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Cougar Town stars Courteney Cox as a recently-divorced woman approaching middle age who is entering the dating scene. Although Cox's character could certainly be called a cougar by today's standards, the show actually offers much more than just dating with age differences. In fact, the show has veered significantly from its original premise to become a program that is more about how adults of a certain age interact with one another. Although some people will still think of the show as a program about the romantic entanglements between Cox's character and younger men, people who tune in to Cougar Town for the first time are generally surprised at what they end up watching.

The program is centered around the character of Jules Cobb, as portrayed by Courteney Cox. Jules is a single mother who has recently gone through a divorce. Jules lives in the fictional town of Gulf Haven, Florida, and she has a successful career as a real estate agent. Jules is shown living her fairly comfortable life as she begins to navigate the dating world once again after a long time away. Although the character is in her 40s, she tries to make up for lost time by dating younger men. However, she begins to feel more comfortable with her age as the series progresses, and the show becomes more about the nuances of Jules' life and the relationships she has with her friends and family.

The show also features a terrific supporting cast led by Christa Miller, who portrays Jules' best friend and neighbor, Ellie Torres. Ellie and Jules' relationship is explored in great detail on the show, and Ellie is often used as a comic foil for the slightly more serious Jules. Busy Philipps plays the role of the fun-loving Laurie Keller, an employee of Jules. Laurie is younger and a bit less responsible than Jules or Ellie, but her personality often drives the drama of the program. Rounding out the supporting cast are Brian Van Holt as Bobby Cobb

Cougar Town is a Comedy series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (104 episodes). The series first aired on September 23, 2009. It has moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 7.0.

Cougar Town is available for streaming on the TBS website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Cougar Town on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, iTunes online.

6 Seasons, 104 Episodes
September 23, 2009
Cast: Courteney Cox, Christa Miller, Busy Philipps, Dan Byrd, Josh Hopkins
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Cougar Town Full Episode Guide

  • The entire gang gets involved when Tom reveals he has a crush on a woman.

  • In the 100th episode, the friends work on new personal challenges: Jules tries to read a book for the first time, Grayson tries to be a good listener, and Andy tries to keep his hands to himself.

  • Jules invites Chick and his new girlfriend to a dinner party, but her guests catch her off-guard.

  • Jules tries to set her father up with Grayson as a best friend; a cool mom group.

  • Jules happens upon something Grayson has been hiding.

  • After a hurricane causes the local high school gym to flood, Jules volunteers Gray's Pub as new location for the prom.

  • Jules agrees to assist Andy with his interviews. Ellie goes to Bobby's boat to escape Andy.

  • Jules lends Travis money for a new business venture. Ellie accompanies Andy on a revenge mission.

  • Grayson and Jules will do whatever it takes to make their restaurant reservation.

  • Jules and Ellie hold down the fort at the bar while Grayson is out holding tryouts to find Andy a new best friend; Travis and Laurie spend their first weekend solo with baby Bobby.

  • The mama bear in Jules emerges when Chick wants to go to a civil war reenactment.

  • The fifth season comes to a close with Tom choosing the next group vacation after winning the Cul-de-Sac Crew Trivia. Meanwhile, Bobby incidentally signs Grayson and himself up for a break-dancing contest.

  • Chick's Alzheimer's symptoms continue to worsen, so Jules suggests he look for a house in her neighborhood. Meanwhile, Grayson makes a suggestion he wishes he could take back.

  • When Bobby's boat disappears, he and Jules assume their crimefighting alter egos, Blacktop and Gumshoe, in their search for it. Meanwhile, Grayson offers Andy advice on how to win over his new supervisor; and Laurie and Travis try to decorate her apartment.

  • Travis is full of regrets after he decides to invite Andy to a Coffeehouse that hosts an Open Mike night. Andy fails terribly at doing stand up comedy for audiences.

  • Grayson tries to act cool in front of Travis' hipster friends. Meanwhile, Bobby's new bag makes him uncomfortable; and Jules and Andy collaborate on a get-rich-quick scheme.

  • Tom prompts Elle to finish a forgotten novel, Laurie and Travis host brunch, and Jules and Andy each have something to prove.

  • Andy makes a cat video with the guys for Bro-day; Jules is concerned about Travis' career opportunities after he graduates from college with an art degree; Laurie and Ellie pose as a couple to get Stan into a new school.

  • Andy and Ellie make a bet she can't stop being sarcastic for one day, while Laurie educates Jules about karma. Also: Bobby tries to overcome his fear of roller coasters to fulfill his grandfather's final wish.

  • Andy tries to salvage his reputation as mayor after an embarrassing story is made public. Meanwhile, Jules asks her dad to get the cul-de-sac crew into shape.

  • It's time for Buccaneer Week in Gulf Haven. As the city transforms into a pirate's cove, Andy hopes to attract tourists by convincing Ellie to assume her charming alter ego, much to the delight of Jules. Meanwhile, Laurie tries baking risqué cakes to boost business.

  • Jules and Grayson are invited to the wedding of some acquaintances, but the event is on the same day as Grayson's roller-hockey championship. Meanwhile, Bobby finds out his dog has puppies, and the friends discover Tom has a model of their neighborhood complete with lifelike dolls.

  • Jules gets into a car accident with a handsome stranger (Matthew Perry) and he ends up asking her out on a date.

  • The fifth season begins with Bobby and Andy striking gold when Penny Can becomes a global sensation, but Bobby's newfound wealth is also the perfect opportunity for Grayson to remind him of all his unpaid bar tabs. Meanwhile, the friends are still adjusting to Laurie and Travis' new relationship.

Cougar Town News

David Arquette is Engaged - Right After Courteney Cox Announces Hers

Not one to be long outdone, apparently, David Arquette has announced his engagement!

'Cougar Town' Sets Return Date, Cast Sings Catchy Song

If you have been missing "Cougar Town," never fear: it's back. And the cast is here to sing about how it's back. Click through to find out when the premiere date is!

'Cougar Town' Leaves ABC, Headed To TBS

The shades of 2008 and "Scrubs" are hard to ignore. "Cougar Town", after a disappointing return from hiatus, won't be back under the ABC banner next fall. That's the bad news. The good news? TBS has enthusiastically picked up the Bill Lawrence comedy for a fourth season to air on cable.

'Cougar Town' Rating Slips Again In Second Week Back

There shouldn't be panic surrounding "Cougar Town" and its recent ratings, but Tuesday night wasn't a good sign. The popular ABC comedy is in its second week back from hiatus, but many might've missed the memo. The Courtney Cox-led comedy drew 4.5 million viewers Tuesday evening, but hit a series-low rating by falling 6 percent to a 1.5 mark among adults age 18-49.

'Cougar Town' Rating Free-Falls In New Time Slot

Oh, my. There is no joy in "Cougar Town," folks. A mighty comedy has struck out. The Courtney Cox-led sexy suburbs hit resumed its third season Tuesday night, but alas, marked the occasion by watching its rating nosedive 47 percent to a series-low 1.8 among adults 18-49 years old.

'Cougar Town' To Return February 14th

Whatever you're doing and whoever you are (or are NOT) spending Valentine's Day with, there's reason to feel good about Feb. 14. Unlike a certain other comedy sent mysteriously on hiatus, "Cougar Town" is ready to return and replace the dismal "Work It" on ABC.

ABC Releases Its Midseason Premiere Lineup

ABC has its midseason premieres set in stone - but just where is "Cougar Town"? ABC originally had the show premiering in January, but now it will apparently not premiere the show until March, and then with a reduced run of 15 episodes.

Sarah Chalke, Bill Lawrence Reunite For 'Cougar Town' Arc

I've got this really peanut butter-and-chocolate thing about producer Bill Lawrence and Sarah Chalke: no combination of the two can ever result in anything bad.

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