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Dragon ball GT is the last anime series of the famous Dragon Ball franchise. GT also airs as a sequel to the Dragon Ball Z series. The anime series was produced by Toei Animation and aired in Japan on Fuji channel in 1996, covering 64 episodes until it was culminated a year later. Compared to other anime series in the Dragon Ball market, GT is not connected with the manga created by Akira Toriyama. However, original characters in the manga were used in Dragon Ball GT.

Licensed by Funimation Entertainment, the GT series was allowed for an English translated version DVD copy and airing in the US. Funimation's English dub of Dragon Ball GT was broadcast on the Cartoon Network channel from 2003 to 2005. The first TV airing fast forwarded across 16 episodes. Funimation Entertainment compressed the 16 first episodes into one episode entitled "A Grand Problem". The fast forwarded episodes were later broadcast on the same channel entitled "The Lost Episodes" succeeding the authentic broadcast's finale. Dragon Ball GT series was later launched in DVD copy in a Season set. The original Season set was launched in 2008 and the second one was launched in 2009.

Season 1 of Dragon Ball GT includes 16 different episodes, which started in 1996. Episodes include A Devastating Wish, Pan Blasts Off, Terror on Imecka, The Most Wanted List and Goku Vs Ledgic. The story line of Season 1 starts off with Goku and Uub fighting inside Dende's hideout. Emperor Pilaf sneakily goes outside the hideout and into the inner domain, unnoticed. He then glimpses on the Black Star Dragon Balls, and calls upon the dragon guarding it. He is then interfered by Goku. Annoyed and angry, Emperor Pilaf wishes Goku was a kid again so he could defeat him. Accidentally, the dragon grants the wish, turning Goku into a child again. After the emperor departs, King Kai tells Son Goku that the only means he could go back to normal is to search for the Black Star Dragon Balls that are dispersed along the galaxy. Goku refuses to do so and says it is much easier to simply grow up again. However, he later founds out that the planet where the wish was made will be destroyed within a year and the only way to save it is if Son Goku finds all the seven Dragon Balls. This is where Dragon Ball GT's story line starts.

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3 Seasons, 72 Episodes
November 1, 2003
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Dragon Ball GT Full Episode Guide

  • After Shenron appears without summoning he explains why the evil dragons had to be born in the first place. He also says the dragon balls will be gone forever so that the darkness of the evil dragons will never surface the earth again. Goku leaves with Shenron to train. At the end of the episode Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr. fight in the world martial arts tournament.

  • With no hope of winning Vegeta, Trunks, Gohan, and Goten attempt to defeat Omega Shenron but are easily defeated. Goku returns with a Spirit bomb and uses all the energy in the universe to make a final attempt to deafeat Omega Shenron

  • Omega Shenron takes the four star dragon ball out of Goku's fourhead and revives Nuova Shenron. Without knowing it Nuova and Goku has formed an alliance with an attempt to defeat Omega.

  • Now that the fusion time has worn off Goku and Vegeta desperatley try to do fusion again but fail, all hope seems lost when Goku reverts back to his child form when Goku decides to swallow the four star ball.

  • Vegeta and Goku know that they can't win this fight even as two super Saiyan 4's and vegeta offers to do the fusion with Goku. After a long struggle they finally perform fusion and now the tables have turned. Omega can't damage Gogeta, now Gogeta must defeat Omega if he can stay serious long enough to finish the job.

  • As Goku continues to fight Omega Shenron he thinks his only option left to defeat the evil dragon is to blow both of them up, just as he is about to Vegeta arrives claiming that he too can turn super saiyan four. Can Goku and Vegeta save the universe?

  • As Goku fights Sin Shenron, Sin absorbs the dragon balls and takes the form of Omega Shenron, now Goku must fight all the shadow dragons combined.

  • Through this episode Vegeta thinks back on his whole life and how ever since he met Goku he has bein second, Vegeta finnally realizes something important, and finally admits something after so many years.

  • Now Goku and Pan continue their journey with four dragon balls secured. They come across the blazing hot Nuova Shenron the fire dragon, Pan is knocked out and the battle against the four star dragon is getting intense.

  • Now the seven star dragon's secret is out, he can absorb living things, and after he absorbs Pan Goku has to make the decision of killing his grand daughter to save the earth.

  • While Goku and Pan continue their quest they come across a dragon that is borrowing threw an entire city. Its Naturon Shenron the Seven star dragon that is destroying the city. It looks as though the dragon is weak but when he seems to weak Goku knows somethings up, and Pan may be way over her head when she steps in.

  • Goku and Pan come across the six star dragon Oceanus Shenron in what was once a peaceful village, as Goku continues to fight Oceanus it seems she is winning, that is until Pan steps in.

  • Continuing their adventure, Goku and Pan stumble across what appears to be an abandoned town. As they go threw the town they find out that a large electric slime made everyone flee the town. It is Rage Shenron who the five star dragon, now Goku and Pan must defeat him before they get defeated by the large electric slime.

  • Goku after being confronted by Bulma that he is responsible for the shadow dragons goes to fight them. Along with him is Pan. They come up against their first dragon Haze shenron. This dragon has begin to polute the earth and its up to Goku and Pan to stop him.

  • When an evil Dragon emerges from the broken Dragon Balls, the peace of Earth is shattered as well. With evil Dragons scattering across the globe, what horrors are in store for humanity?

  • While Goku anticipates the end, help comes from an unlikely source: Android 18! The lady-robot is fighting mad, and she's determined to avenge the death of her one true love!

  • Goku's attacks prove useless against Super 17 thanks to Dr. Myuu's genius programming of the android. With each passing moment, Super 17 gets stronger – and Goku inches closer to his destruction!

  • Super 17's destructive power reaches new heights, and the Z Fighters lay battered and broken at the android's feet. Luckily, Piccolo has a plan to free Goku from his other-worldly prison.

  • While Goku defends his life in HFIL, the heroes of Earth experience troubles of their own: the two No. 17s have merged to form the ultimate artificial killing machine!

  • Cell and Frieza return, and Goku must defeat the villains if he is to return to Earth. Things get complicated when he falls into the deepest, darkest realm of HFIL, where he will endure tests that threaten his sanity!

  • In the depths of HFIL, an evil union between Dr. Gero and Dr. Myuu takes place. Soon after, Trunks is ambushed by Android 17 to send Goku a warning: come to HFIL or the earth will be attacked!

  • It's time for the World Martial Arts Tournament, but the competition proves challenging for all: Goku and Pan fight in the wrong divisions, a plan to fix the fight is uncovered, and an old ally returns to fight Goku one last time!

  • On the final episode of Dragon Ball GT, The Eternal Dragon appears in the sky without being summoned and explains why the Dragon Balls cracked.

  • On the final episode of Dragon Ball GT, The Eternal Dragon appears in the sky without being summoned and explains why the Dragon Balls cracked.

  • Baby has been destroyed, but now the Earth is scheduled to explode in 14 days! Goku organizes a massive evacuation, but he and Piccolo end up trapped on the doomed planet!

  • A fully charged Super Saiyan 4 Goku squares off with Baby in the deciding battle for the fate of the Universe! Only one of them can leave the Tuffle Planet alive. But destroying Baby means destroying Vegeta! With the fate of the Universe in his hands, Goku makes a split second decision that could change his life forever!

  • With Goku on the verge of destruction, Old Kai sends Kibito on a top-secret mission! Meanwhile, Bulma showers Baby with Blutz Waves to increase his strength!

  • Baby's powers are maximized in his new gorilla state, but like Goku before, Baby lacks control. Can Goku handle this giant enemy, or will Baby use his abilities to completely destroy the Earth?

  • After Baby flees from defeat by the claws of the ape, Goku finally transforms into a Super Saiyan 4! With his power increased to it's maximum, Goku sets out to find where Baby is hiding and finish him off for good. But with Bulma's help, Baby might just be able to find the strength inside his Saiyan host to bring himself up to, and even past, Goku's power level!

  • After completing his tail stretching, Goku heads back to the Tuffle planet to fight alongside Uub. But he's too late. Having to face Baby alone, Goku must use his new-found abilities. But will they be too much even for the mightiest Saiyan to handle?

  • Buu joins with Uub's body, fusing their respective powers into one potent force! Meanwhile, Goku tries to grow out his tail to full length to access hidden powers!

  • After saving Pan from the control of Baby, Uub tries to pick up where Goku left off, but Baby is a worthy adversary. Meanwhile, Goku endures some unusual training under the watchful gaze of Old Kai!

  • After taking the full force of Baby-Vegeta's most powerful attack, Goku appears to have died! Baby-Vegeta begins the next phase of his master plan to use the power of the dragon balls to create a new home world for his followers! With Goku out of the picture, is there anyone left who can stop him?

  • After sealing away the Dragon Balls with Dende, Goku feels the Earth is safe momentarily, but his worst fears become realized when Baby-Vegeta rears its vile head!

  • Goku, Trunks and Pan anticipate heir adventure at the next destination: Earth!

  • After successfully infiltrating the bodies of both Goten and Gohan, Baby targets the strongest Saiyan, Vegeta. Can Vegeta fight off the power-hungry creature or will he too fall victim?

  • After possessing Goten, Baby looks for Vegeta, but first he must go through Gohan, who recognizes that something has taken control of his brother. Also, Goku, Trunks, and Pan find a dragon ball inside of a dinosaur, and celebrate.

  • Goku and company land on Planet Vidal to receive medical treatment for the boy they recently rescued. Who is this mysterious young survivor, and why can't the Doctor assigned to his case be trusted?

  • Continuing their quest for the Dragon Balls, Goku, Pan, and Trunks find a battered ship soon to be destroyed by the gravity of a nearby star! But there's more than Dragon Balls to be found - something onboard is alive!

  • After stripping Dr. Myuu of all power, Trunks reveals the secret that drove him to deceive. Locked behind a door lies the doctor's darkest secret: Baby, a creature designed to subjugate the entire galaxy!

  • Goku and Pan succumb to General Rilldo's tricky tactics and are frozen in metal. Next, Dr. Myuu sends them to his laboratory, so he can drain their powers to further his evil plan!

  • On the planet of the Machine Mutants, Trunks is frozen in metal and shipped to the sinister Dr. Myuu! Pan tries to hunt down Giru the traitor, and Goku continues his shocking battle with General Rilldo.

  • With Giru's secret exposed, Goku, Pan, and Trunks are more determined than ever to complete their dangerous mission, but do they have enough strength left to face a potent new threat looming on the horizon?

  • After being freed from Dr. Myuu's laboratory, Goku takes on Rilldo's top fighters: the Sigma Force! By combining their mechanical bodies to form deadly weapons, these killer-bots could spell trouble for Goku.

  • Goku and Trunks are captured by General Rilldo, and Pan must save them! Disguised as a robot, she outwits the enemy throng, but when her cover is blown, she must face the Sigma Force in battle!

  • As Goku and Trunks are captured by robots Pan thinks back on all the events that lead to this and how this is her fault.

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