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In this historical drama, a young thief uses his martial arts skills to aid the afflicted and bring justice to the corrupt. The series is based on a folkloric character from Korea's Joseon dynasty, but the story has been updated to include a modern style and humor. It aired on the KBS2 network in 2008.

Wednesday, Thursday 9:55 PM et/pt on KBS2
1 Season, 24 Episodes
January 2, 2008
Korean Drama, Action & Adventure, Comedy, Romance
Cast: Hyun Jung Cha
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Hong Gil Dong Full Episode Guide

  • Chang Whe orders his troops to attack the Hwal Bin Dang, resulting in a final battle.

  • Gil Dong, Chang Whe, and Yi Nok adjust to their new roles after the successful palace takeover.

  • A showdown between the King and Gil Dong occurs within the palace walls as the Hwal Bin Dang attempts to takeover the palace.

  • As the King finds out that the sword might be fake, the Hwal Bin Dang plan to infiltrate the palace again.

  • Yi Nok attempts to live up to her new identity while the King is more motivated than ever to find Gil Dong and kill him.

  • With Yi Nok's true identity revealed, the King and Minister Hong try to find her and kill her.

  • The Hwal Bin Dang are accused of a number of murders so Gil Dong sets out to clear their name.

  • After Chang Whe is shot in the chest with a poisoned arrow, the Hwal Bin Dang try to find the antidote and save him.

  • Yi Nok joins Hwal Bin Dang and accompanies Gil Dong to infiltrate an opium den.

  • When Mal Nyeo is injured, Yi Nok takes her place in the plan to find and steal the sword from the king.

  • Chang Whe makes a deal with Gil Dong: he will help Gil Dong get his team of bandits back if Gil Dong retrieves his sword and fights his father.

  • Yi Nok and Gil Dong finally meet after his presumed death. Gil Dong tries to get Chang Whe to keep his identity concealed from his father.

  • Gil Dong attempts to save the girls while Yi Nok ponders the identity of her moonlit stranger.

  • While Gil Dong and the parents plan to rescue the girls, Yi Nok meets a dark stranger.

  • Gil Dong continues to search for the miscreants behind the prostitution operation.

  • One year later, Gil Dong discovers a new enemy to conquer and to fight in the name of justice.

  • Gil Dong, after getting shot, goes into hiding with the bandits and changes his life for the better.

  • After the failed attempt to storm the palace, Gil Dong attempts to find out why the sword is so important.

  • To get revenge on Chang Whe's merchant group, Gil Dong teams up with a group of bandits.

  • Gil Dong finds out that he is being framed for the murder and searches for the real criminal.

  • In Hyung's mother, in an attempt to bribe In Hyung's way through the exams, concoct a plan to get money that also involves Gil Dong.

  • Since he missed the boat to China, Gil Dong makes his way back to the city and bumps into Yi Nok.

  • As royal officials come after Yi Nok, the legendary thieves' moonlight staff lands in Gil Dong's hands.

  • Gil Dong, the local martial arts prodigy, defeats Yi Nok in a street fight, and wins her as his wife.

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