, Saori uses her Cosmo Powers as Athena to defeat the two.

  • Shiryu loses his sight after the battle against Silver Cloth Saint, Perseus, Argol and his Medusa Shield. The other Bronze Cloth Saints, Seiya, Hyoga and Shun pledge to keep fighting. Ikki leaves group after puarreling wth them.

  • To save Seiya and Shun who have been changed into stones by the magic power of the Medusa's shield, Shiryu fights with Argol. He manages to kill Argol by blinding himself and with the help of three Steel Saints.

  • Seiya, Shiryu and Shun end up on an island in the Mediterranean Sea where they are challenged by Shina, with Spartan and Silver Cloth Saint, Perseus, Argol.

  • Hakurei uses a powerful attack with the help of his fallen comrades to seal Hypnos. But when he raises his blade again to destroy the barrier, King Hades appears. Tenma and Dohko come to help, but the awakened Hades is simply too powerful.

  • Hakurei goes into Hades castle alone, protected by a blade from the last Athena. He tears apart the oppossing Specters until he reaches the center of the barrier that protects Hades Castle. When he attempts to destroy it with his sword, Hypnos appears.

  • With the four God's barrier destroyed, Hypnos's "Barrier of Sleep" is lifted, and the forces of the Saints march on Hades castle! Hakurei gives them a rousing speech as Seiji, then enters Hades castle alone to defeat Hypnos.

  • Athena enters Sisyphus's dream. There she finds that Sisyphus torn by guilt over taking her away from Alone and Tenma. He thinks that he ruined her life, and caused the Holy War. Athena risks her life to attempt to persuade him to open his heart.

  • Tenma and El Cid are helpless before the combined might of Oneiros and the other three Gods. But Athena appears in the dream world to save Sisyphus. Tenma and El Cid begin the fight anew to protect Athena.

  • With one of the four gods down, El Cid finds himself confronted by Icelus. Icelus continues to overpower El Cid with his dimensional abilities, but El Cid is determined to rescue Sisyphos.

  • Nearing Hades's castle, Tenma suddenly finds himself standing before his undamaged village. He can't shake the feeling something is wrong as Alone and Sasha tell him everything has been a dream.

  • Hypnos gathers the four gods who control dreams. One of them, the Vision Icelus, appears in Sagittarius, avoiding Capricorn El Cid's attacks, and steals the soul of the unconscious Sisyphus. El Cid leaves the Sanctuary alone to get it back.

  • Thanatos finally gets serious after being wounded by Manigoldo. But even in the worst position imaginable, Seiji doesn't falter. Don't use the word despair so loosely, he says, and Manigoldo remembers his old days with his master and regains hope.

  • Manigoldo finds the location of the Twin Gods, but is helpless before the might of Thanatos, the God of Death. The Pope Seiji arrives to help him. As he struggles to withstands Thanatos's attacks, Manigold remembers how he met Seiji when he was young.

  • Tenma, Yato, and Yuzuriha are surrounded by Veronica's zombies, only to be saved by Cancer Saint Manigoldo. Manigoldo had come to protect Tenma at the pope's orders. With his overwhelming power, he splits Veronica's body in two.

  • Upon entering the forest of Death, Yuzuriha is separated from the others. She is confronted by her brother, who she thought died years ago. His voice sends her back to the past... Meanwhile, Yato is cornered by a giant centipede.

  • Pandora seals away Alone in his studio so that he can focus on the creation of the "Lost Canvas," and completely awakens as the King of Hades. In the shadows, Hades' Councilors Hypnos and Thanatos, worry about the Pegasus Saint and his connections.

  • Tenma leaves the Sanctuary and has resolved to fight on his own. However, on orders from the Pope, he is stopped by the Cancer Golden Saint Manigold and locked in a cell.

  • The painting covering the whole sky, "The Lost Canvas," is said to destroy everyone on earth when completed. Tenma hears to his dismay that the once kind Alone is now trying to destroy all of humanity as Hades.

  • Tenma finally returns to the Sanctuary, and challenges Alone to a fight, only to have the tables turned. Then, the Pope arrives and uses an amulet from a previous incarnation of Athena to release the "Talisman Cage" and weaken Hades' power.

  • The Taurus Golden Saint Aldebaran uses his amazing strength to defeat the Specters as they attempt to close in on the Sanctuary. Then, full of hostility, Heavenly Violent Star Vennu Kagaho comes down, ready to fight.

  • Tenma bears the full force of Asmita's attack. When suddenly the Goldenrain reacts to Tenma's rising cosmos and bears fruit. Asmita disappears, and Tenma and the others gather the berries and flee from the Underworld.

  • Tenma and the others hear that the immortal Specters can be destroyed using berries from the Goldenrain tree that grows in the Underworld, so they quickly search for it. They reach the tree, when the Gemini Golden Saint Asmita appears.

  • Albafica fights against Minos with all his might, releasing the "crimson zone." However even that is deflected by the Specter's armor, causing Albafica to finally fall. Minos then heads towards the village outside of the Sanctuary.

  • One of the three strongest Specters, Minos, uses invisible puppet strings to invade the supposedly impenetrable Sanctuary, killing Saints off one after the other. However, a poisonous rose garden appears between Minos and the Sanctuary.

  • Though she learns of the death of Tenma, and of her brother Alone's reincarnation as Hades, Sasha pushes away her sadness and steadfastly fulfills her role as Athena. Meanwhile, while carrying Tenma's body, the Silver Saint Yato is visited by the Goddess.

  • Tenma and the other Saintly Warriors head towards an Italian town where the warriors of the Underworld are gathered. Tenma realizes it is his hometown, and worries about Tenma's fate.

  • Golden Saints gather around the Goddess Athena and her Sanctuary, in preparation for the new Crusade against the Underworld warriors. Around this time, as Tenma undergoes training to become a Saintly Warrior, he is reunited with Alone's little sister.

  • The Crusades. The battles that take place every 200 or so years between the Goddess Athena and Hades, the Lord of the Underworld. In an 18th century European country town, just as the Crusade is dawning, live Tenma and Alone.

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