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Full of action and fan service are the words that describe the intense and compelling story line of Ikki Tousen. The story follows Hakufu Sonsaku, a high skilled fighter that just transferred to Nanyo Academy, one of the schools participating in a school war to see who rules the schools; her destiny according to her Magatama is to rule all the schools like her predecessor once did. As the story develops the viewer learns that sometimes destiny can be fought against and that at the end everyone can choose their destinies no matter what anyone else says. Her cousin Koukin Shuyu plays an important role in the story as he not only helps in comic relief but is constantly protecting his cousin to any extents necessary.

The series is based on a manga written and illustrated by Yuji Shiozaki and produced by J.C Staff out of the 4 seasons, all but the second is now licensed by FUNImation. The second season is licensed by Media Blasters. The production of the anime was spectacular, it has great vivid graphics and astonishing computer generated effects. The soundtrack plays a major role setting the mood and in some cases enhancing it to never imagined levels. The viewer follows Hakufu thought all her misadventures and life endangering situations that will test all her strengths to the point where she will have to go even farther than her already high expectations. The viewers see how enemies become friends and friends become enemies. This anime truly puts emotional and psychological states to new extremes and really makes the viewer want to analyze every character the anime series throws at you.

This is a great anime for the older generation but the younger one can enjoy while being supervised by a parent or guardian. The genders that are complemented into the anime are action, romance, drama and comedy and also incorporate echi situations with lots of fan service.

Ikki Tousen is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (49 episodes). The series first aired on July 30, 2003.

Where do I stream Ikki Tousen online? Ikki Tousen is available for streaming on AT-X, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Ikki Tousen on demand at Google Play, Apple TV online.

4 Seasons, 49 Episodes
July 30, 2003
Action & Adventure, Anime
Cast: Masumi Asano, Carrie Savage, Satoshi Hino, Ted Sroka, Yuko Kaida
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Ikki Tousen Full Episode Guide

  • Life appears to have returned to normal for the heroic warriors, but a mysterious evil continues to linger in the shadows.

  • Kentei's true identity is revealed, Hakafu's broken body is revived, and an epic battle between ancient warriors spirals toward its violent conclusion!

  • Ryomou and Kan continue their epic and bloody battle. Meanwhile, Hakufu is crushed under a pile of rubble while attempting to protect Koukin.

  • Hakafu and Mouki attempt to locate their friends in the labyrinthine fortress of Nanban High, but they may be too late to save Kan.

  • Hakafu and her allies arrive at the scene of the tournament, and Mouki must face her ultimate fear in a life or death battle.

  • Kentei mounts a demonic attack in an attempt to unleash the dragon lurking within Gentoku. Will Hakufu arrive in time to save her friend?

  • Hakufu is drawn into battle by a powerful vision, Kyocho and Mouki learn to work together, and Kan is forced to fight an armor-clad beast!

  • The evil plot of the mysterious masked man is slowly revealed, and a blinded Kan must make a humbling sacrifice to save a dear friend.

  • A very revealing brand of combat ensues after a bathhouse ambush, and a boat carrying fighters bound for a tournament is attacked after entering a thick fog.

  • Hakufu agrees to train a very eager disciple, and the rival schools are invited to participate in a big time fighting tournament.

  • Mouki recalls some important fighting advice passed on to her by someone very dear, and Gentoku flashes back to her first meeting with Kan.

  • A beautiful young warrior invades a rival high school on a quest for vengeance, but she encounters a fighter far more powerful than she expected.

  • Koukin and Hakufu risk their lives in the battle to save Chuubo. Meanwhile, Ryomou learns a lesson of vital importance in her brawl with Ryofu!

  • Chuubo reveals her shocking true identity before joining Koukin and Hakufu on a mission to rescue Ryomou!

  • When Hakufu is possessed by the magician, cousin Koukin and Chuubo must make a dangerous stand to prevent her from being lost forever

  • Saji and the delicate magician who shares his name use Ryofu as the centerpiece of a heinous plan to awaken the dragon lurking within Ryomou!

  • Suspicious of her master's strange behavior, Kanu sends a messenger to ask Hakufu for help. Meanwhile, Ryomou's dip in a peaceful hot spring is interrupted by Ryofu!

  • Ryofu wreaks havoc on her new friends after she's possessed by a mysterious girl in a cape, and her scandalous behavior with Gentoku threatens to send Kanu over the edge!

  • The quest to recover lost memories draws Hakufu and friends into an ambush at an abandoned school. Amidst a flurry of flying fists, the past is revisited.

  • A day at the beach turns into a treasure hunt, but when giant man-eating sharks make an appearance, the bikini-clad warrior babes get a chance to show off their moves!

  • When a pair of mysterious necklaces that unleash the wearer's deepest desire make the rounds at martial arts shrine, no pretty face is safe from the lust that lurks within!

  • Ryomou is shocked to stumble upon a girl everyone thought was dead, but all Hakufu can think of is taking the new girl to a karaoke bar!

  • Hakufu goes on the rampage when her sweet little sister is kidnapped by a gang of thugs. The odds are stacked against her, but her friends are quick to back her up!

  • Hakufu and her crew get jobs in the hopes of earning enough money to attend tournaments stacked with the strongest opponents they can find! Things get crazy when her little sis shows up!