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Futari wa Pretty Cure, or simply "Pretty Cure," is a magical girl anime directed by Daisuke Nishio. It is also the first of the nine Pretty Cure anime series, all of which revolve around a team of magically empowered young females who seek to defeat evil. However, Futari wa Pretty Cure is the only one of the nine serials to receive an English language version.

The plot of the show revolves around the duo of the athletic Nagisa Misumi/Cure Black and the academic Honoka Yukishiro/Cure White (Natalie Blackstone and Hannah Whitehouse in the English dub, respectively), "Pretty Cure" agents who meet Mipple and Mepple, guardians of the formerly-angelic Garden of Light and protectors of the Princess of Light. The pair of guardians teach them how to fight the forces of the Dark Zone: a realm of evil energies and entropy. This Dark Zone has breached the Garden of Light and is now poised to afflict Earth, also called the Garden of Rainbows, with the same fate. The first major quest that Cure White and Cure Black receive is to seek out the heart-shaped "Prism Stones," magical batteries for an artifact called the Prism Hopish. Only when all the Prism Stones are collected will the Hopish's magical energies activate, transporting Nagisa and Honoka to the corrupted Garden of Light. It is at the Garden of Light where using the combined force of all the stones to repair the chaos and corruption inflicted by the Dark Zone. Near the end of the series, Cure Black and Cure White receive a new combination attack, called "Rainbow Storm," which allows the pair to stand a chance against the Dark King, the creatively named ruler of the Dark Zone.

The Dark King is not an omnipotent force; instead using several groups of minions to harass and harangue the Pretty Cure duo. Starting with the "Dark Five," to the "Three Seeds of Darkness," who give way to the final squadron of the "Dark Guardians" of Valdess, Circulas, Uraganos, and Viblis. All of them meet their defeat at the girl's White and Black Thunder attacks.

Futari Wa Pretty Cure is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (49 episodes). The series first aired on February 1, 2004.

Where do I stream Futari Wa Pretty Cure online? Futari Wa Pretty Cure is available for streaming on TV Asahi, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Futari Wa Pretty Cure on demand at Amazon online.

TV Asahi
4 Seasons, 49 Episodes
February 1, 2004
Anime, Science Fiction
Cast: Yukana, Akiko Yajima, Haruna Ikezawa, Hiroki Takahashi, Hitomi Nabatame
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Futari Wa Pretty Cure Full Episode Guide

  • Pretty Cure must battle Jyaku-King who has gotten even more powerful after he gained possession of the Power of Creation. Even Queen's power is helpless against the power of Jyaku-King. The secret lies in the power hidden within Pollun. Can Pollun help Pretty Cure save the world from Jyaku-King and a world of darkness or is Jyaku-King too powerful to overcome? What will become of Pretty Cure, Mipple, Mepple and Pollun?

  • Kiriya whisks Pretty Cure away from danger when the battle for the Power of Creation begins. Kiriya has been wandering between the threshold of light and darkness ever since he left the Field of Rainbows. Jyaku-King battles the single colossal dark warrior that was created by the Power of Creation within Belzay, Juna and Regine. The three warriors rolled into one, face off with Jyaku-King who is determined to get his hands on the Power of Creation. Without the power of the stones, Pretty Cure is pretty much powerless against the evil forces of Dotsuku Zone. Will Pretty Cure be able to fight the evil forces of darkness, and regain the Power of Creation or will this be the end of Pretty Cure?

  • Nagisa and Honoka are determined to recover the power of the Prism Stones and the Power of Creation from dark warriors, Belzay, Juna and Regine. The three have decided to turn against Jyaku-King, and keep the Power of Creation for themselves, and take control of Dotsuku Zone. The battle for the power of the stones begins. Who will be the victor? Now that the power of the stones is in the hands of the dark warriors, will Pretty Cure survive the battle against their most powerful opponent?

  • The dark warriors have figured out that Pollun holds the power of the stones, so they set out to capture him. Once captured, they return the power of the stones to the Prism Hopish, and disappear with Stone Keeper once again. Nagisa and Honoka are the only ones who can get the power of the stones back. They decide that they must go, and recover the Prism Hopish and Stone Keeper. Will they succeed in getting the power of the stones back? What will happen if they fail?

  • Nagisa and Honoka's class is chosen to represent Verone Academy at the Seibu Regional Middle School Singing Competition, but before they can go on to do their solo part, two of the dark warriors from Dotsuku Zone show up at the competition. They must get rid of them before they can get back to their competition. Will they be able to defeat them in time to do their solo?

  • Nagisa makes chocolate as a Christmas present for Fuji P, and she has a chance to give it to him at the Verone Academy student body Christmas party when he invites her to make a snowman with him. But her chance is ruined again by the dark forces of Dotsuku Zone. Belzay is back to try and get the Power of Creation. He's pretty sure that Pollun holds the power within him. Will Belzay succeed in getting the Power of Creation from Pollun? Will Nagisa have the courage to give Fuji P her Christmas present?

  • Nagisa is torn between helping her friend, Yui to find a present for Fuji P's birthday, and finding a way to express her own feelings to Fuji P. She is so down-hearted with her inability to express her feelings that she almost lets Honoka down when dark warrior, Regine attacks. Will this be the break the dark warriors have been waiting for to defeat Pretty Cure and find the power of the Prism Stones? Will Nagisa be able to express her true feelings to Fuji P at last?

  • Nagisa is in the middle of a championship game with her lacrosse team when Juna, the dark warrior from Dotsuku Zone pulls her away along with Honoka. Juna is determined to find out what Belzay is afraid of. Nagisa is angry at being pulled away from such an important game, but Pretty Cure's Rainbow Storm doesn't seem to be working against the dark energy that's coming from Juna's body. What is that dark energy and what will it take to destroy it? How much longer can they keep Belzay and the dark warriors from Dotsuku Zone from discovering the secret of where the power of the Prism Stones is hidden?

  • When Honoka's grandmother goes away for the night, Nagisa spends the night at Honoka's house. While they sleep, they both end up in the same dream which starts out as a beautiful dream, and ends up in darkness when Belzay turns up in their dream to try to get the power of the Prism Stones from them. Will they be able to fight the dark warrior in his own world of darkness? Can the power of light win over the power of darkness?

  • Nagisa and Honoka's teacher, Ms. Yoshimi announces that she's getting married, and the class decides to make her a quilt for a wedding present. On the day of the wedding, Nagisa and Honoka bring the quilt to present to Ms. Yoshimi, but they encounter Juna who is determined to find out where the power of the Prism Stones is hidden. He is sure that Pretty Cure won't be able to defeat him in a battle without the help of the little creature (Pollun). Will Pretty Cure be able to stand up to the dark warrior from Dotsuku Zone without the help of Pollun's special power? Will they be able present their wedding gift to Ms. Yoshimi or will her wedding day be a total disaster?

  • Nagisa is supposed to deliver some important papers to her dad at his office, but Ryota volunteers to take it, so she and Honoka can go shopping. Nagisa is worried about Ryota, so instead of going shopping, she and Honoka follow Ryota to make sure he makes it to her father's office safely. When they finally reach the office, Ryota goes into the wrong building, and while following him, Nagisa and Honoka run into Regine and Zakenna, the dark warriors from Dotsuku Zone. Regine is determined to find out about the secret power that Pollun has. Will she succeed and put Pollun's life in danger? Will Ryota find their father's office in time to deliver the important papers?

  • Nagisa and Honoka are chosen to play Romeo and Juliet in their class play for the Verone Festival, but in the middle of their performance, they are attacked by Juna and a band of Zakennas from Dotsuku Zone. How are they supposed to transform into Pretty Cure in front of the entire student body, family and friends who are there to watch the performance of "Romeo and Juliet"? Can they battle the evil forces of Dotsuku Zone without revealing their Pretty Cure identity to everyone?

  • Stone Keeper is left with just the talking cockatoo and two very simple-minded Zakenna butlers to watch over him. And he finally manages to outwit the two, and escape from the mansion, only to find that he's lost in a forest with no idea where he is. Once he's free from the dark forces of evil, he senses Pollun's presence and makes contact with Pretty Cure. They use the clue of a field of dandelions blooming out of season, and finally locate Stone Keeper, but before they can take him to safety, Belzay appears to try and find where the power of the stones is hidden. Will Pretty Cure be able to protect Pollun from Belzay and rescue Stone Keeper and the Prism Hopish?

  • It's Nagisa's birthday and Nagisa gets the biggest surprise of her life when Hasekura-kun, a hot, good-looking basketball player confesses his love for her and asks her to go with him to pick chestnuts. Nagisa goes with him with the intention of turning down the relationship, but they are attacked by Juna and Zakenna in the form of a giant chestnut, knocking Hasekura-kun out while Pretty Cure battles against Juna and Zakenna. Hasekura-kun comes to in time to see Nagisa as Cure Black battling Zakenna, and falls in love at first sight with Cure Black. He confesses his love for Cure Black to Nagisa without having any idea that Nagisa and Cure Black are one and the same. What will come of Hasekura-kun's love for Cure Black and will Pretty Cure be able to keep the dark forces of Dotsuku Zone from discovering where the Power of Creation is hidden?

  • Nagisa will be running the relay race during the Girls' Division Sports Festival. She will be competing against the Verone Academy's superstar, Yuka Odajima, but she has to find Pollun who has run off to join the Sports Festival activities. In the meantime, Regine appears again, looking for the power of the stones. The relay race starts while Nagisa and Honoka are battling Regine and Zakenna. Will Nagisa make it back in time to run the relay race or will Regine succeed in figuring out where they are hiding the power of the stones?

  • Nagisa's friend and fellow lacrosse player, Shiho has lost confidence in her ability as a lacrosse player. Nagisa must find a way to boost Shiho's confidence and fight against the evil forces of Dotsuku Zone at the same time. The worst news is that the dark warriors have succeeded in bringing Jyaku-King back to life. Pretty Cure must keep the secret of the power of light hidden from Jyaku-King and his dark warriors. Pollun's power to foresee the future isn't enough for Pretty Cure to figure out where they are keeping Stone Keeper and the Prism Hopish. Will they find Stone Keeper and the Prism Hopish before Jyaku-King and his warriors learn where the power of the stones is hidden? Will Nagisa discover the path of light in time to bring victory to her lacrosse team and restore Shiho's confidence?

  • Nagisa and Honoka take Pollun to the amusement park to try to cheer him up and keep him from getting homesick. It's the same amusement park where they had to battle the first wave of dark warriors and Zakenna. They never expected Regine to come after them at the same amusement and use Zakenna against them again. The three new dark warriors have decided to bring Jyaku-King back to life even though they don't know where the Power of Creation is hidden. Will Regine succeed in learning where the power of the light is hidden? Will Pretty Cure be able to keep Pollun and the Power of Creation safe from the evil forces of Dotsuku Zone?

  • Pretty Cure learn that the power of the Prism Stones resides inside of Pollun now. And the power of the stones within Pollun seems to have strengthened the power within him, but Pollun is homesick and wants to go back to the Field of Light. He tries to run away, and go back to the Field of Light. While chasing after Pollun, Nagisa and Honoka run into Juna, the dark warrior who has come after them to find the power of the Prism Stones. Will the Pretty Cure Rainbow Storm be strong enough to keep Juna at bay, and keep Pollun safe?

  • The Prism Hopish has disappeared from the Field of Light, along with Pretty Cure. They have been taken to Dotsuku Zone where they come face-to-face with Jyaku-King.. Pretty Cure must battle an even stronger Illkubo to save the Prism Stones. How will they find the strength to fight Illkubo? Once they get the Prism Hopish back to the Field of Light and restore it to the way it was, will they have to say goodbye to Mipple and Mepple?