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The movie entitled Freaknik is centered on the mysteries of Freaknik. It all begins when a group of teenagers are having fun at a party. An old man known comes to the party and starts explaining the history of Freaknik to them. Freaknik as he says is a man who organized the biggest and most interesting parties at the time but the police one day broke into the party and killed Freaknik. The old man then tells the teenagers that it is possible for them to summon the ghost of Freaknik.

The movie then switches to another scene whereby a radio announcer is seen carrying out an interview with Freaknik. Freaknik announces an upcoming rapping competition whose winner will gain a supply of money, and everything he needs the rest of his life.

The movie switches again to another scene in a bedroom where a group of guys named Virgil, Light Skin, Big Uzi, popularly known as Sweet Tea Mobsters are having a meeting. They are making arrangements to go and participate in the contest announced by Freaknik. The group then leaves for their destination and as they journey along, Light Skin tells them stories about well known celebrities and their activities. They stop at two different locations during their journey, and at their first stop they join another friend's party. They also come across their main rival group known as the Fruit Bowl Boys also going for the competition

After the party, the Sweet Tea Mobsters continue their journey but they go missing in New Orleans. As they try to find their way, they come across a mobster who takes them to his boss Trap Jesus. While there, they over hear the Fruit Bowl Boys rehearsing, they become discouraged and lose all confidence but Trap Jesus encourages them and tells them to stay positive and focused. At the end, Freaknik pronounces the Sweet Tea Mobsters as winners of the competition.

Adult Swim
1 Season, 1 Episode
March 7, 2010
Animation & Cartoons
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  • Ten years after Freaknik, the largest spring break party ever, shut down in Atlanta, a group of kids wanting some excitement bring back the spirit of Freknik who visits them (voiced by T-Pain). Kids from everywhere in the nation flock to Atlanta to perform in the Battle of the Trillest at Freaknik.

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