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Sailor Moon R is the story of a girl named Usagi Tsukino and her team. They are tasked with saving the solar system by finding a princess and a silver moon crystal before a host of villains do. Their job is complicated when a little girl named Chibiusa comes to Earth. She is convinced that the team has the silver moon crystal. In an early episode, she hypnotizes Sailor Moon's relatives into thinking she is a relative and letting her rummage around in their house to look for it. The Sailor Team slowly discovers that Chibausa is related to their defense of the solar system.

Sailor Moon R is a series that is currently running and has 201 seasons (71 episodes). The series first aired on .

Where do I stream Sailor Moon R online? Sailor Moon R is available for streaming on TV Asahi, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Sailor Moon R on demand at Vudu, Google Play, Apple TV online.

TV Asahi
201 Seasons, 71 Episodes
Cast: Stephanie Sheh, Kotono Mitsuishi, Kate Higgins, Aya Hisakawa
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Sailor Moon R Full Episode Guide

  • Chibi-Usa leaves the house after being scolded by Usagi. Roaming the streets alone, Chibi-Usa is overcome with sadness and begins to cry, which draws the attention of Rubeus and the Four Spectre Sisters.

  • The girls enjoy some vacation time on an island. But during lunch Chibi-Usa and Rei get into a small fight, causing an angry Chibi-Usa to go out to the sea alone.

  • Chibi-Usa's class is having a parent-child curry party this weekend. After hearing that neither Kenji nor Ikuko can attend due to prior commitments, Usagi decides to go in their place.

  • Minako and Makoto clash over their opposing views on love. Wanting to break the tension, Usagi takes the girls to check out a new accessory shop, unaware that Petz and Calaveras run the place.

  • Rubeus sends down Petz and her Droid to search and capture Chibi-Usa. Meanwhile, Chibi-Usa is calling someone on her Luna P ball telling her she wants to go home.

  • Rei's grandfather is upset over the fact that Hikawa Shrine has had fewer female visitors lately. He then decides to retire as head priest to start a new business, which would allow him to be around young women, much to Rei's annoyance.

  • Ami is offered a chance to study abroad in Germany, which would bring her one step closer to her dream of becoming a doctor. Knowing how important this is to her, Usagi and the others urge Ami to accept the offer.

  • Usagi wakes up one morning to find that Chibi-Usa has gone missing. Meeting up with Mamoru, the two search the neighborhood for Chibi-Usa, eventually finding her sitting alone at the park.

  • A mysterious girl suddenly falls down from the sky, much to Usagi and Mamoru's surprise. Calling herself "Usagi," the girl demands Usagi to tell her where the Silver Crystal is.

  • While visiting Seijuro and Natsumi's apartment, Usagi and Mamoru come under attack by the Makai Tree.

  • Usagi and Natsumi both get detention after angering Ms. Haruna during class. The two start working on their assignment when a Cardian suddenly shows up.

  • Usagi and the girls get into an argument over who gets to play Snow White in the upcoming play with Mamoru. After drawing straws, Natsumi gets the part, much to Usagi's frustration.

  • Ami and Makoto are trying to figure out who exactly the Moonlight Knight is. Suspecting that Seijuro and the Moonlight Knight may be the same person, Makoto volunteers to investigate by getting closer to Seijuro.

  • A school festival is going to be held at T.A. Girls' Academy, which Rei attends. When Usagi and Ami go to check up on her, they find Rei busy overseeing the setup and events.

  • Usagi and Mamoru find themselves looking after a baby boy while his mother is recovering from having her energy stolen by a Cardian.

  • Minako befriends a little girl named Mie who is a huge fan of Sailor Moon. Meanwhile, Ail and An send a Cardian to steal energy from young children.

  • Usagi and her friends are enjoying the cherry blossoms, which are in full bloom, when the Cardian Leshy attacks them. During the fight, the Sailor Guardians are caught, and Sailor Moon loses her power to transform.

  • Usagi goes to a virtual reality arcade that has just opened up in the Juban District, where she unexpectedly runs into Mamoru, as well as Seijuro and Natsumi.

  • Usagi, Mako, and Ami see a boy being attacked by one of Ail and An's Cardian monsters. To Mako's surprise, the boy turns out to be her childhood friend Shinozaki.

  • Sailor Moon finds herself facing new enemies from outer space, who call themselves Ail and An. The two aliens disguise themselves as humans to go after other human energy.

  • Two months have passed since the Sailor Guardians defeated the Dark Kingdom. Having lost all memory of being Sailor Moon, Usagi now lives her life as an ordinary girl.

  • Sailor Moon and the other Sailor Guardians appear to have a falling-out during one of their missions. But this is actually part of a plan to draw the Dark Kingdom's attention so that they can locate the enemy's hideout. The girls' plan seems to be working when a nosy journalist named Nana Asahina, who they suspect is a monster, starts approaching them.

  • Usagi goes on a family vacation to the hot springs, where she is unexpectedly reunited with Mamoru. But due to the Dark Kingdom's brainwashing, Mamoru no longer remembers Usagi or even who he really is.

  • Recently, girls from rich families have been attending the Princess Seminar at the Rose Mansion. Usagi decides to take the course in order to become more princess-like, and the other Sailor Guardians join her. But unbeknownst to them, this seminar is actually a trap set up by the Dark Kingdom to find Sailor Moon.

  • Now that Sailor V, otherwise known as Sailor Venus, has joined the team, all the Sailor Guardians are finally together! Meanwhile, Zoisite has discovered that Tuxedo Mask is actually Mamoru Chiba and challenges him to a showdown for possession of the Rainbow Crystals.

  • When the exploits of a Sailor Moon imposter become quite a sensation on the streets, the real Sailor Guardians step in to investigate. They soon learn that the whole thing is a trap set up by the Dark Kingdom to lure out Tuxedo Mask and seize the Rainbow Crystals that he possesses.

  • Umino seems to have fallen in love with Naru. Unfortunately, Naru only considers Umino a friend, so Usagi decides to play Cupid by getting free tickets to the amusement park and urges them to go on a date together.

  • Usagi and her friends go meet a young girl who they believe is the holder of the seventh and final Rainbow Crystal. Their suspicions are confirmed when Zoisite comes after the girl. But when neither Usagi's Moon Stick or Zoisite's Dark Crystal reacts to the girl, they realize that it's actually her pet cat that possesses the Rainbow Crystal!

  • The Sailor Guardians grow in strength with their newest member Sailor Jupiter joining the team. Sailor Moon is appointed team leader and is handed the Moon Stick, an item that can locate the seven Rainbow Crystals. But instead of focusing on her new responsibilities, Usagi is more absorbed in trying to help cheer up Naru, who is still recovering from Nephrite's death.

  • A new girl named Makoto Kino transfers in to Usagi's school, but her tough attitude and appearance seem to scare away all the students. Usagi, however, finds Makoto to be very cool, and the two quickly become friends. Meanwhile, the Dark Kingdom is plotting to revive the Seven Great Monsters that have been reincarnated into humans.

  • Nephrite uses Naru's feelings for him to lure out Sailor Moon and, in the process, succeeds in uncovering her true identity as Usagi Tsukino. But Nephrite's attempt to finish off Sailor Moon is cut short when he learns that Naru has been kidnapped by Zoisite, who demands that Nephrite give up his Dark Crystal in exchange for the girl's safety.

Sailor Moon R News

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