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This anime series takes place in alternate world in which three empires - essentially the Americas, Europe and Asia - vie for control of the entire planet. After the American empire (known as Britannia) takes over Japan, the heroes of the series must fight to resist the oppressive American regime. The 25-episode series debuted in 2008 on the JNN network.

Code Geass - Lelouch Of The Rebellion (Eng Dub) is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (50 episodes). The series first aired on .

Code Geass - Lelouch Of The Rebellion (Eng Dub) is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Code Geass - Lelouch Of The Rebellion (Eng Dub) on demand atNetflix, Amazon, Microsoft Movies & TV, iTunes, Crunchyroll online.

2 Seasons, 50 Episodes
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Code Geass - Lelouch Of The Rebellion (Eng Dub) Full Episode Guide

  • Lelouch makes his final move; Zero Requiem takes action.

  • The Black Knights fight a close battle with Schneizel, neither side giving way. Before the F.L.E.I.J.A.€™s can destroy them all, Lelouch must outsmart the brother he has never beaten and face the sister he has spent his life protecting.

  • Nunnally has declared Lelouch and Suzaku as her enemies. By siding with Schneizel she is allowing the use of the F.L.E.I.J.A., but she has been led to believe the destructive weapon would be used only when necessary. However, Schneizel has other plans.

  • Lelouch has overtaken the empire, establishing himself as Emperor. He starts by abolishing the aristocracy and announcing Suzaku as the Knight of Zero. Lelouch announces that Britannia will join the U.F.N., but Schneizel makes an unexpected move.

  • Having trapped himself and his father, Lelouch finally demands the truth behind his mother¢‚¬´s death. When Marianne herself appears, everything that Lelouch thought he knew crumbles around him. It¢‚¬´s time to face the truth from the beginning.

  • The battle for Tokyo fills the sky. The Black Knights take out the power gaining temporary advantage, but when Suzaku appears, he threatens to use Britannian¢‚¬´s most terrifying weapon: the F.L.E.I.J.A. But to fire such a devastating weapon¢‚¬¦is it worth it?

  • While the war rages on, Lelouch begs for Suzaku¢‚¬´s help in making sure Nunnally will be safe. But with the death of Euphemia and Shirley still heavy in his heart, will Suzaku be able to do this for Zero, the murderer, or is it for Lelouch, his oldest friend?

  • Finally, Lelouch comes face to face with his father. Everything he¢‚¬´s planned and schemed has led to this confrontation. But when C.C. shows up, suddenly the truth about his contract and her past change everything he thought he understood.

  • With Shirley¢‚¬´s death hanging over him, Lelouch directs his anger towards the Geass power. He makes his first contact with the mysterious V.V. and declares war. Meanwhile, Suzaku plans to take drastic measures to force answers about Lelouch out of Kallen.

  • Jeremiah seeks out Lelouch to end their dance once and for all. With his ability to cancel Lelouch¢‚¬´s Geass power, Jeremiah may be more of a threat than expected. Or will an unexpected connection change their dynamic?

  • The Knights of Round have become students at Ashford Academy right as Lelouch has returned. But he has other worries, like the countless dates his stand-in set up while he was away. Lelouch must take on his next challenge-Cupid Day!

  • The Black Knights continue their fight against the Chinese, but the battle takes a turn for the worse when the Britannians back the Eunuchs. They no longer care about the empress€™ wellbeing, meaning Zero may have lost his bargaining chip€¦and the battle.

  • Zero absconds with the empress, taking her out of the Vermilion City. Before he can get far, they are stopped by an unknown Knightmare. The Chinese Federation gains the advantage, taking one of the Black Knights hostage. Can the Knights afford the loss?

  • A wedding is set to occur between the empress of the Chinese Federation and the first prince of Britannia. If the Chinese Federation turns on the Black Knights, everything they¢‚¬´ve work towards could come to an end. Will Zero dare to crash a royal wedding?

  • Zero agrees to join the Nippon special zone, much to the surprise of the Black Knights. He makes a deal with the Britannian army that will lead to his exile. But exile is the same as running away; has Zero forsaken the Japanese and his plans?

  • When Nunnally reveals her plans on starting the Nippon special zone again, Lelouch realizes that he may no longer be needed at her side. Has Zero¢‚¬´s purpose been lost? Has the time come to drop the mask and stop his game?

  • Suzaku returns to Ashford Academy to monitor Lelouch, determined to see if the other has regained his memories. Lelouch must take more care around the Britannian soldier. But when Suzaku plays an unexpected card, Lelouch¢‚¬´s guard may fall to pieces.

  • Lelouch only has a short time to save the imprisoned Black Knights and regain his followers. But he also needs to figure out Rolo and his role in Britannian¢‚¬´s game. Will this boy and his Geass keep Lelouch from bringing back the Black Knights?

  • Lelouch tries to get clues about Nunnally¢‚¬´s whereabouts, but no one around him remembers her. To find her, he¢‚¬´ll have to figure out his mysterious new brother, Rolo. But he¢‚¬´ll have to do it while maintaining the guise that his memory hasn¢‚¬´t returned.

  • With his memories back, Lelouch brings Zero to life once more. But there¢‚¬´s a year¢‚¬´s worth of work to rebuild and still many unknown variables. What new advantages will the Britannian army have against them, and is Zero up to the task to face them again?

  • It¢‚¬´s a year after the battle between the Black Knights and the Britannian army. Zero is dead, and only a handful of Black Knights remain. But Lelouch is alive with no memory of the last year. Is it a trick or all part of a greater plan?

  • As chaos engulfs the Tokyo Settlement, Lelouch confronts Cornelia atop the government building, but before he can receive the answers he seeks C.C. delivers news of Nunnaly's capture. En route to locate his missing sister, Lelouch encounters the Knight Giga Fortress Siegfried, piloted by an enraged Jeremiah. Meanwhile, Suzaku finds himself at the mercy of the Black Knights, trapped inside a now disabled Lancelot. When the Ashford Student Council is in danger what will Suzaku do to save them?

  • The exhibition site is filled with horror. The Black Knights use this opportunity to attack the Tokyo settlements. Suzaku heads to the site to save Euphemia, but he is shocked at what he sees there. The battle that will determine the future of Area 11 and Japan has begun.

  • Upon Euphemia's suggestion, the Specially Administrated Zone was approved. The Elevens are happy and surprised. Zero arrives at the celebration on his Gawain. And he faces Euphie both as Zero and as her older brother. That is when the tragedy happened!

  • While the world was buzzing about the news of the breakdown of the Sawazaki regime, Ashford Academy was arranging for the academy festival. The students, including the student council members are hyped up, as if to blow away their anxiety about the political situation. But Euphemia's participation in the festival creates a new commotion.

  • Overnight, a man seizes control of the Fukuoka military base and declares the launch of the independent state of 'Japan.' The man is Atsushi Sawazaki, a member of the former Kururugi regime. Backing Sawazaki is the Chinese Federation. Zero criticizes Sawazaki's action claiming that it would only be a puppet government controlled by a foreign country. The Black Knights claim that they will launch a true independent state in Tokyo.

  • Suzaku wakes up on Kamine Island. There, he bumps into Kallen and finds out her involvement with the Black Knights. Kallen charges at Suzaku. But Suzaku tries to convince her to get out by revealing the crime he committed in the past. Meanwhile, Lelouch had also washed up on the island and encounters Euphemia. On the same island in a cave, Schneizel and his unit were pursuing research. Both Lelouch and Suzaku are drawn to the area of Schneizel's investigation and run into each other.

  • The Britannians are agitated because Euphemia appointed Suzaku Kururugi as her knight. They can't hide the doubt that an Eleven was protecting the princess. Among the Black Knights, Diethard suggests to assassinate Suzaku. He is worried that Suzaku may become an icon of hope and dreams for the Elevens. But Lelouch refuses to do so. He would rather capture him in battle, fair and square.

  • The Shiseiken members seek the help of the Black Knights. They need help rescuing Tohdoh, who had been caught by the Britannian Forces. Lelouch promises them that he would get Tohdoh back, and heads to the Chofu military base with the Black Knights. They attack using their new and improved Knightmare Frames, the GEKKA. Lelouch, who had figured out Lancelot's moves, is finally able to run Lancelot down. Euphemia, who has been watching the battle, orders Suzaku to become her knight.

  • While Lelouch was gone, Nunnally was kidnapped. It was Mao. He had escaped from the police to have revenge on Lelouch. Mao uses Nunnally's life as a prize of a game and challenges Lelouch. The time limit is 5 hours. But Lelouch doesn't even know where Nunnally and Mao are.

  • Everything is the same at Ashford Academy, except for the fact that Shirley lost her memory. Mao is back to taunt Lelouch. Mao is a Geass user who accepted C.C.'s power a long time ago, but failed to fulfill her wishes and now his power is amplifying. Lelouch criticizes C.C. for giving power without taking responsibility. But C.C. responds by saying that she will break her contract with Lelouch and go back to Mao.

  • Lelouch had lost consciousness in the last battle. When he comes to, he finds that his gun is gone and there is blood on the floor. He is suspicious that Shirley found out his secret identity. In Narita, Shirley meets a mysterious man named Mao. He seems to know what Shirley is thinking. Shirley, manipulated by Mao, decides to kill Lelouch and herself to pay for the sins they've committed. Lelouch decides to say goodbye forever to Shirley.

  • The casualties from the Narita Battle included civilians. The fact that Shirley's father was one of them pains Lelouch and Kallen. Lelouch obtains information from Diethard about Cornelia's next move and attacks. There, he is forced to battle Suzaku's Lancelot one-on-one. But he is distracted by Shirley's existence in the battlefield and takes a fall. Villetta had told her that he was involved with the Black Knights. In order to avenge her father, Shirley points a gun toward Zero.

  • Shirley is flustered about the relationship between Lelouch and Kallen. She gathers up her courage to ask Lelouch out on a date. During that time, Kyoto, the organization who controls the terrorists behind the scenes, was requesting to meet the Black Knights in person.

  • Zero and the Black Knights were able to isolate Cornelia and her unit. Tohdoh launches his unit according to Zero's plans. Zero was finally able to surround Cornelia, and orders her to surrender. But Cornelia refuses to throw away her pride as princess and is willing to fight until death. That's when Suzaku's Lancelot appears and changes the turn of events.

  • A Britannian applies to join the Black Knights. His name is Diethard Ried, a TV producer. The members of the Black Knights think he is a spy for Britannia, but Lelouch uses the information Diethard brings and heads to the Narita mountains. The Japan Liberation Front is crushed one by one by Cornelia's troops. During that time Lieutenant-General Tohdoh, known as the Japanese soldier of miracle, prepares for battle too. Lelouch launches the first Japanese Knightmare, the Guren Mk-II.

  • Devastated by the power of organization Cornelia showed him in the last battle, Lelouch leads Kallen and her group to form the 'Black Knights.' At the same time, the largest anti-Britannia organization in Japan, the Japan Liberaton Front, was taking hostages at a hotel by the lake. Among the hostages were members from the Ashford Academy student council and the third princess of Britannia Empire, Euphemia.

  • Cornelia decides to clean up the terrorists who hide in Saitama Ghetto. Her real objective is to create a situation similar to the Shinjuku incident and lure Zero to come. Even though Lelouch knows of Cornelia's trap, he heads to Saitama Ghetto as Zero. He obtains an enemy Sutherland using his Geass and gives instructions to the terrorists to attack the Britannian Forces and force them to retreat. However, everything was part of Cornelia's plan.

  • Suzaku Kururugi transfers to Ashford Academy. There he is reunited with Lelouch as a classmate. During that time, Lelouch's mask of Zero was stolen! He chases after the culprit in fear of his secret identity being revealed. Milly and the members of the student council order the entire student body to look for the thief as well. The reward is a kiss from any student council member of your choice!

  • Zero claims to the world that he was the one to blame for Clovis' death. The incident spread his name throughout Area 11, and the Britannian Forces start to move to find and capture Zero. At the academy, Lelouch returns to his room at the clubhouse and is welcomed by his sister Nunnally and C.C.. Lelouch is flustered by C.C.'s appearance, and even more so when she decides to stay with him. Meanwhile, Suzaku is released because of lack of evidence and meets a girl named Euphie.

  • Kallen meets the mysterious man who saved her and her group at Shinjuku Ghetto. She doesn't realize that this man who calls himself Zero is her classmate Lelouch. He states that he will show her his power to make the impossible possible. Arrested with charges of assassinating Clovis, Suzaku heads to military court, with hundreds of Britannians observing from the roadside. Zero claims that he will save Suzaku. Kallen and her group are in doubt, but agree to help anyway.

  • Lelouch maneuvers the terrorists so they could escape the Britannian Forces. He uses the power he obtained from the mysterious girl and steals a Knightmare. It was his first battle, but Lelouch was certain he could win. But an unknown Knightmare Frame stands in his way: Lancelot, a new weapon developed by the Britannian Forces. Highly skilled in combat, Lancelot fights against Lelouch's Knightmare.Will Lelouch be able to escape?

  • Seven years passed since Japan lost the war against the Britannia Empire and became its territory. The country name was stripped away and renamed to Area 11. Lelouch is involved in a battle between terrorists and the Britannian Forces. Taken to the underground area of Shinjuku Ghetto, he meets his old friend Suzaku Kururugi. Suzaku is shot by the Britannian Forces when he tries to protect a girl and Lelouch. Lelouch is given a power by the girl in exchange for a promise.