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R.C. 1014: The Universal Century, a century of historic migration into space and space wars has ended, and some time has passed. Now, mankind believes that their pursuits and prosperity will continue on peacefully into the new era, the Regild Century (R.C.) The Capital Tower is a space elevator connecting Earth to space and which towers over the land. The tower brings down from space Photon Batteries that power the Earth, and so is perceived as a holy place. Bellri Zenam is a cadet in the Capital Guard which exists to protect the Capital Tower. In the middle of his first practice mission, he is attacked by the high-performance G-Self mobile suit, which uses technology possessed by no known nation. Bellri engages with the work-model mobile suit Recten and successfully captures the G-Self. But Bellri finds himself feeling strange emotions towards the girl who was piloting the G-Self, a Space Pirate called Aida Rayhunton. As he does towards the G-Self which he believes he has never seen before. And then, the G-Self, which is only supposed to be operable under specific circumstances, begins to activate. Lying in wait behind the Space Pirate and Aida's attack on the Capital Tower and the destiny of Bellri, now chosen by the G-Self, are truths which will shake the entire Regild Century. And it is all just the beginning of Reconguista.

Friday 1:49 AM et/pt on Sunrise
1 Season, 26 Episodes
October 2, 2014
Action & Adventure
Cast: Takeaki Masuyama
Gundam Reconguista in G

Gundam Reconguista in G Full Episode Guide

  • Bellri sorties in the Perfect Backpack equipped G-Self. Mask in the Kabakali and Manny in the G-Rach stand in his way. This battlefield where new models from Venus Globe dance wildly is pulled into the hellish heat of atmospheric entry by gravity.

  • The G-IT Corp and Captain Mask's forces come under fire by the surviving forces of both the Amerians and the last ship of the Dorette fleet. Everyone races to try to intercept the G-IT Corp's Full Moon ship.

  • Aida's father announces to Klim that he will defeat the Capital Army in a joint operation with the Dorette Fleet. A kaleidoscope of death flashes through space as Barara's large-scale mobile armor, the Yggdrasil, lands a direct hit on both fleets.

  • Mask attempts to make contact with the Full Moon Ship. The Amerian and Dorette fleets which both move to prevent this are locked in a fleet battle. Bellri, who is caught up in the fighting, has a showdown with Rockpie in the Gaitrash, but...

  • Pursuing the G-IT Corps as they head to Earth in the Full Moon Ship, the Megafauna returns to the Earth Sphere to find the Capital, Amerian and Dorette armies embroiled in a three-way war. On that battlefield, many reunions await.

  • G-IT Corps commander Kia Mbeki attempts to incinerate the G-Self using a giant Mobile Armor, the Conque de Venus. However, to resolve the crisis in the artificial sea in space, the Ocean Ring, he embarks on a desperate plan.

  • Escaping from the hijacked transport ship, the Megafauna heads to meet the ruler of Venus Globe, La Gu. Bellri manages to take back the G-Self but wanders into a space inside a frame while being chased by the G-IT Corps.

  • Bellri and company, having hitched a ride aboard a transport ship bound for the space colony near Venus, the Venus Globe, find themselves busy running a marathon and doing routine checks and maintenance on their machines.

  • Mask boards the Megafauna in an attempt to seize the G-Self and new mobile suits launch from Towasanga with their sights set on the G-Self as well. While Bellri acts as a decoy, the Megafauna attempts to flee to a Photon Battery transport ship.

  • When there is a break in Towasanga's outer wall, the Megafauna crew help with collecting space debris. Aida suggests hiding behind ameteor balloonto escape from Towasanga. Meanwhile, the Mask Corps launches to test the Mobile Suit Bifron.

  • Having reached Raraiya's homeland, Bellri hears that Mask's Space Garanden has appeared and launches in the G-Self without permission. While piloting the G-Self, he is attacked by a unit under the command of Gavan of the Towasanga defense force.

  • The Megafauna charts a course for Towasanga. Raraiya tells the others of the current state of affairs in her homeland. Meanwhile, Klim and Mask advance on the moon with their ships as well but Mashner of the Dorette Fleet orders Rockpie to pursue them.

  • A conference is held between General Dorette and Gusion. Immediately following the conference, Mask and Klim carry out a Mobile Suit battle using Sankt Porto as a shield. Bellri is enraged by this battle which disregards the sanctity of the holy land...

  • An Amerian supply ship has been sunk by a mysterious fleet from the moon. Klim and Mask embark on an operation where they will pretend to surrender and then seize the enemy flagship. Bellri ends up helping with the operation.

  • The Amerian fleet advances towards Sankt Porto. Mask enters combat against Klim's blue Jahannam in an attempt to stop this. Bellri on the other hand, wants to cease the battle and intrudes with his G-Self equipped with the Assault Pack.

  • The threat from space has greatly motivated the Amerian Army and Capital Guard on Earth to act. Mask and his unit mobilizes and attacks the Megafauna in an attempt to seize Bellri and Raraiya, starting a battle in space.

  • Bellri and Aida try to help the Megafauna escape from the Capital Territory. However, their path is blocked by Becker and his new mobile suit model, the Wuxia. Using the G-Self newly equipped with the High Torque Pack, will Bellri be able to save Aida?!

  • Bellri proposes that the Megafauna head to the Capital Territory to find out the truth. Mask, having gained a new subordinate, Barara, discovers the Megafauna at the Izanellian Continent's table mountains.

  • Aida's father Gusion, Inspector General of the Amerian Army, comes to resupply the Megafauna. Bellri goes to battle with a new equipment, the Tricky Pack. Aida detected an unidentified craft coming from the direction of Capital Tower.

  • Bellri's mother, Wilmit Zenam, descends to Earth alone planning to look for Bellri. Klim, taking an interest in Raraiya, gets her to launch in the G-Self. Mask of the Capital Army launches an attack with his Elf Bullock unit.

  • Klim pressures Bellri to enlist. The Megafauna, which lifted off to engage in diversionary maneuvers, is attacked by the new Elf Bullock mobile suits led by Mask. Bellri flies into battle aboard the Core Fighter which had been removed from the G-Self.

  • With the excuse that they are rescuing the captive Bellri, the Capital Army sends out Captain Dellensen with a unit of Catsiths. In response to this, the Megafauna sends out Klim in his Montero and a unit of Grimoires to intercept.

  • Klim Nick of the Pirate Corps begins an operation to rescue Aida, attacking the Capital Territory in his Montero. Aida plans her own return in the G-Self with Bellri and his friends getting dragged along.

  • To search for Aida, who was taken prisoner, Captain Cahill of the Pirate Corps invades the Capital Territory in his Grimoire. Bellri, who had been ordered to move the G-Self rushes to the port hangar, but...

  • Bellri Zenam is a cadet of the Capital Guard, an organization which protects the Capital Tower. On his first practice mission, he faces against a mysterious mobile suit (G-Self) with a Recten, a work-model mobile suit.

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