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  • 2005
  • 5 Seasons

MAR, also known as Marchen Awakens Romance, is a Japanese animated series that premiered in Japan in April of 2005, based on a manga series of the same name. The series consists of 102 episodes, divided into two seasons. The series was directed by Masaharu Okuwaki and produced by Studio Pierrot. The story of MAR follows the adventures of a young boy named Ginta, who dreams of a world of fantasy and magic called MÄR Heaven.

Ginta is a lonely high school student who often finds himself daydreaming about a magical world that he believes exists beyond his own. His fantasy world is filled with knights, witches, and magical creatures. One day, Ginta is approached by Dorothy, a mysterious woman who encourages him to follow her into a magical world. Once there, Ginta is surprised to learn that his dreams of MÄR Heaven are real.

In MÄR Heaven, Ginta is greeted by a magical being named Babbo, who gifts him with a unique weapon known as an ÄRM, which can transform into any weapon Ginta wishes. With this powerful weapon in hand, Ginta embarks on a quest to save MÄR Heaven from the evil Chess Pieces, a group of villains who seek to conquer the kingdom and subjugate its inhabitants.

Throughout MAR, Ginta and his friends fight against the Chess Pieces in order to protect MÄR Heaven. Along the way, they also discover the truth behind the mysterious world of MÄR Heaven and the role the Chess Pieces play in its creation.

The characters of MAR are diverse and memorable, each with their own unique personalities and skills. Ginta is the main protagonist of the series, a young boy with a quick wit and a kind heart. His companion, Babbo, is a powerful talking ÄRM who accompanies Ginta on his journey. His friends include the strong and stoic Alviss, the fierce warrior girl Snow, and the energetic Pokémon-like creature Nanashi.

As the series progresses, the characters of MAR face increasingly difficult challenges, both from the Chess Pieces and from their own personal struggles. They must learn to work together and trust one another in order to overcome these challenges and save MÄR Heaven.

One of the most notable elements of MAR is the world-building. The world of MÄR Heaven is richly detailed, with its own unique mythology, history, and culture. The Chess Pieces themselves are a fascinating concept, each possessing their own unique ÄRM and abilities.

The animation style of MAR is typical of many anime series from the mid-2000s, with bright colors and bold character designs. The fight scenes are fast-paced and action-packed, with plenty of special effects and dynamic camera angles.

The music of MAR is also notable, with a catchy opening theme song and a memorable score throughout the series. The series also features several insert songs sung by the voice actors, adding a personal touch to the soundtrack.

In conclusion, MAR is a classic anime series that is sure to appeal to fans of fantasy and adventure. The series' strong characters, intricate world-building, and exciting action make it a must-watch for any anime fan. Whether you're a longtime anime fan or a newcomer to the genre, MAR is definitely worth checking out.

MAR is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (144 episodes). The series first aired on April 3, 2005.

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Eyes on the Skies/Camp Truman
19. Eyes on the Skies/Camp Truman
June 15, 2012
Eyes on the Skies: Astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson (Truman's #1 hero), is holding a seminar at the library. Truman becomes more and more certain that his activity partner T.D. is going to embarrass him in front of his idol. Does T.D. have what it takes to become a great scientist? Camp Truman: Milo is super-exited to go to Camp Winnetka this summer - he's been packing since Christmas. But when Truman discovers that Camp Winnetka is closing, he takes it upon himself to cheer Milo up -- by showing him how miserable and grueling camp can be.
Martha's Thanksgiving (Pts. 1  2)
18. Martha's Thanksgiving (Pts. 1 2)
November 19, 2012
Martha's Thanksgiving, Part One: When Martha learns that Helen's extended family will be coming for Thanksgiving, she decides to search for her own long-lost canine siblings. Tails begin to wag as the family reunites, but where is Martha's mother? Martha's Thanksgiving, Part Two: Still in search of her mother, Martha digs into her past to uncover the reason they were separated. Can Martha and her friends solve the mystery and find her mom in time for the family reunion?
T.D. Gives A Report/Martha's Canine Cleaners
17. T.D. Gives A Report/Martha's Canine Cleaners
March 31, 2014
T.D. Gives A Report: When T.D. finds out the Pony Express wasn't a train for horses, he's crushed. It was the only thing worth doing a report on for Mrs. Clusky's class. Helen tries to spark his interests in other topics, but it just won't work. Is there anything he can get passionate enough about to research? Martha's Canine Cleaners: Lily needs help. She tore a pillow while she was sleeping. Canine Cleaners Martha and Skits answer the call€¦and make things a whole lot worse. Can they clean up their mess made before Milo's dad gets home?
Martha's Holiday Surprise/We're Powerless!
16. Martha's Holiday Surprise/We're Powerless!
November 18, 2014
Martha's Holiday Surprise: A blizzard is headed towards Wagstaff City and Mittens the cat is trapped in an alley. Fears rise when the story unfolds: Mittens has kittens. Abandoning animal prejudices, Martha and Skits trample into the snow-capped city to rescue the endangered cat and her young. We're Powerless!: A blackout in Wagstaff City renders Helen, T.D. and Truman incapable of playing their favorite videogame, Multi-Dimensional Intergalactic Kleine Nachtgopher Attack Four. But with a little imagination, a basket of laundry and some salad tongs, these nachtgophers might not be so powerless after all.
Tomato, You Say/Martha Questions
15. Tomato, You Say/Martha Questions
June 18, 2014
Tomato, You Say: Why is there a tomato on T.D.'s shirt? Helen's eager to know. Unfortunately, she'd have an easier time getting Martha to skip breakfast than getting a straight answer from T.D. Will she ever find out? Martha Questions: Is Martha only speaking in questions? Why would that be? Can Skits help her figure it out? Did somebody put something funny in her soup? Will the questions ever stop???
April Fools/Bully For You!
14. April Fools/Bully For You!
April 1, 2014
April Fools: It's April Fools' Day in Wagstaff City and T.D., the King of Pranks, is€¦too busy to plan pranks? He's preoccupied with an invitation to receive an award from the Wagstaff City Genius Society. Martha smells deception, but will T.D. catch on before it's too late? Bully For You!: A ferocious new pooch has the neighborhood dogs' fur on end. Martha may never go outside again. Even Skits is spooked. Can anyone neutralize this bully's bark?
Thou Callest Me a Dog/Martha's Paper Chase
13. Thou Callest Me a Dog/Martha's Paper Chase
June 16, 2014
Thou Callest Me a Dog: A dog speaking Shakespeare? 'Tis a consummation devoutly to be wished and achieved when Martha swallows Hamlet. Never was a dog's desire for meat so artfully expressed. Martha's Paper Chase: It's the Town Crier deadline and Carolina needs a headline. Hot on the trail for a story, and a biscuit, Senior Canine Reporter Martha stumbles into a scoop that screams front page: the whereabouts of Big Minnie. But is exposing Minnie's privacy worth the story?
Bookbots 3: Fit Fights Fat/Grandpa Bernie Cleans Up
12. Bookbots 3: Fit Fights Fat/Grandpa Bernie Cleans Up
May 14, 2014
Bookbots 3: Fit Fights Fat: No cat is stronger than a Bookbot€¦unless the Bookbots are out of shape! And with little crime to fight, our heroes have become just that. Will they be able to get fit in time to stop a new literacy-loathing villain on the rise? Grandpa Bernie Cleans Up: When the dogs join Helen and T.D. to clean Grandpa Bernie's garage, they meet Candy, an elderly dog who claims she was bit by a ball from outer space! As Bernie's trash becomes T.D.'s treasure, Martha and Skits dig through Candy's yard for the truth behind the fanged space ball.
Martha's Sweater/The Mystery of the Missing Dinosaur
11. Martha's Sweater/The Mystery of the Missing Dinosaur
November 17, 2014
Martha's Sweater : A dog in a sweater? Not on Martha's watch. But what can she do when Grandma Lucille presents her with a neatly knitted pullover? Desperate to rid herself from woolly embarrassment, Martha sets out to prove that no sweater can withstand the rugged lifestyle of a dog. The Mystery of the Missing Dinosaur: T.D.'s day starts like any other: getting on a bus and riding it to the end of the line. But when he passes by a toy that looks suspiciously like one he used to own, he's pulled into a mystery that even he couldn't dream up. Who's behind this game of a boy and his missing plastic dinosaur?
Alice Tells a Story/Pirates and Princesses
10. Alice Tells a Story/Pirates and Princesses
June 17, 2014
Alice Tells a Story: When Alice tells the story of how she got Nelson, her class is confused. She ate pizza while playing hockey in an animal shelter? With a little help from Helen and T.D., she might be able to tell it correctly, even if it is about cats€¦ Pirates and Princesses: Princesses Carolina, Alice and Helen needeth a castle. Skipper Truman and First Mate T.D. are scouring the land for a ship. The problem: Helen only has one tree house. Who will prevail in the clash between buccaneers and royalty?
The Return of Ralph/Little Bo's Sheep
9. The Return of Ralph/Little Bo's Sheep
November 14, 2013
The Return of Ralph: Buying a bigger TV usually means a better entertainment experience. For the Lorraine's, it means the return of Ralph, the conniving duck whose obsession with television has Helen's family desperate to be duck-free. But this time, Ralph has an even bigger surprise under his feathers€¦ Little Bo's Sheep: Martha can't figure out why there's a sheep in her kitchen until Bo, a border collie, rushes in to explain that they got lost on their way to a herding festival. Can Helen and Martha get them there before it starts? And before the sheep eats all their pillows?
Stanley Saves the Day/Milo Goes for Gold
8. Stanley Saves the Day/Milo Goes for Gold
November 11, 2013
Stanley Saves the Day: Kenan Thompson guest stars as Truman's cousin, Stanley, whose obsession with watching movies tends to get on his cousin's nerves. When the gang spots two crooks at the Wagstaff City Hotel, Stanley's knowledge of heist movies may be the best tool they've got to prevent a robbery. Milo Goes for Gold: Milo never wins anything. Tired of being trophyless and second-bested by his friends, he devises a way to triumph by making up his own games. The only trouble is, his friends are pretty good at those too€¦
Mouse Patrol/The Big Knockover
7. Mouse Patrol/The Big Knockover
November 12, 2013
Mouse Patrol: Mice have invaded the neighborhood and Martha's here to help. Her rodent-ridding skills are superb, but once she gets to know these friendly, furry nomads the job gets complicated. The Big Knockover: Trash cans are being knocked down across Wagstaff City and Mrs. Demson knows just who to blame: dogs. With her tail against the wall, Martha scrambles to find the real culprit before the town enacts a dreaded leash law.
Martha's Puppy/The Cheating Chum Caper
6. Martha's Puppy/The Cheating Chum Caper
June 27, 2013
Martha's Puppy: Martha feels it's high time to get a puppy, but the family disagrees. Even Jake knows that two dogs is plenty. With no other option, Martha sets out to do what any dog would: train a baby to become a puppy. The Cheating Chum Caper: Inspired by her favorite mystery novel, Heroic Helen is on the hunt for trouble. When she notices TD's grades have suddenly improved and spies him meeting secretly with Martha and Francois, things get personal. Has she uncovered a cheating scandal between her dog and her best friend?
My Mother the Dog/Martha's Must-Have
5. My Mother the Dog/Martha's Must-Have
November 13, 2013
My Mother the Dog: Inspired by Ronald's parrot, Martha starts doing impersonations. It turns out her imitation of Helen's mom is spot-on. But when she starts answering phone calls in Mariella's voice, she gets a bit more than she bargained for€¦ Martha's Must-Have: When Martha finds out that wearing a Courageous Collie Carlo Collar makes people give you food, she has to have one. Ignoring Helen's claims that the product isn't as magical as it seems, Martha sets out to earn some cash for the collar.
The Puppy Show/Never Forget to Remember
4. The Puppy Show/Never Forget to Remember
June 26, 2013
The Puppy Show: TV producer Laslo Huckey knows just what people want to watch: puppies. But puppies doing what? He challenges Martha and the gang to come up with the perfect pitch for a puppy show. Never Forget to Remember: It's the first day of spring and everybody wants to play their favorite outdoor game, Kickup! Only, where's the ball? In order to find it, the kids recount their memories of the last game. The problem is, everybody remembers things differently€¦
The Puppy Tooth Fairy/Martha's Blue Period
3. The Puppy Tooth Fairy/Martha's Blue Period
June 25, 2013
The Puppy Tooth Fairy: Martha is hit with a stark realization: the Tooth Fairy doesn't like dogs. Determined to right a wrong, Martha and Skits bound boldly into the night as the Puppy Tooth Fairies. The problem is puppies lose a lot of teeth. So do kittens and elephants and€¦*gulp*€¦whales? Martha's Blue Period: It's impossible. It's unthinkable. It's unbearable. Helen is leaving Martha and going to art camp. Full of separation anxiety, Martha's melancholy clouds even her ability to help T.D. take off his shoes. Feeling blue without her companion, Helen pours her feelings into her paintings.
Puppy Skits/Dinosaurs in Trouble!
2. Puppy Skits/Dinosaurs in Trouble!
June 24, 2013
Puppy Skits: Can a dog break through the space-time continuum? T.D. thinks so. As Martha recounts the tale of how T.D. first found Skits, we learn that innocent, easy-going Skits may in fact have been a time-traveling puppy! Dinosaurs in Trouble!: Due to a lack of funds, the museum's fossil exhibit is closing and Milo and Truman are devastated. What's more fun than fossils? Can the Mesozoic enthusiasts find a way to save the dinos?
Too Many Marthas/Too Much Martha
1. Too Many Marthas/Too Much Martha
February 4, 2013
Too Many Marthas: When Martha is asked to sing at an animal rescue fundraiser, she's thrilled. But on the day of the concert, Martha gets mixed up with another Martha - a dog belonging to a lady named Jennifer (Jennifer Garner). Can Martha help Jennifer locate her missing pup before it's time to sing? Too Much Martha: Martha's constant pursuit of snacks has added some extra pounds and the vet says she needs to lose some weight. The family resolves to help Martha control her portions and maintain a balanced diet, but when Martha learns what this means, she's pretty fed up. No more late-night pizza?
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    April 3, 2005