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  • TV-14
  • 2014
  • 2 Seasons
  • 8.1  (4,568)

Space Dandy is a science fiction, adventure anime series that premiered in 2014. The series tells the story of Dandy, a carefree adventurer, who travels the universe in search of new aliens to register and to earn some quick cash in the process. Every episode of this series is filled with humor, action, and adventure, as we see Dandy and his team of misfits travel through space in search of new aliens to encounter.

One of the unique features of Space Dandy is that each episode has its own self-contained story. The show’s recurring characters meet new aliens every episode, which means that each adventure is a unique experience for them and the viewers. This creates a feeling of excitement and unpredictability, as the audience never knows what will happen in each episode.

Dandy is the main character of the series; he loves to travel the universe, chase after new alien species, and get involved in some chaotic situations along the way. Dandy is a flamboyant character who is always dressed up in a cool space suit accompanied by a pompadour hairstyle. He is as suave as he is reckless, and his unique charm and witty one-liners make him a lovable and entertaining character.

Dandy is accompanied by his robot assistant QT and the cat-like alien named Meow. QT is a robot with a no-nonsense attitude, who provides support to Dandy with all of his technical genius. He is the smartest member of the team and is equipped with a wide range of scientific gadgets. On the other hand, Meow is the least competent member of the team, providing comic relief with his laid-back attitude and his love for catnip.

Throughout the series, Dandy and his team face various challenges, from getting stranded on a deserted planet to getting involved in dangerous and unpredictable situations. They meet a variety of interesting characters along the way, including wormhole aliens, galactic criminals, and sentient plants.

One standout episode that showcases the show’s strength in humor and creativity is when Dandy is sent to an alternative universe where he is chased by an army of Meows. In another episode, Dandy and his team explore a space filled with zombie-like creatures that have a peculiar obsession with Yakisoba bread.

Another highlight of the show is its stunning animation and vibrant color palette. The space battles are visually impressive, and the character designs are distinct and memorable, with a touch of retro-futuristic style that adds to the show’s overall charm.

The voice acting in this series is spot on. Jun’ichi Suwabe voices Dandy, and his delivery of the character’s witty one-liners and awesome catchphrases is perfect. Uki Satake provides the voice of QT, delivering deadpan humor that balances out the series’ over-the-top humor. Hiroyuki Yoshino voices Meow, giving the character a laid-back, carefree attitude that makes him a fan favorite.

In conclusion, Space Dandy is an exciting and refreshing anime series that provides a unique sci-fi adventure experience with a touch of humor and creative storytelling. With its self-contained episode structure, coupled with its excellent animation, memorable character designs, and fantastic voice acting, Space Dandy is a must-watch for anyone who loves a good space adventure.

Space Dandy is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (37 episodes). The series first aired on January 5, 2014.

Space Dandy
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15. There
May 10, 2022
Summary is not available.
The Neverending Dandy, Baby
13. The Neverending Dandy, Baby
September 27, 2014
Dr. Gel finally captures Dandy, which sparks an ultra-destructive space war that could end the universe. Meanwhile, Honey and Scarlet team up with QT and Meow to save their favorite bounty hunter!
Dandy's Day in Court, Baby
12. Dandy's Day in Court, Baby
September 20, 2014
A seemingly-harmless trip to Boobies ends with Dandy on trial for the murder of a very rare alien. When his friends are called to testify, the situation goes from bad - to worse!
An Other-Dimensional Tale, Baby
11. An Other-Dimensional Tale, Baby
September 13, 2014
Dandy must confront a painful memory from his past when a four-dimensional ex-girlfriend shows up looking for help avoiding the bounty hunter's two-dimensional former rival!
Lovers Are Trendy, Baby
10. Lovers Are Trendy, Baby
September 6, 2014
Dandy's dead broke, so he agrees to pose as Scarlett's boyfriend in exchange for some cold hard cash. Does true love stand a chance when you're paying your date?
We're All Fools, So Let's All Dance, Baby
9. We're All Fools, So Let's All Dance, Baby
August 30, 2014
Dandy and his crew head to Planet Grease for a legendary party, only to find themselves walking the streets of a ghost town. Luckily, Dandy's got the booty that launched a thousand dance parties!
A World With No Sadness, Baby
8. A World With No Sadness, Baby
August 23, 2014
When Dandy is marooned on a mysterious planet populated by bizarre beings, he scrambles to find a way off this limbo world.
Rock 'n' Roll Dandy, Baby
7. Rock 'n' Roll Dandy, Baby
August 17, 2014
Dandy and a friend create a rock band, but have a hard time picking a name.
The Gallant Space Gentlemen
6. The Gallant Space Gentlemen
August 10, 2014
Dandy is a fashionable space explorer on the hunt for aliens that have never been seen previously. For every new species Dandy discovers, he gets a significant reward. But he's not the only one searching for the aliens, and he must be quick because alien hunting is a first come, first served profession.
The Big Fish is Huge, Baby!
5. The Big Fish is Huge, Baby!
August 3, 2014
Dandy goes in search of a rare alien fish.
The Transfer Student is Dandy, Baby
4. The Transfer Student is Dandy, Baby
February 6, 2018
In order to capture a rare alien species, Dandy goes undercover at a glamorous high school where popularity is determined by your ability to sing and dance!
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Space Dandy is available for streaming on the FUNimation website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Space Dandy on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Apple TV and Tubi TV.
  • Premiere Date
    January 5, 2014
  • IMDB Rating
    8.1  (4,568)