Sailor Moon Sub

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Sailor Moon Sub is a Japanese anime show, which is subtitled in English as the spoken language is Japanese. Sailor Moon Sub is about a 14 year old girl and follows the first arc of the Sailor Saga. Usagi Tsukino, who is often picked on, ditzy and whiney, encounters a talking cat named Luna who gives her special powers which allow her to transform into Sailor Moon, a pretty soldier in a sailor suit. She helps save the world from evil, along with help from several other pretty soldiers who Luna has found and chosen for the Sailor Soldier group.

They embark on a journey to save the world from Queen Beryl, leader of the evil group called the Dark Kingdom. They constantly search for a special crystal which can free a queen who is imprisoned by the magic of the crystal. The Sailor Soldiers must get the crystal before the Dark Kingdom does, so that an evil is not released upon the world.

The Sailor group learns on their journey that in a past life they were part of the Silver Millennium, a group from a kingdom in the past.

TV Asahi
5 Seasons, 169 Episodes
September 11, 1995
Sailor Moon Sub

Sailor Moon Sub Full Episode Guide

  • Serena Mina and Seiya all fail their math exams. Seiya only failed because he was distracted by his tough musical directer, who just so happens to be the next target.

  • The Three Lights go to the girls's school. They are all smitten except Serena. A football star gets attacked and gets turned into the first male scout. (the Starlights are female in Sailor form, while he was male in sailor form)

  • Darien goes to college in America. A new enemy apears, in the form of Evil Sailor Scouts.3 new scouts apear.

  • Eternal Sailor Moon confronts Nehelenia on her own. Can she save Darien in time, before its too late for him and Rini?

  • The senshi get separated from each other and soon get captured by Nehelenia.

  • Rini's existance is now in peril since Dariens disapearance. Serena creates the Eternal transformation locket by herself and flys off to save Darein on her own.

  • Hotaru accelarates in age again, becoming 8. Soon she has a vision of her Senshi self who gives her her powers back.The Inners are attacked and saved by the outers. Darien becomes cold ad distant to Serena and soon gets kidnapped by Nehelenia

  • Amara and Michele are talking about an impending doom, and they get attacked by paradories. they are soon saved by Sailor Pluto.Soon as they are fighting the creatures, the sign of Saturn apears on hotaru's forrhead and the Outer scouts become Super Sailors, and Hotaru grows to 4 years of age.

  • Nehelenia's mirror prison is floating in space. A strange voice shows her her dream mirror and orders her to shatter it....Rini plans on going to the future, but a strange meteor shower and raining glass disrupts the time key's power. They are soon attacked by Nehelenia ParadoriesSetsuna takes baby Hotaru from Dr. Tomoe for a while.

  • Nehelenia kidnapps Rini and Sailor Moon follow. She tells her why she exixts only with in a mirror and how her dreams were stolen when she was a child. She tosses Rini from the rising comet. Can Sailor Moon save her in time??

  • The girls go in to the tent, only to be faced with their worst nightmares because of Zirconia's spell.

  • Darien is in serious pain because of the eclipse, Helios tells everyone whats happening and how everyone is in danger.

  • During a marathon at Rini's school, strange spiderwebs apear all over the city. They seem to cause Darien a lot of pain. Is the Dead Moon Circus finaly taking over?

  • Everyone wonders who Rini's mysterious love is, and think its an old fisherman, who turns out to be the next victim.

  • Rini wants to be an adult. Serena wants to be a kid. What happens when ParaPara grants their wish?

  • When Rini asks Pegasus too many questions, he leaves, taking his chalice with him. Rini wants to help the next dream victim, one who dreams of making a bike type plane, but does she have a right to call on Pegasus?

  • Rini's friend Kelly gets help in pony vaulting from JunJun, only to have his mirror taken out.

  • Rini and Serena end up with quite a few cavities. Rather than going to the town dentist, they go to a new dentistry, run by ParaPara.

  • Failing once again to find Pegasus, Fish eye is heasetant to return to the tent so she sis in the park in the rain, where Serena finds her. While staying at her house, Fish eye discoveres the location of Pegasus and rushes back to the tent. Zirconia mistakenly identifying the wrong person, sends Hawks eye to Serena. But will they last before the magic keeping them human ends?

  • Fish eye wonders why she and the others dont have dreams like normal humans do and gets her answer when Zirconia tells them that they are really animals. She get assigned to look into Darien's dreams, but since she kinda has a crush on him doesnt want to hurt him.

  • A visiting Duchess sneaks off and spends the day with Serena and Rini at the fair. She's easy pickings for Hawkseye.

  • Mina has too many boyfriends. 2 to be exact: Tiger and Hawks eye. How can she keep 2 dates at the same time?

  • Fisheye disguises herself as a fairy to apeal to a young author who wishes to meet a real life Fairy. But a certain kitten may foil her plot.

  • Rini's teacher wont accept her painting because it was suposed to be a landscape but Rini painted in a pegasus. Her teacher gets targeted by Hawks eye.

  • The author of a favorite book on a pegasus is an old friend of Lita's. Lita is mad that she's turned into a shut in, but stays buy her friend whn Tiger's eye targets her.

  • Artimus gets into alot of trouble with Luna when a strange grey kitten comes and calls him "daddy" who is this kitty?

  • the Amazon Trio decide to set a perfect trap. When Pegasus apears, trap him in a cage!

  • Andrew's girlfriend Rita returns to Japan for a while. She's into horseback riding, which puts her on the Radar of the Dead Moon Circus.

  • Rini has a dream where a boy is calling her. She finds her self in a crystal forest talking to a beautiful Pegasus. During an eclips a strange new enemy apears. Their object of obsession: Finding the Pegasus.