Orange Marmalade

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This Korean fantasy series is set in a world in which vampires, who no longer thirst for human blood, are the targets of bullying and discrimination. That causes complication when a young vampire-in-hiding falls for the most popular boy in her high school. The 12-episode live-action series, which was based on an animated series, aired on the Korean Broadcasting System in 2015.

Friday 10:35 PM et/pt on KBS2
1 Season, 12 Episodes
May 5, 2015
Cast: Seol-Hyun Kim, Jin-gu Yeo
Orange Marmalade

Orange Marmalade Full Episode Guide

  • Jae Min becomes Ma Ri's monitor in school to reassure the parents of other students and to help with his amnesia.

  • Back in modern time, Jae Min wakes up from his accident with selective amnesia. Ma Ri volunteers for the Coexistence Project.

  • Jae Min finds out that Ma Ri is a vampire, and Shi Hoo has been turned into one too. Hwasawon kidnaps the Queen of Joseon.

  • A battle between the bloodsuckers and the Eunhyeolsa leads Shi Hoo to be bitten. Jae Min makes a choice between friendship and love.

  • The death of a relative of the royal family leads to the organization of secret vampire hunters. Meanwhile, Jae Min chooses between love and family.

  • While Jae Min struggles with his feelings for Ma Ri, Jae Min's bride-to-be patronizes Hwasawon, an underground vampire beauty salon, and makes a deal with Wonsangu.

  • In the Joseon Dynasty, Jae Min, a scholar and the disappointment of his military family, meets Ma Ri, the daughter of a butcher and a vampire.

  • After Jae Min learns of Shi Hoo's secret, prompting Shi Hoo's disappearance, Ma Ri finds it hard to hide her vampirism when a series of accidents happen.

  • As Ma Ri's feelings for Jae Min grow deeper, Jae Min encourages Ma Ri to form a band with him.

  • A new transfer student, Han Shi Hoo, shows up at Ma Ri's high school. He reveals that he is a vampire and what the mysterious connection to Jung Jae Min is.

  • Baek Ma Ri is a high school transfer student with a big secret: she's a vampire. But when she starts to fall for class president Jung Jae Min, things get a little more complicated for her.

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