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Toledo, Ohio is home to the characters on ABC Family's "Melissa & Joey." The quirky sitcom joins two former child stars and introduces viewers to a talented pair of new ones. Melissa Joan Hart joined forces with Joey Lawrence while revisiting the traditional role reversal plot. Hart, as Mel Burke, is tasked with raising her niece and nephew after her sister is given a prison sentence for money laundering.

Melissa & Joey is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (104 episodes). The series first aired on August 17, 2010.

Where do I stream Melissa & Joey online? Melissa & Joey is available for streaming on FreeForm, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Melissa & Joey on demand at Amazon, Hulu, FuboTV, Google Play, iTunes, Freeform online.

4 Seasons, 104 Episodes
August 17, 2010
Cast: Melissa Joan Hart, Joey Lawrence, Nick Robinson, Taylor Spreitler, Nick Robinson
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Melissa & Joey Full Episode Guide

  • Melissa is delivered unexpected news as she prepares for her senate campaign. Ryder learns where the Navy is sending him. Lennox and Zander are shaken up after they survive a serious car crash.

  • Mel is called out by a voter who witnesses her eating an unhealthy burger after she launches a nutritious-eating campaign.

  • The family meets to spend time with Ryder and takes a walk down memory lane.

  • Mel pretends to be thrilled about the one-of-a-kind birthday present from Joe.

  • Mel and Joe become "frozen" during a ski trip and thaw out a century later.

  • Mel's father and Joe's mother hit it off. Lennox and Zander try being "friends with benefits."

  • Joe's new work schedule interferes with Mel's attempts to gain financial backing for her congressional run.

  • The best-selling author of an erotic book becomes infatuated with Joe.

  • Joe finds out the truth about a tattoo on Mel's bottom.

  • Joe sets up a mock boot camp for Ryder in an effort to change his mind about joining the Navy.

  • Mel and Joe are ready to get pregnant. Ryder wonders what to do with his future.

  • Joe encourages Dani to tell her mother the truth about her behavior.

  • Joe makes the difficult decision to call Felicia when he learns that Dani has broken the rules.

  • Joe's decision to ban the use of technology for the weekend could be costly.

  • Mel learns the truth to why Joe is unsupportive of Dani's musical talents.

  • Joe returns a gift from Mel's relatives and then panics when they discover they're going to visit.

  • Mel hires an expert to repair the family's computer, despite Joe's claim that he can fix it himself.

  • Joe tries to convince Mel that they're ready to start a family; Zander dates Lennox's friend.

  • Dani refuses to give Dani permission to go on a date; Mel is faced with a dilemma.

  • After their exotic honeymoon is canceled, Joe and Mel head to a cabin instead. However, problems arise on their new getaway.

  • An argument about ornaments on the Christmas tree sparks a memory in Mel about her family.

  • In the fourth season premiere, Mel's doctor reveals she was once a teenage witch.

  • Joe fails to talk to Mel before he asks his family to move in with them.

  • Joe is forced to make an unexpected decision during the wedding. Meanwhile, Lennox is torn between Zander and Marco; and Ryder looks for an appropriate time to reveal he won't be attending college.

  • Joe incidentally sees Mel in her wedding dress. Meanwhile, one of Joe's guests is injured at his bachelor party.

  • Mel plans the perfect wedding day for her friend Carrie. But when Carrie calls it off, Mel considers marrying Joe since everything is already in place.

  • Mel's father arrives to help Mel announce her state senate run. Joe shows him what "selfies" are and a risque photo is incidentally sent to everyone in Mel's campaign.

  • Despite Mel's objection, Joe agrees to act as a wingman to his recently divorced friend Charlie for a night out at a bar. There, Joe meets Darcy who is unaware he has a girlfriend.

  • Mel takes Joe's side when he's involved in a hit and run, until she discovers who the other party involved was.

  • Mel and Joe chaperone Ryder's dance, but get kicked out for bad behavior.

  • When Mel and Joe discover Lennox is secretly dating her teaching assistant, Emerson, Joe persuades Mel to forbid the relationship. Unfortunately, their plan completely backfires.

  • Mel and Joe hang out with a married couple and the husband shares a secret with Joe.

  • Mel talks Joe into couples therapy hoping to fix their nonstop arguing. Much to her surprise, the therapist ends up being Joe's ex-girlfriend. Lennox is torn when Zander shows up on her porch.

  • Mel adopts a dog, despite Joe's disapproval. But soon, Joe and the dog are inseparable.

  • Mel takes Joe to a work dinner, where he expresses his and Mel's personal opinions on issues. Unfortunately, Mel's reputation is then put on the line.

  • Mel wins an 8-course dining experience in a raffle and decides to complete an exercise boot camp prior to partaking of the gourmet meal. She convinces Joe to teach the class, but his harsh tactics get her booted out. Still fighting, they head to the restaurant to meet celebrity chef Malcolm Sunderland, who immediately clashes with Joe.

  • Mel insists on Joe "courting" her, but soon wants more time with him. Desperate to see him, Mel sneaks over to his new place of employment.

  • Joe rushes home to reveal his feelings for Mel, but is shocked to find Austin (guest star Trevor Donovan) has shown up and is hoping Mel will give their relationship a second chance.

  • Jaime Pressly guest stars as Mel's sister Meredith, who is released on furlough from prison to celebrate Christmas with the kids and Mel, and pretends to be immune to Joe's obvious animosity towards her.

  • Joe and Mel's ruse is under family scrutiny. Plus, the "couple" find themselves in a questionable position.

  • Joe's grandmother is in poor health and asks Joe to visit her with his wife Tiffany. Unfortuately, Joe failed to mention he divorced Tiffany. He convinces Mel to accompany him Jersey pretending to be his trampy ex.

  • Joe earns a bad reputation after he works out a payment plan with one of his student's mothers and then starts dating her.

  • When Joe and Ryder sell some of Mel's old stuff, they accidentally sell a very personal item of hers. Desperate to reclaim her property, Mel and Joe resort to crime to get it back.

  • Mel invites Noah to move in temporarily while his apartment undergoes emergency renovation, which fast-tracks their relationship.

  • Mel and Joe become co-anchors for a local news show.

  • Mel scrambles to improve her relationship with Lennox.

  • Joe talks Mel into dumping her clingy friend Anita, then secretly starts dating her. Lennox works to beat Zander's test scores. And Ryder is disappointed when all of his friends delete him from their social media sites.

  • Mel is stunned when she discovers Austin never wants children. In an effort to help Mel focus on her dream of having a family, Joe introduces her to the neighbor's baby.

  • Joe unintentionally injures Mel's boyfriend, Austin (guest star Trevor Donovan), during a competitive game of pool. Mel accuses Joe of trying to ruin her romantic weekend getaway.

  • Mel's childhood friend, Austin, moves back to Toledo, and he and Mel don't skip a beat, and even take their friendship to a new level. Joe is suspicious that Mel and Austin may in fact be related, and schemes to break them up.

  • Mel makes Joe consider the virtues of waiting to engage in sexual relations.

  • Joe presses Mel to get him a job at City Hall with fellow City Council member Paul, and then gets involved in a potential financial scandal.

  • Melissa and Joe are content in their new relationships, until they discover they are dating a divorced couple.

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