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Gundam ZZ, also known as Mobile Suit Double Zeta, is the continuation of Zeta's story, occurring right after the conclusion of that series. This series focuses on the AEUG's ship, Argama, as it goes to fight off the Neo Zeon faction with the assistance of several teen salvagers, including Judau Ashta, a Newtype with a big mouth. The Argama's mech fleet now consists of the ZZ Gundam, the Zeta Gundam, the Gundam Mk-II, and the Hyaku Shiki. The series' climax occurs during the "Battle of Axis."

ZZ is the first Gundam series to regularly utilize a team of Gundam suits.

1 Season, 47 Episodes
March 1, 1986
Anime, Science Fiction
Cast: Masami Kikuchi, Hirotaka Suzuoki, Chika Sakamoto, Kazuki Yao, Yoshiko Sakakibara
Gundam ZZ

Gundam ZZ Full Episode Guide

  • Hoping that a one-on-one battle with Haman will end the conflict, Judau launches in the Double Zeta. Haman too flies out to meet him alone in her white Qubeley. In the face of the Qubeley's furious assault, Judau's back is pushed to the wall. But protected by the wills of many people, he rises to face Haman.

  • Glemy plays his trump card and sends his Newtype unit into battle. He then makes to smash Axis's asteroid Moussa into Haman's fleet. Judau chases the now mentally unstable Ple Two into Axis and confronts both Glemy and Ple Two in the Queen Mansa.

  • The final battle begins between Haman's forces with Mashymre and Glemy's. The Nahel Argama, taking this chance to first strike at Glemy, launches the Gundam team. Amidst the free-for-all, Mashymre in a Zaku III Custom loses control of his overenhanced mental powers and is lost to the stars.

  • Using the revolt against Haman to take control of Axis, Glemy battles Chara's fleet. Judau and Roux use the chance to sneak into Core 3 in order to kidnap Mineva, but fail. As the Nahel Argama appears to be supporting Haman's side, Ple Two approaches in the new mobile armor Queen Mansa.

  • The Neo Zeon forces move in to put down the Cicero uprising. Ple Two moves out, having received orders from Glemy to assassinate Haman Karn. However, she lets the captive Lucina escape. A change has come over her personality. Judau rescues Elle and the others from Haman's mansion, then confronts Ple Two in the Qubeley Mk-II.

  • Judau and the others infiltrate the docked mining asteroid Cicero in Core 3 sector. There they find Chara Soon commanding the workers. Although they join in a nascent revolt, the workers still don't entirely trust Judau. At the same time, Ple Two enters Cicero as well.

  • Sensing Haman's evil mind, Sarasa and Rasara go into the colony with Mondo. But along the way, Stampa's Z'gok appears, and Rasara sacrifices herself to protect Mondo. Thinking that Haman was behind it, Judau marches into Stampa's estate.

  • Heading for Side 3, the Nahel Argama rescues an old civilian transport being attacked by Zakus. Aboard the old transport is Sarasa and Rasara of the Light tribe. However, among the civilian refugees aboard are Neo Zeon soldiers and Haman in disguise, having secreted herself into the crowd in order to make contact with Judau.

  • The Nahel Argama draws near to the Neo Zeon stronghold of Side 3. Heading to resupply them, Emary aboard the La Vie en Rose carelessly sends out an optical signal that gives away their position. This is picked up by the 3-D unit, subordinates of Mashymre piloting the new mobile armor Jamru Fin, who launch an attack.

  • In the aftermath of the colony drop, Dublin is left in ruin, with over hundreds dead. Judau hears the cries of pain and suffering and breaks down, but is then attacked by Rakan. The remainder of the gundam team scout the area, and Glemy decides it is time to awaken Puru Two, and her awakening startles both Puru and Kamille. Judau's anger combined with his new-type powers forces Rakan to retreat, while Puru warns Bright of an approaching threat, which is Puru Two in the Psyco Gundam Mk II. The Argama fails to shoot her down so Puru confronts her in a still damaged Qubeley Mk II, with the two combatants reacting to each other's familiar newtype presence. Puru Two dominates Ple until Judau arrives and sends Puru back to the Argama while he deals with the Psyco Gundam. The gundam team find the Auduhmula with the rescued civilians safe, but find the crew dead, so they contact the Argama to rendezvous. Judau struggles against Puru Two, with the situation turning grimmer as the Double Zeta begins to run out of power, but is saved by a returning Puru who realizes that their opponent is a clone of herself, and reveals this to Puru Two, greatly surprising her. Wanting to save Judau, Puru summons all of her newtype powers and kamikazes the Qubeley into the Pysco Gundam, killing her and badly damaging the gundam, but Puru Two survives. Puru Two then prepares to finish Judau, but his anger and anguish at Puru's death allows him to activate the ZZ's bio sensor and destroy the Psyco Gundam, but Puru Two ejects. Judau continues his attack, but stops when he sees that the pilot looks exactly like Puru. Everyone reunites on the Argama and mourns the death of their allies and the civilians.

  • As the Argama prepares to land in Dublin, Judau scolds Bright for going there, as he placed his job over seeing his family again, but Bright's response reminds Judau of Leina's death, causing a nearby Puru to flee the Argama, misinterpreting his thoughts as him wishing she was gone over Leina. Judau chases after her to explain, but the ship soon comes under attack from a Zeon squadron, but after Judau calms Puru down, she deals with them and the Argama lands in a forest to conceal themselves. While Bright goes to meet the Federation leaders, the gundam team goes into town, except for Judau who decides to follow Bright. At the Federation mansion, Bright voices his disapproval of the Federation making a treaty with Haman, as it involved them giving her Side 3, the heart of Zeon. Bright argues that doing so will only encourage Haman to continue the war, but the Federation leaders say this will ensure peace as they have given back the Zeon capital, and also sneeringly remark that they will soon have the Argama decommissioned. Judau, who overheard everything, interrupts them and punches the head official for his disrespect of the Argama crew and their sacrifices as well as his foolishness in underestimating what a grave threat Haman is. As a result both Judau and Bright are imprisoned, just as the Zeon group that attacked the Argama earlier attack again, trying to smoke out the ship, killing some of the Federation officials in the process. As the gundam team rushes back to defend the Argama a medical team is dispatched to aide the wounded, and among them is Fa Yuiry, who breaks Judau and Bright out of their confinement, surprising both with her sudden appearance.

  • Glemy takes command of the Blue Team and retunrns to city to scout it out, Judau, Elle, Puru, and Iino also return there in search of Roux, leaving there gundams hidden, albeit poorly. Soon other members of the Africa resistance begin destroying the city to full remove the foreign influence, influenced by August the acting commander of the Mindra, forcing the Blue Team to engage them as they oppose the destruction. The Gundam Team and Glemy flee, Glemy returns to the Mindra and scolds August for his actions and joins the battle, while Judau and the others reunite with Roux and move the gundams out to save the city. Glemy resumes command of the Blue Team and convinces the other resistance fighters to fight against the gundams, who soon arrive. Despite a good effort the resistance and the Blue Team are defeated, though Glemy survives thanks to one of his subordinates and retreats, questioning his own loyalty to Haman after seeing what Neo Zeon did to the city. The Gundam Team reunites with each other and apologize to Roux who accepts their apology, and the team goes to rendvouz with the Argama.

  • The episode opens with Loux touching down in her Core Fighter, and going in search of oil in a nearby city. With the help of a local man, she manages to get past the guards. He tells her he's an actor, and saw potential in her, and leads her to an underground city, similar to those on earth in the 1990's. On the Ahgama, Puru is causing trouble as usual, but hints to Judau that Loux is in the city. They decide to refuel there before the final push northward. On the road, Gremmi is found by a group of MS, known as the Blue Team, of the North Africa Independance Forces, who want to get rid of the Franica (people who live in the underground city). They tell Gremmi that if he can get to the control room in the city, they'll help him. He goes there, but runs into Loux. He beats up the man she's with, and runs off with her into the city. He talks to her for a while, but is distracted by the fight between the Blue Team and the AEUG outside. Loux walks off in disgust, and exits the city i

  • This episode continues where the last one left off. Inside the city, the battle is still raging, but the Core Fighter has been washed up onto the shore of an island. Puru and Mondo find it, and while Mondo goes to get the medicine, Puru leads away Lene. She ends up trying to kill Lene, saying that she already has a brother and a family, but she herself had nobody. Judau appears on the scene, and stops them fighting, saying that they're all siblings together. Puru seems to accept this, and offers to take care of Lene while Judau goes off to help his friends, who are valiantly defending them from Gremmi's forces. Judau gets the ZZ transformed, and also helps to defend the island against the reinforcements, Team August, several Dreissen suits, who don't seem to mind who they hit, friend or foe alike. Puru, realises that Lene has a fever, and so goes to wet a hankerchief to cool her down. During the fight, Gremmi's escort, a woman in a Dowadge gets shot down, with the suit landing strai

  • The scene opens with the celebrations of Haman Kahn and several other officers, as well as Mineva Zabi in a procession down the street. It seems that the remains of the corrupt Earth Federation, Titans and Neo Zeon are all gathered to welcome Mineva Zabi. Elle sees this and recognises Lene in the sea of faces, and reports to Judau. In the middle of the following night, he steals away in the Core Fighter, trying to rescue her by himself. Loux and Elle realise this, and follow him in the Zeta and Hyaku Shiki. They make a distraction outside the palace where the party is being held, and he manages to sneak in and find Lene. Unfortunately, Haman Kahn also is there, and senses his presence. She finds them, and shoots, hitting Lene in the stomach. Judau goes absolutely a-shit, and everyone around can feel his rage. Haman is terrified, and runs away, giving them a chance to escape in the Core fighter. As they evacuate, a giant airship appears, spewing out dozens of GM-III suits, which start d

  • While the Judau goes to find water in the Core Fighter, Puru causes more trouble by using up all the water to cool herself off. This doesn't bode well, and she starts getting bullied by Loux and Elle, who are really wound up. Judau finds a woman in the desert who give him a bit of water, and says she'll lead him to the Oasis. However, they end up back where the MS are, and just in time, as Loux and Elle were going to bury Puru! She tells them to follow their shadows to get to the villiage where the water is. They do, but the villiagers push them away. Judau and Puru go back to pick up the Core fighter, and see the woman go into a cave. It turns out, that she has a mobile suit, originally belonging to her dead husband. It's a Gelgoog S-type (which means her husband was an ace pilot!) , and although it's 8 years out of date, it gives the Hyaku Shiki, Mk-2 and Zeta a good beating until Judau shows up and combines to make the Zz. Again, the pilot makes a final suicidal attack, but this

  • The MS pilots of the Ahgama leave the relative saftey of it's position to find a way across the desert. In a small villiage, the Desert Rommel platoon has been waiting, biding their time for 8 long years since the One Year War. A Dozen or so fighters, all equipped with very customised desert Zakus, led by their Captain, who pilots a Customised Dowadge. They set up an ambush, and really lay the hurt down on the Zeta, but then the ZZ, Hyaku Shiki and Mark II find Judau and give him a hand, systematticaly destroying the troop. The captain can't believe that his 8 years spent training was totally destroyed by a boy, and goes in for a final attack. He obviously gets destroyed, and Judau can't understand why he did it, knowing he would die.

  • The weather takes a turn for the worst, as the Ahgama lands near the coast of Africa. Soon it's a raging storm. A lone sailing boat says that it will take the Ahgama to a safe place, for the price of $5000. For some reason, Judau escapes onto the boat during the money transfer, and becomes friends with the sailor, Teran. Unfortunately, he's unscrupulous about getting money to support him and his sister, and so leads the attack of an underwater squadron against the Ahgama. Judau tries to stop him, but fails. While this was going on, Puru found her way onto the core Fighter, and arrives just in time to rescue Judau. He successfully defeats all the marine suits, and convinces Teran that he should stop doing things like this. The boy agrees, and ploughs his Kapool into the Zeon's underwater base, jumping out at the last minute.

  • Judau wants to attack the Sandra fleet to get back Lene, so he goes out in the Zeta. He is ambushed by Elpe Puru, who has been brainwashed, and Gremmi. Loux launches in the ZZ, Beecha in the Hyaku Shiki, and Elle in the Mk2. Many Zssa MS attack, but Loux tells Beecha and Elle to assist Judau, who's fighting the Qubeley, and let her take care of the Zssa. Zeta is having real trouble fighting the Qubeley, and so tries to reason with Puru - she almost accepts, but then pulls a gun and shoots Judau. Zeta escapes, but Gremmi accidentally hits Qubeley with his shots, causing her to tumble towards the earth. It starts to go into re-entry, but Judau rescues it in the Zeta, going underneath it. He tells her to destroy Qubeley's shoulders, to increase stability. Everyone descends into the atmosphere using Ballutes, and the episode ends when he sees Earth in all it's vastness.

  • The episode opens with a voice-over from Judau. The Ahgama has been ordered to go to the Granada base. It shows the dock, with the Ahgama being repaired (yet again), by the moonbase' crew. Bright lets his crew explore the city, but is reprimanded by a senior man by the name of Wong. Bright tells Wong that he's using pilots and soldiers as pawns, but Wong doesnt care. Wong tells Judau he shouldn't leave, and should repair his MS, but Judau fights back, knocking the old man down, and runs off with Elle into the city. They meet up with Torres and Mila, who are out having dinner. One of the waitresses is a timid young woman called Shila, who is a friend of Mila's. It turns out she also knows Torres.Outisde Goddon and his cohorts pay a little boy, and start hatching a plan. Goddon gets very annoyed when they salute at him in the middle of the street. He gets Shila to come out, and bribes her with the offer of emigration via Von Braun and money if she'll be a spy. Elle and Judau overhear th

  • The episode starts with Judau trying to go onto Gremmi's ship, saying the ZZ is a gift. Gremmi doesn't believe him, and locks him away, despite Puru's protests. He interrogates Beecha, Mondi and Judau about Loux. Bright gets the Ahgama's cannon in range of Axis, and states that he'll give Judau 20 minutes before he fires. By this time, Haman and her ships are already going to Earth, hidden by Axis. Puru finds Judau and helps him escape, but he ties her up and goes by himself.He reaches the ZZ, but it's being taken by Beecha and Mondo. Gremmi sees the ZZ move, and assumes it's Judau, so he follows in his Bawoo. Judau frantically grabs onto the Bawoo's head, and gets into the Zz when it falls over. Mk2 Appears, distracting Bawoo long enough for ZZ to transfer Beecha and Mondi to it. Gremmi goes to inflict the final blow, but then Qubeley appears and blocks the attack. Puru holds Lene hostage, and tells Judau that he'll have to fight for her if he wants her back, then blasts off. ZZ foll

  • The episode starts with a wide view of the Axis asteroid. It zooms in, and Gremmi is being talked to by Haman. She tells him that the Titans are all but defeated, and the AEUG is very weak, and that she wants to personally accompany her troops on the Earth invasion. She also gives him control of the Psycho Gundam.Somehow, that fool Judau has managed to get onto Axis itself. It cuts to a scene of Elpe Puru in the bath, who thinks back to how her heart felt when she sensed the other pilot's spirit (Judau), and she laughs happily. Half dressed, she runs around Haman's palace, knowing that the pilot of the ZZ is there. She runs into Gremmi and Lene, but pushes him off and carries on running around shouting "puru puru puru puruuu, etc." She ends up in the commerical sector of the asteroid, which is very similar to a colony, and then find Judau and grabs onto his legs. They end up in a ice cream shop, and Puru gets all cute again, so Judau buys her an ice-cream and feeds it to her. Lene and

  • The Ahgama won the fight in the Moon Moon Colony, but they sustained damage, so they return to the La Vie En Rose. Bright has a little bit of woman trouble with Emily, and it seems that Judau is having the same problem! On the other Zeon ship, Gremmi recieves a transmission about a unitentified space ship, which turns out to be a supply ship carrying an unnamed MS to the Ahgama. It's captured, and the Neo-Zeon troops, under Goddon's command find out about it. The newly formed Endra Team, led by Goddon - sets a trap for the Ahgama, by transforming the Bawoo into MA mode and hiding it under the supply ship, they hope to decieve the Ahgama and destroy it. Gremmi tells them to stop, that they're too naive, which was why the Endra was shot down, but Goddon tells him that he'll take responsibility. Gremmi tells him that he won't come to the rescue. They reach the ship, and in the ruck which ensues, Goddon and Emily are blown out of a hole in the ship. Goddon captures Emily and they get in

  • The ruler of the moon moon colony, Selasa tries to make Judau spread the word of the Race of Light. He denies, and slaps her. She reacts, and tries to put them in the dungeons, but they escape. Basically, they all go to their respective places, while Mondo, (previously known as Mondo) helps Lasala (the head of the rebels) get their got, Hoteyi, which is infact a mobile suit to work. She thinks that it'll convince the people of Moon Moon that the outside world isn't a great place to go. Meanwhile, Gremmi approaches on his ship, and blasts in to help the Endra, which is now under siege by the ZZ. He uses his new MS, the Bawoo, to take Lene from the Endra, then blasts off again, telling Judau that if he wants to see Lene again, he should exchange her for Loux.

  • Mashmer is marvelling at the new additions to the Hamma Hamma, when he finds Chara Soon's MS - the R-Jarja, n a state of semi-assembly. Annoyed that she's manipulating him, he tells her she shouldn't have come. He steals that dictaphone that Chara carries, but forgets to turn on the mic. Aboard the Ahgama, they're still catching those loose animals... Qumu and Shinta want to go back to Shangrila to bring back Fa and Camile, and so Goddon convinces them to let him out. He ends up kidnapping Yelai (the innocent of Judau's friends) and leaves in the Core Fighter. Both Judau and Loux follow, but the CF crashes into an asteroid while Goddon is busy trying to put on his normal suit. Goddon lands sprawled on the asteroid, as the large form of the Hamma Hamma appears behind it. Mashmer lends him a Gaza-C , and they blast off.In close pursuit are the Zeta and Loux's MS, who find the CF is empty, with no sign of Yelai.Zeta feels the wrath of Mashmer's fully operational Hamma Hamma Mashm

  • Mashymre and Gottn meet with Damar because they want to attack the Argama. Damar says that if the interior of the colony is damaged, it will be difficult to control the media. Mashymre leaves the negotiating to Gottn while he supervises the finishing touches on the new mobile suit Zssa. On the Argama, Judau and friends pig out on food. Bright asks them to work on the Argama until it leaves the colony to dock with La Vie en Rose. While Leina and the others agree to stay, Judau says he wants to work on a job-by-job basis and doesn't want Bright to tell him what to do. He says that Bright is a cheapskate for making them work for food, so he slaps Leina's food away. Fa slaps him, and Bright stops Judau from punching Fa. Judau backs off and leaves the ship. Elsewhere, Damar returns to his mansion with more gold from Mashymre. He plans to use all the gold to travel with his wife down to Earth to drink wine. On the Endra, Mashymre launches in the Zssa to find the Zeta Gundam and destroy it. As Mashymre tries to take a different route, he lands in front of Damar's house. The ground beneath him is unstable, and the Zssa crashes into the winery. The ground then breaks away, and Damar's mansion slides down the hill. Mashymre takes off and continues on his search. The Argama detects the Zssa, and Elle mentions that hospitals and schools might be destroyed. Fa thinks of Kamille in the hospital and takes off in the damaged Methuss to intercept Mashymre. Judau sees the Methuss taking off and wonders what is going on. Mashymre spots the Methuss and begins chasing Fa. Beecha offers to find Judau so that he can pilot the Zeta Gundam. Astonaige asks why Bright relies on Judau, and Bright explains because he thinks Judau might be a Newtype. Astonaige decides to show his skills and gets in the Zeta Gundam. Judau watches as Mashymre attacks Fa. He knocks her away, and Fa nearly smashes Judau before landing. Mashymre pulls out his beam saber to destroy her, but Astonaige shows up in the Zeta Gundam and attacks him. Astonaige feels confident of his skills, but Mashymre knocks him away. He moves in to attack, but he sees the Zeta Gundam crouched in front of a small house and thinks it is shielding it. He thinks the Zeta Gundam's pilot must be chivalrous, and Fa uses the opportunity to slam into him. Mashymre grabs the Methuss and rips off one of his arms. He thinks he is outnumbered, so he escapes and calls Gottn to send out the Gaza-C suits. People in the city panic as the Zssa flies overhead, and Yazan steals a motorcycle to chase Mashymre. Fa asks Judau to pilot the Zeta Gundam, but Astonaige says that Judau is no good because he just wants to sell it for money. Judau refuses, and Leina tells him he'd be better off working for the Argama instead of collecting junk. Fa tells Judau about Kamille and explains that though Kamille wasn't a soldier, he fought to save the Earth. Fa becomes angry and runs off to get in the Zeta Gundam. Judau changes his mind and says he will pilot the Zeta Gundam just to pay back the meal he ate. As soon as he takes off, he is attacked by Mashymre and the two Gaza-C's. Mashymre begins firing missiles and buries Judau in junk. Judau escapes and destroys one of the Gaza-C's. Mashymre dumps his missile pod to chase Judau through the junk. Judau disables the other Gaza-C, and Mashymre slams into Judau. He tries to attack with his beam saber, but he ends up cutting into a mountain of junk and destroying it. Judau slices off one of the Zssa's legs, and Mashymre escapes. Torres reports to Bright that Chimatter told him La Vie en Rose is approaching. Elsewhere, Damar's house collapses into a pile of rubble.Is it really so much to ask to have the plot move forward in this series? I mean, really, this is episode 6, but it's the same old story we've been seeing since episode 2. Maybe Sunrise thought little kids wouldn't mind seeing the same enemy-of-the-week storyline, but I certainly do mind. At this same point in Zeta Gundam, much more had happened there than what has happened here so far. I don't quite understand why Judau keeps refusing to work for the Argama when it is clearly better than the life he lives in Shangri-La. Though his skills as a pilot are improving, he needs to get his act together. And Mashymre needs to stop thinking of Haman. Maybe it was funny once or twice, but having constant Haman flashbacks is quite annoying. Hopefully the Argama will leave the junkyard soon and the real story will begin.

  • The episode starts off with Judau Ashta flying through a pile of space debris in a mini mobile suit looking for parts to salvange. He comes across a fully intact escape pod and takes it back to Side 1 with him. There he meets up with his friends Lino Abbav, Elle Vianno, Beecha Oleg and Mondo Agake. They figure that they could get a good deal from the escape pod but when Judau decides to open it Yazan (who should be dead after Camille's fiery beam saber attack) jumps outs and takes Beecha hostage. Yazan asks for clothes so Judau goes and gets some from his house. His sister Leina questions him but he leaves to return to the others.The Argama, badly damage from the last battle in Zeta, goes to Side 1 for repairs. Camille is now bed ridden and hardly moves. Fa decides to take him to a hospital, so she sneaks him in an ambulance.Meanwhile Judau and his friends give Yazan the clothes, and he finds out about the Argama so he takes the kids with him to destroy it and the Zeta Gundam. Yazan

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