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Sex Sent Me to the ER is a TLC documentary show about sex-related injuries and accidents. Actors re-enact accidents that actually happened in real life. The sexual injuries range from the bizarre to the downright horrifying. One of the many stories featured on Sex Sent Me to the ER is about an obese man who accidentally put his 110-pound girlfriend's head through the wall during sex. In another incident, a woman had an orgasm lasting three hours. There is also the episode about a couple having sex in a car, when farm animals ruin their night. Yet another episode features a man who broke his penis from sex with his wife and his girlfriend. The two women ending up fighting in the emergency room.

Sex Sent Me to the ER is unlike any other emergency room documentary show. Since the focus is on sexual injuries, the stories can be hilarious, gross or just plain shocking.

Sex Sent Me to the ER is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (59 episodes). The series first aired on December 28, 2013.

Sex Sent Me to the ER is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Sex Sent Me to the ER on demand atAmazon Prime, Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, TLC, Discovery Life, FuboTV, Google Play, iTunes, Pluto TV online.

Saturday 10:00 PM et/pt on TLC
4 Seasons, 59 Episodes
December 28, 2013
Cast: Michael Guirguis, Yvette Esmeralda paz Favela, Kara C. Roberts, Geoffrey Kennedy
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Sex Sent Me to the ER Full Episode Guide

  • In this special episode, we count down the top ten moments in the wild from the first season of "Sex Sent me to the ER." From outdoor romps gone wrong to animals interfering at inopportune times, this hour features wild things that end with a visit to the ER.

  • A countdown of the Top 10 Moments in the Wild from Season 1 of Sex Sent Me to the ER.

  • A couple on a trip in Ecuador board a love boat and end up in the ER following a marine mishap; a Reiki teacher and her husband use their energy for a 12 hour long sex-a-thon that results in a collapse; a silks performer is unable to move his legs following a sexy routine.

  • A mannequin-factory tryst leaves a participant without words; a man wishes he hadn't got his tongue pierced at a high-school reunion; preparations for a nontraditional wedding cause problems.

  • A paint and sip outing is spoiles after a closet quickie causes a catastrophe; a toy is stuck and won't quit buzzing but a couple is determined to make to dinner with the guy's boss anyway; a prisoner has issues following a conjugal visit.

  • A motivational speaker can't think of anything to say following an attempt at something new; salsa dancers overdo it and end up at the hospital; a lady's edacity causes her pain.

  • A woman ends up in the E.R. after a weekly date night on a washing machine; a pair snoops around a meat packing plant in search of the best place to make love; a woman's naughty knitting prompts an unusual diagnosis.

  • Featuring the top 10 mishaps that have been presented on the show.

  • A boyfriend turns installing a door knob into a sexy chore that sends him to the ER; one wins at a couples game night that has a woman in severe pain and extreme worry; an EMT must rescue a young couple that fell head over heels into a well

  • A spelunking trip is ruined by a missing glow stick; a barn romp goes wrong after a women gets injured; a college student reevaluates his celebration methods on game day.

  • A trucker's tryst goes bad at a gas station; two lovers have a mudding mishap; a woman has to go the ER two times on the same night after she and her boyfriend break in a new hot tub.

  • A quickie at an ice rink turns into injury and embarrassment for a skater; a threesome sends a man to the hospital with an unusual problem; a couple's experiment with a vacuum goes bad.

  • A couple take a detour from their run and are interrupted by haunting intruders; a housewife's made-at-home remedy returns to plague her; a pilot is blinded in one eye.

  • A sex-starved couple gets crazy in the kitchen and winds up painfully full. A doctor has a big mystery to solve when his patient arrives unconscious and oxygen-deprived. A couple's marathon love-making session ends in emergency surgery.

  • After a night at a bachelor party, a man's girlfriend is sent to the ER.

  • Featuring a man's chastity belt injury and a surprising vacation treat that turn out to be huge problems.

  • A day at the park makes sparks fly for one couple, until they get caught by a nosey mime; a motorcycle enthusiast gets all revved up at dinner with his wife until dessert is served; after an energy boosting romp at the gym, a woman is rushed to the ER.

  • A man's addiction to hot sauce causes an inferno for two when he uses it to add spice in the bedroom; hickeys from a secret lover may be the cause of a major medical crisis; a man gets lucky at the bowling alley but ends up in the ER with a broken pin.

  • Something comes between a couple looking for privacy in the Hawaiian jungle.

  • A night at a cheap hotel leaves a woman stuck in bed and an EMT stumped on how to free her; things heat up when a woman cools down there during a Fourth of July photo shoot; something gets cut off after an adventurous couple christens their treehouse.

  • An emergency landing is required when two rockers join the mile high club; a woman's new look gets a reaction from her boyfriend and her ex; a recent college grad gets some neighborly love when he helps his elderly neighbor move her picnic table.

  • A honeymooning couple tries to get intimate in the den of her parent's home but a party crasher sends them to the ER; a doctor treats a bizarrely decorated politician and his wife for symptoms they want to keep hidden; aroma therapy induces stress below.

  • A ballpark quickie ruins a man's engagement plans and sends his girlfriend to the ER; a sexy haircut at the salon causes a man down situation; when a doctor investigates a college students persistent cough, he discovers something totally unexpected.

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