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Mobile Suit Gundam is Japanese anime, or animation, television show. It was one of the first and most popular of the mecha, or giant robot, animes, and helped to bring to light an entirely new genre. The show's plot centers around a fight that takes place in an alternate universe. In this universe, Earth exists, but things are very different from our own planet. A faction, called the Principality of Zeon, has split off from Earth. They have declared independence from the Earth Federation. In order to assure their independence, war has been declared.

The Principality of Zeon is much smaller than the Earth Federation, but the effects of their new technology, the mobile suits, is devastating. In the first part of the war, nearly half of humanity is wiped out. The mobile suits are giant robotic suits, armed with different weapons and shaped much like a human, that are piloted by a single person. Because of this technology, it begins to look like all may be lost. However, the Earth Federation is working on its own mobile suit.

After a reconnaissance mission by the Principality of Zeon goes awry, the Earth Federation discovers a new way to fight. The reconnaissance team disobeys orders and begins attacking the Earth Federation. An average young man, named Amuro Ray, finds the Earth Federation's new mobile suit, the RX-78 Gundam, and uses it to subdue the attackers. This leads to the realization that civilians can help to fight against the Principality of Zeon. All hope is not lost for Earth.

As the show progresses, viewers witness many different battles between the two warring factions. They also get to learn more about each of the mobile suit pilots. Each pilot has his or her own personal story, as well as different reasons for joining the war effort.

Cartoon Network
1 Season, 44 Episodes
April 7, 1979
Cast: Kengo Kawanishi, Yoshimasa Hosoya, Natsuki Hanae, Yuuichirou Umehara, Yasuaki Takumi
Mobile Suit Gundam

Mobile Suit Gundam Full Episode Guide

  • After exchanging repeated blows, the Gundam and the Zeong are both severely damaged. Recognizing his true enemy, Amuro abandons his machine, but he is confronted by Char and the two begin a fateful duel with guns and swords. Char bids farewell to his sister Sayla and sets out to stop the fleeing Kycilia in order to end the war. Meanwhile, blown about by explosions, Amuro finds himself in a hopeless situation...

  • The colony laser weapon Solar Ray utterly disintegrates Sovereign Degwin Zabi, General Revil, and half of the Federation's main fleet. The Federation Forces' command structure and fighting strength are thrown into disarray, but the surviving fleet regroups and starts its advance on A Baoa Qu. Betting on his potential as a Newtype, Char sorties in the incomplete mobile suit Zeong.

  • Lalah and Amuro face off. The Elmeth's psycommu-guided bits besiege the Gundam from all directions, but Amuro is able to read their every move and eliminate them. Their consciousnesses begin to resonate, and the two find they are able to communicate directly through their thoughts. Char suddenly interrupts and comes between them. The Gundam attempts to deliver a final blow to Char's Gelgoog, when...

  • The Gundam is unable to keep up with Amuro's reflexes. Dr. Mosk applies a new magnet coating technology to its joints in an attempt to increase its response speed. Meanwhile, Char has become confident of Lalah's combat skills, and sends the Elmeth into real combat. Her ability to quickly destroy two warships demonstrates Lalah's strange power, and her fellow pilots are filled with dread.

  • Challia Bull of the Principality of Zeon has returned from Jupiter. Identified as a Newtype, Challia is ordered by Admiral Gihren to join Kycilia's forces. Challia sets out in the mobile armor Braw Bro. However, Amuro is able to evade his multidirectional attacks, and quickly initiates a counterattack of his own.

  • The Gundam is disabled, and the White Base crew head out to search for it. Amid this, Char and Sayla meet again. Char's real name is Casval, and Sayla's is Artesia. The two are the orphaned children of the late Zeon Zum Deikun, who first pioneered the Newtype concept. Char believes the Zabi family assassinated his father, and he has joined the Zeon forces to take his revenge...

  • The White Base heads for the debris field known as the Texas Zone. However, Captain M'Quve plots to take down the Gundam to win favor with his superior Kycilia Zabi. At the same time, Lalah is testing the new mobile armor Elmeth, with Char observing nearby. M'Quve sets numerous traps to lure the Gundam into the depths of the colony, but...

  • During the battle for Solomon, Mirai goes to see Sleggar while his damaged G-Fighter is being serviced. Understanding her tears, Sleggar entrusts her with a ring he says is a memento of his mother. And then their lips touch... Vice Admiral Dozle Zabi decides to abandon Solomon, and charges into the Federation's main fleet with the mobile armor Big Zam.

  • The Federation Forces finally begin their battle to capture Solomon. While the advance fleet holds its position, the main Tianem Fleet deploys mirrors in Side 1 airspace. As the mirrors gather the sunlight into a focal point, Solomon is burned by the intense ray. This is the power of the Federation Force's trump card, the Solar System. Aiming toward the newly opened breach in Solomon, the mobile suits begin their advance!

  • At a lakeside cottage, Amuro meets a mysterious girl staring at a swan. On his way back from bidding farewell to his father, the treacherous roads cause Amuro's vehicle to become stuck. His rescuer is none other than Char, who has recently arrived at Side 6. At his side is the girl from the lakeside, Lalah Sune. The White Base departs Side 6, and waiting for it is the Conscon Squadron!

  • The White Base enters the neutral territory of Side 6. Inspector Cameron Bloom, who was engaged to Mirai, finds his warm reception met with cool indifference. Meanwhile, Amuro finds his lost father Tem. But Amuro's father seems to have suffered brain damage due to oxygen deprivation, and Amuro weeps at the immense shock and sadness of the situation.

  • Captain Char asks his former subordinate Lieutenant Dren to intercept the White Base. Sleggar sorties in a G-Fighter, while a Rick Dom formation begins its attack. As Dren focuses on the fleet battle, he hears a report that the Gundam is missing and becomes uneasy. The Gundam approaches from directly overhead to avoid being spotted, and attacks the bridge of Dren's flagship!

  • In order to divert the enemy's attention away from the main fleet launching into space from Jaburo, the White Base is sent on a completely different course as a decoy. Meanwhile a new officer, Lieutenant JG Sleggar Law, has joined the crew. Char rushes to chase them into space with his Zanzibar mobile cruiser. Along the way he realizes the White Base is just a decoy, but decides this is a good opportunity to launch a pursuit attack...

  • With the formal admission of the White Base crew into the military, the question arises of what to do with Katz, Letz, and Kikka. After escaping from a childcare center, the kids run into a GM factory. Here they stumble into Zeon commandos who are planting bombs, and they are tied up. The children cut their bonds, and work hard to dismantle the time bombs, but...

  • The White Base arrives at Jaburo, the Earth Federation Forces headquarters in South America, but it has been followed by the enemy Mad Angler unit. Char joins the first wave of the attack as a huge formation of Zeon forces appears in the skies over Jaburo. Countless mobile suits descend, and a full-scale offensive begins. In the midst of battle, Amuro discovers Char's red Z'Gok!

  • The stowaway Miharu is discovered by Kai, who hides her in his own room. Immediately after he gives Miharu some information, Char's subordinate Flanagan Boone visits the ship and contacts Miharu. After watching the children on the White Base get caught up in the ensuing attack, Miharu feels guilty and goes out with Kai in the Gunperry, but...

  • Kai decides to leave the ship, and Miharu invites him back to her house. Realizing the situation of Miharu's family, Kai lets slip some information about the White Base. Miharu immediately relays the information to Char's Mad Angler unit, and Char orders her to infiltrate the White Base during a diversionary attack.

  • The White Base docks at the Belfast supply base for repairs. This information is passed by the female spy Miharu to none other than Captain Char, the Red Comet. Meanwhile, a Jukon submarine launches amphibious mobile suits called Goggs. The Goggs land and begin attacking the Federation ground forces. Amuro rises up against the Goggs, but the fight is close and difficult, and...

  • In the middle of testing out the G-Fighter, Amuro witnesses a Federation plane taking off from Zeon territory. Amuro follows it to the mobile command ship Big Tray, and informs General Elran of the existence of a spy. The traitor general shows his true colors when he draws his gun on Amuro, but Federation soldiers restrain and arrest him. Operation Odessa is now in effect!

  • Matilda's return to the White Base raises the crew's morale, and they take a commemorative photo. The Doms of the Black Tri-Stars, however, are approaching the White Base. Sayla is chosen to be the pilot of the G-Armor, and sorties with the Gundam despite feeling overwhelmed. But the three Doms perform their Jet Stream Attack and make sport of the Gundam!

  • Ensnared in M'Quve's trap, the White Base makes an emergency landing. While the worried Mirai anxiously waits for resupply, Bright formally designates her as substitute captain. Meanwhile, General Revil has just arrived at the European frontline base. Holding the White Base in high regard, he sends Matilda to repair its engines and deliver a Gundam support machine called the "G-Fighter," but...

  • Bright is unable to bear the strain of overwork, and collapses with a high fever. M'Quve's forces bomb the White Base's Minovsky particle generators and ECM transmitters, rendering it defenseless. Substituting for Bright is the rookie commander Mirai Yashima, whose lack of situational awareness and experience throw the battle into great disorder and confusion.

  • After Ral's death, Crowley Hamon intends to complete their mission so that she can repay his affections. With the remains of her limited military force, she begins a "drill maneuver" to break through the weak spot in the White Base's defenses. Amuro senses the incoming suicide bomb attack. As the Gundam tries to hold back the bomb, Hamon appears behind the Gundam and takes aim with her Magella Top's cannon!

  • When Amuro goes to a restaurant to have a meal, Ramba Ral walks in with his men. Just as Ral is starting to form a favorable impression of Amuro, Fraw Bow is captured by a sentry and brought into the room, and tensions rise. Amuro realizes the released Fraw is unknowingly being followed by the enemy, and hurries back to the White Base. Now, the one-on-one battle between the Gundam and Gouf begins!

  • The runaway Amuro discovers a Zeon mining base. Positive that this base is the target of Operation Odessa, Amuro decides to attack on his own with the Gundam. In response to this surprise attack, Kycilia Zabi decides to test the mobile gun platform Adzam, and launches with M'Quve. Attacked by a metallic dust leader and a radiation field, the exterior of the Gundam suddenly erupts in burning fury!

  • Amuro is ordered to sortie in the Gundam, but he conceitedly decides to launch with the Guntank instead. Ral's Gouf appears before him, and the difference in fighting strength gives Amuro no other option but to retreat. Amuro switches to the Gundam and tries to fight according to his simulations, but he is forced to bear personal witness to the severity of true combat...

  • As the White Base heads westward across Central Asia, it receives an order from General Revil to cross the Caspian Sea within 5 days and participate in a massive operation against M'Quve's forces. However, the salt-depleted White Base decides to detour to a salt-water lake. Ramba Ral's team sees an opportunity and draws closer. While this is happening, Sayla tries to launch in the Gundam without permission, and...!

  • As the White Base heads westward across Central Asia, it receives an order from General...

  • The Gundam successfully diverts an attack on Lieutenant Matilda Ajan's Medea transport. But this is actually a trick by an enemy patrol unit. Approaching the Gundam in their small aerial Wappas, the enemy soldiers start attaching bombs to the Gundam. Amuro discovers their plan after his shield is destroyed, and begins the arduous task of disarming the bombs by himself, when...

  • Amuro stops by his hometown to visit his mother. To conceal himself from the surrounding Zeon soldiers, Amuro pretends to be a sick patient. Bright's emergency call to Amuro catches the attention of the soldiers. Amuro fires in self-defense, but is scolded by his mother for doing so. He continues to fight despite the immense alienation he feels, but...

  • Icelina swears to avenge Garma, and joins the pursuit of the White Base. The Gundam and Guncannon leap onto the Gaws to attack them, but Char's Luggun recon plane bombs the White Base and causes it to lose propulsion. In the midst of this, Icelina sees the Gundam. She gathers all her bitterness over Garma's death and tries to ram the Gundam with the Gaw, but...

  • Char coolly watches Garma romance Icelina Eschonbach, daughter of the former mayor of New Yark. Upon hearing a report that the White Base is hiding within a city, Garma sets out in his Gaw attack carrier. Char volunteers to launch a ground attack with Zakus to help his friend out, but a fearsome conspiracy lies in hiding!

  • Amuro lets petty annoyances get to him, and refuses to fight. Bright tries to rally Amuro, but it only incites him to rebel even more, and ends in a great argument. However, upon hearing Bright invoke the name of Char, Amuro decides to sortie, and uses the Gundam to display his astonishing tactics.

  • Some of the refugees have petitioned to be dropped off on the ground. Bright uses this as an excuse to ask the Zeon forces for a temporary cease-fire. The Gunperry transporting the refugees also secretly unloads Amuro's Gundam. Kai Shiden's Guncannon then descends to the ground to lure the enemy. The Gundam attacks from the rear of the lake with a pincer movement, and Bright's brilliant strategy unfolds.

  • By launching a Core Fighter into a ballistic orbit and having it fly over the enemy, the White Base tries to establish direct contact with Earth Federation Forces headquarters. Meanwhile, the refugees incite a revolt, but Amuro focuses on what he must do and heads to the hangar. Char senses the Core Fighter speeding away and intercepts it with a Komusai, but...

  • The White Base, having entered Earth's atmosphere, is attacked by the youngest member of the Zabi family, Garma Zabi, who commands a Gaw attack carrier and a formation of Dopp fighters. On top of this, Magella Attack tanks begin shelling from the ground. Bright has Amuro switch from the Guntank to the Gundam, and plots how to escape from the enemy's clever trap...

  • The White Base heads for Jaburo, the headquarters of the Earth Federation Forces in South America, and prepares for atmospheric entry. Char commences an attack on the White Base as it descends. The battle runs long, and both sides are reaching the point of no return... Then a Zaku burns up in the atmosphere. Will the Gundam meet the same fate?

  • The White Base has arrived at Luna II. But what waits for Bright and Amuro is severe punishment from Commandant Wakkein. The youths who have intruded upon the Federation's most guarded secrets are incarcerated in jail, and the Gundam is locked down. Meanwhile, Char and his team carry out a plan to infiltrate Luna II in normal suits.

  • The assault carrier White Base collects refugees rescued from the recent battle. Most of the regular military crew aboard the White Base have died or are seriously injured. The surviving youths aboard the ship are working together to escape from the colony. Meanwhile, Char seeks out the secrets of the Federation's mobile suits by personally infiltrating Side 7. A girl named Sayla Mass spots him, and Char is shocked at how much she resembles his sister...

  • Universal Century 0079. During the war of independence declared by the Principality of Zeon, the Earth Federation Forces have found themselves outgunned. To counter this, the Federation has developed new mobile suits and tested them at Side 7. Zeon Lieutenant Commander Char Aznable senses this and sets out on a reconnaissance mission. One of his overeager soldiers, hoping for personal glory, begins firing. Ensnared in this war, Amuro Ray pilots the Mobile Suit Gundam!

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