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  • 2022
  • 1 Season
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Wedding Agreement: The Series is a 2022 Indonesian romantic drama streaming television series based on the 2019 film of the same name. The series picks up where the film left off and continues the story of Bian and Tari, two strangers who enter into a marriage of convenience.

Bian is a wealthy bachelor who needs to get married in order to inherit his family's business. Tari is a middle-class woman looking for financial security. The two agree to wed for mutual benefit - Bian will support Tari financially while Tari will keep up appearances as Bian's wife. Though the arrangement is strictly business, things get complicated as Bian and Tari's relationship evolves and feelings develop between them.

At the start of the series, Bian and Tari are settling into married life and learning how to live together. On the surface they portray themselves as a happy couple, but in private they maintain clear boundaries between their arrangement and their personal lives. However, as time goes on it becomes harder for them to deny their growing attraction and affection for one another.

The show explores themes of marriage, love, family obligations, class differences, and gender roles in modern Indonesia. A major source of drama is the contrast between Bian and Tari's pragmatic wedding agreement versus their burgeoning romantic relationship. The audience is taken on an emotional rollercoaster ride as Bian and Tari navigate the evolution of their marriage.

Supporting characters play pivotal roles in the story. Bian's mother is suspicious of Tari's motives and tries to uncover the truth behind their marriage arrangement. Meanwhile, Tari's working-class family brings complications of their own to the couple's unlikely union.

Wedding Agreement: The Series has been praised for its sharp writing, nuanced characters, and heartfelt performances. The show has resonated with viewers across Indonesia and wider Southeast Asia. Fans are invested in seeing whether Bian and Tari's marriage of convenience will ultimately lead to real love.

With its mix of humor, romance, and social commentary, Wedding Agreement: The Series offers an entertaining glimpse into contemporary Indonesian culture. At its core, the show explores universal questions about the nature of marriage, love, and human relationships. Will pragmatic Bian and idealistic Tari find a way to reconcile their principles with their feelings? Their journey continues in this engaging series.

Wedding Agreement: The Series is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (10 episodes). The series first aired on March 25, 2022.

Wedding Agreement: The Series
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The End Is the Beginning
10. The End Is the Beginning
May 27, 2022
Tari's sudden loss profoundly changes her life, and she feels immense sadness. However, life reminds Tari how quickly things can change, and she comes to a sudden realization.
An Uninvited Guest
9. An Uninvited Guest
May 20, 2022
Sarah hides her true feelings, and the events of that fateful night are revealed. Tari and Bian fight and Tari decides to spend time with her uncle. In addition, Tari receives surprising news.
She's Always There
8. She's Always There
May 13, 2022
A sudden tragedy strikes Aldi and Sarah, and Bian's promise to Aldi puts him in a tough spot. Fulfilling his promise, Bian decides to help Sarah without telling Tari.
Someone From the Past
7. Someone From the Past
May 6, 2022
When Bian declines to continue his father's business, Tari gets chosen instead. As Tari's career flourishes, Bian's career struggles. In addition, Tari runs into an old friend from her past.
A Second Agreement
6. A Second Agreement
April 29, 2022
After a stormy first year, Bian and Tari are happy together. Tari forgives Bian for his past but still struggles when she meets Sarah, who has married Bian's cousin Aldi.
Goodbye My Love
5. Goodbye My Love
April 22, 2022
Tari decides to spend time alone to collect herself and decide whether or not she will keep fighting for her marriage. Bian cannot leave Sarah but does not want to lose Tari. Sarah realizes that Bian's feelings for her have changed. Tari sees Bian and Sarah together and makes a sudden decision.
The Best Companion
4. The Best Companion
April 15, 2022
Tari finds out about Sarah's relationship with Bian, and changes her intentions. She asks Bian to treat her as a wife for the duration of their agreement. Bian agrees, accompanying her to morning prayers at the mosque and more. As Bian's heart begins to melt, a sudden event brings Sarah back into the picture.
Red Rose for My Husband
3. Red Rose for My Husband
April 8, 2022
After Sarah's unexpected visit to their home, Bian apologizes and grants Tari's request for compensation to go to Sea World together. They grow closer, and Bian begins to recognize Tari's kindness.
Pretend Wife
2. Pretend Wife
April 1, 2022
Bian and Tari get invited to Bian's father's birthday, and they must pretend to be happily married. Tari agrees but, in return, asks Bian to accompany her as she shops for groceries. When Tari's uncle and aunt suddenly decide to spend the night at their home, Bian and Tari have no choice but to keep their act going.
The Third Person
1. The Third Person
March 25, 2022
On the night of her wedding, Tari suddenly gets served with an agreement from her husband, Bian, stating that their marriage will end after only a year. Bian, whose heart is faithful to his long-term girlfriend Sarah, had only agreed to their arranged marriage to appease his parents' wishes. Tari attempts to win Bian's love.
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Wedding Agreement: The Series is available for streaming on the Hotstar website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Wedding Agreement: The Series on demand at Hulu.
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    March 25, 2022
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