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  • 2009
  • 2 Seasons

Code Geass - Lelouch Of The Rebellion is a thrilling and action-packed anime series that features epic battles, complex characters, and an intricate plot that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats from start to finish. Starring the talented voice actors Yukana and Takahiro Sakurai, this anime masterpiece from Bandai is a must-watch for all fans of the genre.

The story takes place in a world where the Holy Britannian Empire has conquered Japan and renamed it Area 11. The Japanese people, known as Elevens, are treated as second-class citizens and are subjected to strict laws and harsh punishments. Amidst this backdrop, we are introduced to Lelouch Lamperouge, a brilliant and charismatic young man who, after being exiled to Japan as a child, returns as a student at the prestigious Ashford Academy.

Lelouch quickly becomes embroiled in the conflict between Britannia and Japan, and his hatred for the Empire fuels his desire for revenge. However, his plans for revenge take an unexpected turn when he gains the power of Geass, a mysterious ability that allows him to command anyone to do his bidding. With this newfound power, Lelouch sets out on a dangerous and thrilling journey to overthrow the Britannian Empire and create a better world for the people of Japan.

The cast of characters in Code Geass - Lelouch Of The Rebellion is vast and diverse, each with their own unique motivations and backstories. Alongside Lelouch, we meet his childhood friend and fellow rebellion member Suzaku Kururugi, a former Japanese soldier who is now a member of the Britannian military. We also meet C.C., the enigmatic and powerful woman who gifts Lelouch with the power of Geass. Other notable characters include Kallen Kozuki, a half-Japanese rebel fighter, and Jeremiah Gottwald, a high-ranking Britannian officer.

One of the standout features of this anime series is undoubtedly its action sequences. The battles are intense, fast-paced, and visually stunning, with each character displaying their own unique fighting style and abilities. The use of mechas, known as Knightmares, adds an extra layer of excitement to the battles, as they are equipped with an array of powerful weapons and defensive systems.

Beyond the action, Code Geass - Lelouch Of The Rebellion also explores complex themes such as power, politics, and morality. As Lelouch's plans for rebellion escalate, he is forced to confront the consequences of his actions and the toll they take on himself and those around him. The series also tackles topics such as discrimination and the abuse of power, making it a thought-provoking and engaging watch.

Overall, Code Geass - Lelouch Of The Rebellion is an anime series that should not be missed. With its intricate plot, well-developed characters, and stunning action sequences, it is a true masterpiece of the genre. Whether you're a long-time anime fan or are just starting to explore the medium, this series is a must-watch that will leave you breathless and eager for more.

Code Geass - Lelouch Of The Rebellion (Eng Dub) is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (50 episodes). The series first aired on April 12, 2009.

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Final Turn - Re;
25. Final Turn - Re;
September 28, 2008
Lelouch makes his final move; Zero Requiem takes action.
Turn 24 - The Grip of Damocles
24. Turn 24 - The Grip of Damocles
September 21, 2008
The Black Knights fight a close battle with Schneizel, neither side giving way. Before the F.L.E.I.J.A.€™s can destroy them all, Lelouch must outsmart the brother he has never beaten and face the sister he has spent his life protecting.
Turn 23 - Schneizel's Guise
23. Turn 23 - Schneizel's Guise
September 14, 2008
Nunnally has declared Lelouch and Suzaku as her enemies. By siding with Schneizel she is allowing the use of the F.L.E.I.J.A., but she has been led to believe the destructive weapon would be used only when necessary. However, Schneizel has other plans.
Turn 22 - Emperor Lelouch
22. Turn 22 - Emperor Lelouch
September 7, 2008
Lelouch has overtaken the empire, establishing himself as Emperor. He starts by abolishing the aristocracy and announcing Suzaku as the Knight of Zero. Lelouch announces that Britannia will join the U.F.N., but Schneizel makes an unexpected move.
Turn 21 - The Ragnarok Connection
21. Turn 21 - The Ragnarok Connection
August 31, 2008
Having trapped himself and his father, Lelouch finally demands the truth behind his mother¢‚¬´s death. When Marianne herself appears, everything that Lelouch thought he knew crumbles around him. It¢‚¬´s time to face the truth from the beginning.
Turn 20 - Emperor Dismissed
20. Turn 20 - Emperor Dismissed
August 24, 2008
Lelouch has lost everything and knows the only thing left is to take out his father, the Emperor. But he¢‚¬´s not the only one bent on seeking him out. Suzaku, on Schneizel¢‚¬´s orders, plans to assassinate the Emperor. What awaits the two on Kamine Island?
Turn 19 - Betrayal
19. Turn 19 - Betrayal
August 17, 2008
Nunnally is gone. Lelouch cannot deal with the grief, and as he locks himself away, Prince Schneizel calls a temporary ceasefire to reveal the truth behind Zero to his Black Knights. When they learn of his Geass, will this be the end of the Black Knights?
Turn 18 - Final Battle Tokyo II
18. Turn 18 - Final Battle Tokyo II
August 10, 2008
The battle for Tokyo fills the sky. The Black Knights take out the power gaining temporary advantage, but when Suzaku appears, he threatens to use Britannian¢‚¬´s most terrifying weapon: the F.L.E.I.J.A. But to fire such a devastating weapon¢‚¬¦is it worth it?
Turn 17 - The Taste of Humiliation
17. Turn 17 - The Taste of Humiliation
August 3, 2008
While the war rages on, Lelouch begs for Suzaku¢‚¬´s help in making sure Nunnally will be safe. But with the death of Euphemia and Shirley still heavy in his heart, will Suzaku be able to do this for Zero, the murderer, or is it for Lelouch, his oldest friend?
Turn 16 - United Federation of Nations Resolution Number One
16. Turn 16 - United Federation of Nations Resolution Number One
July 27, 2008
The emperor is missing, and Zero takes the chance to ratify the United Federation of Nations. With the 47 nations involved, they will have enough backing to declare war on the Britannian Empire, finally freeing their countries. But nothing is ever so easy€¦
Turn 15 - The Cs' World
15. Turn 15 - The Cs' World
July 20, 2008
Finally, Lelouch comes face to face with his father. Everything he¢‚¬´s planned and schemed has led to this confrontation. But when C.C. shows up, suddenly the truth about his contract and her past change everything he thought he understood.
Turn 14 - Geass Hunt
14. Turn 14 - Geass Hunt
July 13, 2008
With Shirley¢‚¬´s death hanging over him, Lelouch directs his anger towards the Geass power. He makes his first contact with the mysterious V.V. and declares war. Meanwhile, Suzaku plans to take drastic measures to force answers about Lelouch out of Kallen.
Turn 13 - Assassin from the Past
13. Turn 13 - Assassin from the Past
July 6, 2008
Jeremiah seeks out Lelouch to end their dance once and for all. With his ability to cancel Lelouch¢‚¬´s Geass power, Jeremiah may be more of a threat than expected. Or will an unexpected connection change their dynamic?
Turn 12 - Love Attack!
12. Turn 12 - Love Attack!
June 29, 2008
The Knights of Round have become students at Ashford Academy right as Lelouch has returned. But he has other worries, like the countless dates his stand-in set up while he was away. Lelouch must take on his next challenge-Cupid Day!
Turn 11 - Power of Passion
11. Turn 11 - Power of Passion
June 22, 2008
The Black Knights continue their fight against the Chinese, but the battle takes a turn for the worse when the Britannians back the Eunuchs. They no longer care about the empress€™ wellbeing, meaning Zero may have lost his bargaining chip€¦and the battle.
Turn 10 - When Shen Hu Wins Glory
10. Turn 10 - When Shen Hu Wins Glory
June 15, 2008
Zero absconds with the empress, taking her out of the Vermilion City. Before he can get far, they are stopped by an unknown Knightmare. The Chinese Federation gains the advantage, taking one of the Black Knights hostage. Can the Knights afford the loss?
Turn 09 - A Bride in the Vermilion Forbidden City
9. Turn 09 - A Bride in the Vermilion Forbidden City
June 8, 2008
A wedding is set to occur between the empress of the Chinese Federation and the first prince of Britannia. If the Chinese Federation turns on the Black Knights, everything they¢‚¬´ve work towards could come to an end. Will Zero dare to crash a royal wedding?
Turn 08 - One Million Miracles
8. Turn 08 - One Million Miracles
May 25, 2008
Zero agrees to join the Nippon special zone, much to the surprise of the Black Knights. He makes a deal with the Britannian army that will lead to his exile. But exile is the same as running away; has Zero forsaken the Japanese and his plans?
Turn 07 - The Abandoned Mask
7. Turn 07 - The Abandoned Mask
May 18, 2008
When Nunnally reveals her plans on starting the Nippon special zone again, Lelouch realizes that he may no longer be needed at her side. Has Zero¢‚¬´s purpose been lost? Has the time come to drop the mask and stop his game?
Turn 06 - Surprise Attack over the Pacific
6. Turn 06 - Surprise Attack over the Pacific
May 11, 2008
Nunnally is set to be the new Viceroy of Area 11, and Lelouch will take every chance to get her back. But the reunion he wants may not go quite as planned. Has Nunnally chosen Suzaku over her beloved brother?
Turn 05 - Knights of the Round
5. Turn 05 - Knights of the Round
May 4, 2008
Suzaku returns to Ashford Academy to monitor Lelouch, determined to see if the other has regained his memories. Lelouch must take more care around the Britannian soldier. But when Suzaku plays an unexpected card, Lelouch¢‚¬´s guard may fall to pieces.
Turn 04 - Counterattack at the Gallows
4. Turn 04 - Counterattack at the Gallows
April 27, 2008
Lelouch only has a short time to save the imprisoned Black Knights and regain his followers. But he also needs to figure out Rolo and his role in Britannian¢‚¬´s game. Will this boy and his Geass keep Lelouch from bringing back the Black Knights?
Turn 03 - Imprisoned in Campus
3. Turn 03 - Imprisoned in Campus
April 20, 2008
Lelouch tries to get clues about Nunnally¢‚¬´s whereabouts, but no one around him remembers her. To find her, he¢‚¬´ll have to figure out his mysterious new brother, Rolo. But he¢‚¬´ll have to do it while maintaining the guise that his memory hasn¢‚¬´t returned.
Turn 02 - Plan for Independent Japan
2. Turn 02 - Plan for Independent Japan
April 13, 2008
With his memories back, Lelouch brings Zero to life once more. But there¢‚¬´s a year¢‚¬´s worth of work to rebuild and still many unknown variables. What new advantages will the Britannian army have against them, and is Zero up to the task to face them again?
Turn 01 - The Day a Demon Awakens
1. Turn 01 - The Day a Demon Awakens
April 6, 2008
It¢‚¬´s a year after the battle between the Black Knights and the Britannian army. Zero is dead, and only a handful of Black Knights remain. But Lelouch is alive with no memory of the last year. Is it a trick or all part of a greater plan?
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Code Geass - Lelouch Of The Rebellion (Eng Dub) is available for streaming on the Bandai website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Code Geass - Lelouch Of The Rebellion (Eng Dub) on demand at Netflix, Apple TV and Crunchyroll.
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    April 12, 2009