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This Australian drama series involves political and criminal intrigue as each season follows two brothers who get wrapped in events beyond their control. In the first season, Ned and Jesse Banks inadvertently film an accident that turns out to have serious ramifications; when the brothers post the video on the internet, they're drawn into a web of intrigue. In the series' second season, Ned and Jesse find themselves embroiled in an international scandal, again thanks to their online activity. The series' second season debuted on Australia's ABC1 network beginning in September 2016, and the season's sixth and final episode aired in October.

The Code is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (21 episodes). The series first aired on July 27, 2011.

Where do I stream The Code online? The Code is available for streaming on BBC Two, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Code on demand at Apple TV+, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Amazon, Vudu, Google Play, iTunes online.

2 Seasons, 21 Episodes
July 27, 2011
Documentary & Biography
Cast: Dan Spielman, Ashley Zukerman, Adele Perovic, Adam Garcia, Chelsie Preston Crayford
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The Code Full Episode Guide

  • Abe's colleagues must defend

  • Abe and Harper's investigation into the accidental overdose of a Marine takes a turn when they can't find any fingerprints

  • Consumed by grief, Roth develops a shocking plan of revenge. Jesse struggles to come up with a way to free them all, but must cut the cord and stand on his own feet. Meanwhile, Ned, Meg, and Hani desperately try to find evidence for their expos©.

  • Meg, Ned, and Roth take a fatally wounded protestor to the mine in hopes of receiving medical attention. Jesse is torn between genuine concern for Roth and the need to salvage his own future. Ned and Meg try to identify the person responsible for the original attack on Roth and his colleagues.

  • Ned and Jesse are on the run after extradition warrants are served. They return to West Papua, where Jesse must lie to Roth in order to save himself and Hani€™s father. As Jesse works to decrypt the files, political tensions run high, and a protest turns ugly.

  • Jesse and Roth form an unlikely alliance to liberate a Papua Independence leader from false imprisonment and find Callum before it is too late. Frantic for news of his missing brother, Ned contacts an undercover photojournalist to help locate Jesse.

  • Jesse and Hani are kidnapped by Roth and disappear into the jungles of West Papua. But Roth offers them a deal: if Jesse unlocks a heavily encrypted file, Roth will release them. Hoping this will buy them time to find the data the authorities need to save Callum, Jesse reluctantly agrees.

  • Abe's colleagues must defend - and reluctantly prosecute - him when he is arrested and court-martialed for mutiny in regard to a 2010 mission in Afghanistan where he was one of the only survivors.

  • Abe and Harper's investigation into the accidental overdose of a Marine takes a turn when they can't find any fingerprints - even the deceased's - on the pill bottle, leading them to believe he was murdered.

  • When a Marine is accused of helping a terrorist escape from Guantanamo Bay, Abe and Harper believe that they have an open-and-shut case until they are mysteriously denied access to key evidence without explanation.

  • Abe and Harper's investigation into a Marine recruiter's alleged misconduct may be derailed when the key witness refuses to testify.

  • Abe and Harper travel to Afghanistan to investigate when an Afghan commander is killed on a U.S. base.

  • Harper gets caught in a firefight when she, Abe and Maya travel to Syria to investigate a Marine accused of desertion. Also, Col. Turnbull travels to Germany to be with her wounded son, Adam (Derek Klena).

  • Ned and Jesse have broken their deal with the government to help Hani, and in doing so, have delivered dangerous technology into the black market. Can anything be done to stop the breach from becoming a global catastrophe?

  • After striking a deal with the government for Jesse's freedom, Ned agrees to keep all he's learned about Physanto a secret. But that may change when a crazed Andy King, frantic to save his faltering black-market deal, tracks down Hani and takes her hostage.

  • As Ned uncovers more of the conspiracy with help from Sophie and Alex, Jesse grows ever closer to cracking the code on the Physanto files. When Hani refuses to cooperate with the cybersecurity unit, the government threatens to deport her immigrant family.

  • While so much of life appears random, Du Sautoy shows how it is really governed by the code of chaos, in which small variations can cause vastly different outcomes, often referred to as the "butterfly effect."

  • During his trip to the Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland, Professor du Sautoy finds a fundamental truth about the universe written into the rocks. A hidden geometric force underpins all nature, from the structure of honeycombs to Pixar movies.

  • What do the proportions of Chartres Cathedral share with the life cycle of the cicada, with how we hear sound, and with the intricately designed nautilus shell? Du Sautoy investigates their sacred numbers and the power of pi.

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