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The television series What Happened to My Family tells about a father who has had enough of his children’s selfish ways. To teach them a lesson he decides to sue them. Viewers learn about how they should be grateful for their families and what they have instead of wanting more and more. The series shows how the children get their gratitude back and what the court decides to do with these children.

What Happens to My Family? is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (31 episodes). The series first aired on August 16, 2014.

Where do I stream What Happens to My Family? online? What Happens to My Family? is available for streaming on KBS2, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch What Happens to My Family? on demand at , Viki online.

Sundays, Saturdays 7:55 pm on KBS2
1 Season, 31 Episodes
August 16, 2014
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What Happens to My Family? Full Episode Guide

  • Haluk messes up while trying to get the family to like him. Damla is caught by Ece while trying to hide her return to the country from her mother.

  • Mujde unsettles the Celik house and aims to bring down the walls from the inside. Ruzgar doesnt want to lose Ceylan, and only Emrecan can help him.

  • The Celik family do all they can to save their home from demolition. Ece confesses her love to Haluk and gets an unexpected reaction.

  • With the police closing in, Salih and Ege take shelter in Levents house. Haluk suspects Levent has a secret lover and begins to follow him.

  • Salih takes Ege from preschool and tries to hide him. Whatever Ece does to get Haluk to forgive her has no effect.

  • Ruzgars posing for journalists with Ceylan angers Emrecan. Emrecan and Ceylan leave the cafe to find new work. Levent begins work at Haluks company.

  • Haluk and Levent fight over Ece and end up in jail, but a surprise awaits them there. Emrecan gets Ceylan to forgive him and proposes to her again.

  • Emrecan, Ruzgar and Ceylan join forces to save the cafe. Ece confronts Haluk when she learns of his feelings for her.

  • Ceylan decides to forget Emrecan and turn over a new leaf. Nermins discussion on Levent in the office causes Haluk to confront his feelings for Ece.

  • Mujde sends things flying when she learns of Egemens son. Ruzgar moves in with Haluk, who does all he can to get rid of him.

  • Hasan fights with Muge and moves in with Haluk. Egemen asks Eges mother who fathered her child. Emrecan is upset when Ceylan asks Ruzgar for help.

  • Egemens son disturbs the whole family. Hasan tests his son to find out Haluks relationship with Ece. Ece looks at a house and asks Haluks help.

  • Egemen tries to get used to marriage, while Salih decides to invite everyone to a neighborhood wedding. Ceylan tells Emrecan they will remain friends.

  • Emrecan does everything to get Ceylan to forgive him, while wedding plans divide the in-laws again. Ceylan confronts Ruzgar and asks why he lied.

  • Ece accepts Haluks apology and returns to work. Seeing an opportunity, Muge uses Ece as a spy. Asli tries to get Egemen to forgive her.

  • Ceylan decides to move house when Emrecan resists Salihs resolve for them to marry immediately. Ece fights with Haluk and decides to resign.

  • Ceylan and Emrecan encounter pressure to marry from the neighbors, and the neighbors reaction makes Nermin and Salih uncomfortable.

  • Ceylan hears of Emrecans accident and rushes to his side. When Ece finds out, he follows Haluk to the hospital. Haluk comes face to face with Salih.

  • The whole family worries when Ceylan doesnt return home. Emrecan gets angry when he learns she was with Ruzgar, but he gets a surprising response.

  • The holiday starts off sour for the Celik family. Salih ends up in hospital. This brings the family together and helps them to forget their quarrels.

  • Salih wants a quiet Sunday, but gets the opposite. Emrecan and Ruzgar fight over Ceylan. Haluk tires of home and escapes to Bolu with Ece.

  • Ece, Egemen, and Emrecan all end up in jail. When Salih finds out, he loses his patience and his children feel his rage.

  • Egemen is enraged to see Derya at his family dinner. Ece and Haluks war continues, but the shape of their relationship changes.

  • Haluk has a close shave, learns that Ece was unfairly accused, and meets his fathers real fiancee. Ece is bored, while Emrecan has an interview.

  • The family learns that Ceylan is secretly living in the house. Salih feels sorry for her and lets her stay, while she quickly puts everyone at ease.

  • Ceylan arrives at Emrecans home and says she is his fiancee. Before leaving, she realizes the trouble she has caused him and rushes to his aid.

  • Ceylan leaves her home in Cappadocia for Istanbul to find her childhood love who once saved her life and with whom she agreed to marry.