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There is a group of people that don't like the idea of witches being around. Some people look at witches as a genetic flaw. There is a select few that set out to seek and hunt down these witches. However, there is the one who watches over them all and tries to restore order.

Witch Hunter Robin is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (27 episodes). The series first aired on July 2, 2002.

Where do I stream Witch Hunter Robin online? Witch Hunter Robin is available for streaming on Adult Swim, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Witch Hunter Robin on demand at Amazon, iTunes online.

Adult Swim
1 Season, 27 Episodes
July 2, 2002
Anime Science Fiction
Cast: Akeno Watanabe, Steve Blum, Paul St. Peter, Karen Strassman
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Witch Hunter Robin Full Episode Guide

  • Robin and Amon finally confront Zaizen and learn the truth about Robin's existence. To Zaizen's surprise, instead of being traumatized, Robin is instead strengthened with resolve. Now Robin and Amon must stop Zainzen's final solution for the sake of both Witches and Humans alike.

  • Robin's mentor from Italy, Father Juliano, has made a sudden visit to Japan to see her. She confronts him about her real identity; who, or what, is she? Father Juliano gently revels to Robin her own true nature. Meanwhile, the STN-J Team and Nagira plan to stage an assault on the Factory.

  • Suspicions about Zaizen's motives for Orbo leads Headquarters to cut funding by 40%. Nevertheless, Zaizen pushes ahead with his plan. Meanwhile, Robin and Nagira visit an old woman that was recently seen with Amon. When the woman is shocked to see Robin, they find out why; she has a photograph of a girl that resembles Robin in one of her bedrooms. Further investigations lead them closer to the truth behind Robin's past, as a link between genetics and Witches appears.

  • As Robin's powers grow, she wrestles with her old beliefs of what a Witch is. Meanwhile, Solomon Headquarters sends a powerful Hunter named Corneli after Robin. Will the secretive Amon help her this time, or will he allow Cornell to destroy her?

  • A new Hunter is killing Witches and placing origami cranes in his victims' hands with the word "¶Robin"³ on them. Robin decides to retrieve the Fragment from Nagira only to find that it's been stolen.

  • When Nagira brings in a couple to consult about the Fragment, Robin is unnerved by the woman's strange behavior. Her husband later explains that Robin resembles their missing daughter, whom they believe was Hunted by the Factory. Having being brought up without parents, the woman's reaction stirs up forgotten feelings within Robin and she begins to seek a relationship with the couple.

  • Nagira learns of an artifact called "¶The Fragment of Wisdom"³; a mystical item that many Witches are now searching for. When he asks Robin about it, though, she claims no knowledge of the object. In spite of her answer, Nagira suspects that she is holding something back from him.

  • As Robin bides her time hiding from the Factory, she takes on two jobs: as a bike messenger for Nagira's Law Firm and as a babysitter for an unusual girl. While delivering packages one day, she spots Dojima being attacked by a Witch and his gang. After saving Dojima, she learns that the STN-J is seriously undermanned. Dojima begs Robin for help. Can Robin risk being exposed to the Factory by helping her friends at the STN-J?

  • The survivors are left picking up the pieces in the aftermath of the attack on the STN-J. With both Robin and Amon missing, the Team is seriously short-handed. Even Dojima is pressed into service as a Hunter. Try as they might, though, the strain is taking its toll. And still the question remains: what did the invaders want?

  • After the most recent attacks, the Team keeps Robin under careful guard at the STN-J. The only one absent is Amon, who can't be reached. As they analyze the odd shell castings left from the attack at Robin's apartment, they find that only three people could have fired the Witch bullet at Robin. Unfortunately, the prime suspect has been dead for years. With growing uneasiness, they realize the only other person that could do this is someone very close to them all.

  • Robin is surprised to learn that the Inquisitor who tested her has arrived in Japan to test a new potential Hunter. As Robin watches the Inquisitor test the candidate, Shiro Masuda, she is reminded of her own inquisition. She finds that there is a thin line between being a Hunter or a Witch. Masuda must now choose which side he will join, and accept the consequences of his decision.

  • To Michael's chagrin, a hacker has broken through his defenses and entered the STN-J's systems; a Witch's symbol is being broadcast from Robin's terminal. Meanwhile, Robin had spent the night talking to the mysterious old woman she met in the Walled City. Is she a "¶Methuselah"³, a Witch rumored to be immortal? And will Robin be able to accept what she is telling her?

  • With two policeman dead by electrocution, the STN-J is reluctantly summoned to the Walled City by the metropolitan police department. There, Robin runs into an old woman who seems to know quite a bit about the 15 year old.

  • The hunters stake out Harry's restaurant, with Robin and Yurika acting as waitresses. Information has been received that the son of the owner of Harry's, who is wanted for using his powers for the yakuza, has returned to Japan from the United States.

  • Several prominent figures in Tōkyō have been burned alive. The culprit is suspected of being a witch and having the same powers as Robin, which would make them close to being kin since a witch's power is thought to be derived from their ancestors.

  • Several recent deaths at a local hospital are attributed by the STN-J to several miraculous recoveries. The hunters investigate the hospital for a doctor who may have a witch's powers.

  • The STN-J looks into a man who was killed when his vehicle was crushed in and tossed into Tokyo Bay. The man happened to be carrying bills traced to an armoured car robbery that happened a month ago. However, with no credible suspects, the hunters can't become involved in what is currently a police matter. It isn't long, though, until the witch's power is seen first hand by the STN-J.

  • Using her new glasses, Robin completes a training exercise with ease. Caught in the rain on her scooter while heading home, she receives a ride from a passer-by. The next day, Robin learns that the good samaritan had died in a car crash. Wanting to find out what happened to the woman, Robin enlists the STN-J to find out.

  • A witch, who has been monitored by the STN-J, has disappeared and the hunters search the homeless areas, looking in the cardboard cities for their quarry. While searching, they come across a witch who can control other people's minds.

  • A witch has been turning his live prey into desiccated corpses, sucking their life energy out of them. What is unusual is that all the victims have been witches.

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