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  • TV-MA
  • 2022
  • 2 Seasons
  • 8.0  (1,064)

The First Responders is a South Korean drama that aired on SBS in 2022. The show follows a team of elite first responders who are part of the 119 Special Rescue Team. This specialized unit is tasked with responding to dangerous emergencies and carrying out high-risk rescue missions across the country.

The show focuses on the team dynamics of the rescue squad and the challenges they face on the job. At the center of the story is Han Jeong-su, the dedicated and heroic captain of the 119 Special Rescue Team. Though tough and uncompromising, Jeong-su cares deeply for the members of his team who he considers an extended family. His right hand man is Seo Chang-wook, an experienced rescue worker who provides guidance and support to the younger squad members. The team also includes Park Min-jae, a rookie firefighter eager to prove himself, and Jung Sol-i, a skilled female paramedic.

Each episode follows the team as they tackle harrowing rescues from incidents like building collapses, fires, explosions, and natural disasters. Using their advanced training in emergency response, rappelling, underwater recovery, and more, the squad bravely confronts the dangers to save lives. The rescues are high-stakes and perilous, providing gripping drama as the team races against time and deals with complications.

Yet the show also focuses on the humanity and relationships of the responders as they support each other through traumatic experiences. It delves into their personal lives and relationships outside of work. Over time, the squad bonds into a close-knit family. We see their passion for helping others and willingness to sacrifice for the greater good of protecting their community.

With exciting rescue sequences combined with more lighthearted downtime interacting as a team, The First Responders provides an in-depth look at these everyday heroes who put their lives on the line. Their technical rescue skills, quick decision making, and bravery in the face of mortal danger make them the ultimate first responders. Viewers are given a newfound appreciation for all that firefighters, paramedics, police, and other emergency personnel do to keep the public safe from harm.

The show premiered to strong viewership and positive reviews. Praise went to the intriguing emergency response storylines combined with the compelling character development. The First Responders delivers an impactful drama about ordinary people rising to challenges and performing extraordinary rescues in times of crisis.

The First Responders is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (24 episodes). The series first aired on November 12, 2022.

The First Responders
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12. TBA
September 9, 2023
In the city of Taewon, a series of arson cases continues to wreak havoc and cause fear among its residents.
11. TBA
September 8, 2023
In the city of Taewon, a series of arson cases continues to wreak havoc and cause fear among its residents.
10. TBA
September 2, 2023
Hogae uncovers Ma Joongdo's murder and faces escalating danger as he nears the truth.
9. TBA
September 1, 2023
Organs are extracted from a living person. As the autopsy progresses, someone crosses Hogae's mind.
8. TBA
August 26, 2023
Criminals plan to endanger the NFS building. Can the team safeguard the place?
7. TBA
August 25, 2023
An unidentified body is found after a brawl at a junkyard. A crisis arises during the autopsy.
6. TBA
August 19, 2023
In the city of Taewon, a series of arson cases continues to wreak havoc and cause fear among its residents.
5. TBA
August 18, 2023
Hogae rejoins the team for a murder case at Myeongpil's villa, and a brand new cooperation unfolds.
4. TBA
August 12, 2023
The arsonist's final plan gets revealed. Can Hogae save everyone from danger and catch the criminal?
3. TBA
August 11, 2023
The first responders and the NFS cooperate to uncover clues to the serial arsonist.
August 5, 2023
Two fires break out in different locations. The first responders find themselves in a crisis.
August 4, 2023
A bound corpse emerges following a serial arson. The first responders to unite in the investigation.
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The First Responders is available for streaming on the SBS (KR) website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The First Responders on demand at Hulu.
  • Premiere Date
    November 12, 2022
  • IMDB Rating
    8.0  (1,064)