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  • TV-PG
  • 1986
  • 6 Seasons
  • 8.5  (11,109)

Saint Seiya is a classic anime series that aired from 1986 to 1989 on TV Asahi. The show revolves around a group of warriors known as the Saints, who wear sacred armor and wield powerful weapons based on the constellations. The Saints are dedicated to protecting the world from evil forces and maintaining peace.

The main character of the show is Seiya, a young man who becomes a Saint of the Pegasus constellation. Seiya is hot-headed and impulsive, but fiercely loyal to his friends and determined to become the strongest Saint. He is joined by a group of other Saints, including Shun, Ikki, Hyoga, and Shiryu, each with their own unique abilities and personalities.

The show follows the Saints as they battle various enemies, ranging from other powerful Saints to gods and mythical creatures. Along the way, they learn more about the history of their order and uncover the secrets of their armor and weapons.

The English dub of Saint Seiya features a talented cast of voice actors, including Bryson Baugus as Seiya, Emily Neves as Saori, Blake Shepard as Ikki, Patrick Poole as Hyoga, Luci Christian as Shun, Adam Gibbs as Shiryu, and more. The Japanese voice cast is equally impressive, featuring Masakazu Morita as Seiya, Fumiko Orikasa as Saori, Takahiro Sakurai as Dragon Shiryu, Hiroaki Miura as Cygnus Hyoga, Satomi Sato as Andromeda Shun, and Katsuyuki Konishi as Phoenix Ikki.

In addition to its exciting action scenes and epic battles, Saint Seiya also explores themes of friendship, loyalty, and sacrifice. The Saints must often put themselves in danger to protect others, and their devotion to their cause is truly inspiring.

Overall, Saint Seiya is a thrilling and entertaining anime series that has stood the test of time. Its memorable characters, stunning animation, and epic storyline have made it a beloved classic among anime fans.

Saint Seiya
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Episode 114
16. Episode 114
With Shiryu and Hyoga also clad in gold, Athena's Bronze Saints finally defeat Poseidon. But not even Libra's Shield can destroy the central pillar.
Episode 113
15. Episode 113
Not even the golden arrow of Sagittarius can touch the divine Poseidon. Seiya perseveres as Shaina and Shiryu sacrifice themselves to protect him.
Episode 112
14. Episode 112
Having given his final burst of energy, Shun destroys the South Atlantic pillar. Seiya, clad in the Sagittarius Gold Cloth, challenges Poseidon again.
Episode 111
13. Episode 111
Seiya faces Poseidon at last, but Seiya's attacks are thrown back at him. His Bronze Cloth gleams with golden light, but Poseidon destroys it easily.
Episode 110
12. Episode 110
At the House of Poseidon, the Mariner General Sea Dragon appears before Ikki, who is certain he has felt the man's powerful energy somewhere before.
Episode 109
11. Episode 109
Isaac knocks out the unresisting Hyoga and begins stomping on young Kiki. Seeing Isaac's cruelty, Hyoga no longer hesitates to fight his old partner.
Episode 108
10. Episode 108
Determined not to let emotions sway him in battle, Hyoga heads to the Arctic pillar and finds Isaac, his training partner under the Crystal Saint.
Episode 107
9. Episode 107
Shun's assailant is not Ikki, but the Mariner General Ca├ža, who used his transformation ability to deceive and defeat both Seiya and Hyoga.
Episode 106
8. Episode 106
Though Krishna's lance lies broken, his secret technique flummoxes Shiryu. Camus, who died in the Battle of the 12 Houses, appears before Hyoga.
Episode 105
7. Episode 105
During the battle with Io, Shun notices his Bronze Cloth glowing with greater power. In the Indian Ocean, Shiryu struggles against Krishna's lance.
Episode 104
6. Episode 104
Shun's versatile chain counters Io's beasts. Elsewhere, Poseidon tells Saori about the day he learned of his destiny as the divine ruler of the seas.
Episode 103
5. Episode 103
Though Seiya is victorious, he cannot even scratch the North Pacific pillar. Meanwhile, Shun faces the Mariner General Io in the South Pacific.
Episode 102
4. Episode 102
Saori can only be saved by destroying the seven pillars, which are guarded by Mariner Generals. First, Seiya fights Baian at the North Pacific pillar.
Episode 101
3. Episode 101
As Poseidon's rains threaten the world, Saori enters the central pillar supporting the seas to give humanity a chance by taking on the water herself.
Episode 100
2. Episode 100
Saori wakes after being swept away by a wave and is shocked to see the man who once asked her to marry him now standing before her -- as Poseidon.
Episode 99
1. Episode 99
Seiya wields Balmung to free Hilda from the evil power of the Nibelung Ring. But Asgard is crumbling, showing the destruction of the world is at hand.
  • Premiere Date
    January 1, 1986
  • IMDB Rating
    8.5  (11,109)