Someday's Dreamers: Summer Skies

This is an anime series that follows Suzuki. She is a girl from a small town. Her father gets a new job offer and her family moves to Tokyo. She has magical powers and in the city she meets a boy that helps her learn how to control and use these powers.

TV Asahi
1 Season, 12 Episodes
January 9, 2003
Anime, Drama
Cast: Julie Maddalena, Mona Marshall, Michelle Ruff, Dina Sherman
Someday's Dreamers: Summer Skies

Someday's Dreamers: Summer Skies Full Episode Guide

  • Ginpun informs Yume that her certification exam will entail using her power on Oyamada. Yume feels disenchanted by magic and her use of it. Details of Oyamada's past begin to unfold, revealing a clear yet sad portrait of him.

  • Yume's confidence as a mage is shaken when a client expresses regret about having a temporary spell cast on her house, and she begins to question the value of performing magic.

  • Angela is suspended from practicing magic for a week. Yume conducts a client interview on her own until Kera crashes it, claiming to be her assistant. The new case puzzles Yume.

  • Yume unexpectedly faints, and Angela takes her to the infirmary. Later, the girls, along with Inoue, go to Tokyo Tower. Angela and Inoue profess their love for each other.

  • Yume, Angela, and Oyamada go to the shopping district, which has been vandalized. They discover that a "street mage" has attempted to fix it already, but his inexperience and lack of self-confidence have caused him to do shoddy work.

  • Yume is invited to Master Chief Ginpun's home, and her experience is less than stellar. Runa runs away, and everyone searches for her. Although Runa's mother begs Yume to perform magic to locate her, Yume refuses; the power of mother-daughter bonds proves to be the real magic.

  • Oyamada takes a day off with no mention to where he is going. Yume's latest adventure takes her to the moon for a picnic. Elsewhere, Furasaki indulges in a few too many adult libations.

  • A beautifully dressed woman - Goto Ayano - shows up seeking Oyamada's help, but she is uncooperative and cross. Yume and Angela try to help her, but they end up causing more problems. Oyamada receives sudden but good news.

  • Yume Kikuchi arrives in Tokyo and, in her confusion, is almost hit by a car. She meets Zennosuke, who helps orient her and sends her in the right direction to Oyamada's office, where she'll be boarding. After finding out that Oyamada is male (her mistake), she has a bout of homesickness and has a negative second encounter with Zennosuke.

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