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  • TV-PG
  • 2016
  • 1 Season
  • 6.6  (1,481)

Kiss Him, Not Me is a light-hearted romantic comedy that premiered on TBS in 2016. The anime is based on a manga written by Junko, and it was directed by Hiroshi Ishiodori. The show tells the story of a girl named Kae Serinuma, an overweight fujoshi who is fangirling over her favorite anime character, Shion. After one traumatic event, Kae loses weight and transforms into a stunningly beautiful girl. Her transformation earns her the attention of four good-looking guys, including her childhood friend, Asuma, her senpai, Nozomu, and two classmate rivals, Yusuke and Hayato.

The show follows Kae's journey as she navigates her new life as a popular girl and tries to balance her fujoshi interests with the attention of her crushes. The show plays off many tropes from the shoujo genre, while also satirizing the otaku subculture. It's a rollercoaster ride of emotions as Kae's newfound popularity amplifies her insecurities and leads to misunderstandings with her friends, creating hilarious and heartwarming moments.

One of the standout aspects of Kiss Him, Not Me is the character development. The show develops each of the four love interests into fleshed out characters, with their own unique personalities and backstories. It's also refreshing to see a protagonist who challenges the gender norms of the shoujo genre. Kae is not afraid to express her love for anime and shipping, and she's not ashamed of her body. She's comfortable in her own skin, and the show highlights the importance of self-love and acceptance.

The voice acting in Kiss Him, Not Me is top-notch, with Amber Lee Connors delivering a stellar performance as Kae Serinuma. Connors captures Kae's energetic and quirky personality, while also conveying her vulnerability and self-doubt. Justin Briner, who voices Asuma, Kae's childhood friend, gives a heartfelt performance as the sweet and caring character. Jeannie Tirado also shines as Nozomu Nanashima, Kae's senpai, and Yusuke Igarashi, one of her classmates. Each of the voice actors brings their characters to life, adding depth and nuance to the show's already strong writing.

The animation in Kiss Him, Not Me is also impressive, with beautiful character designs and detailed backgrounds. The show's color palette is bright and colorful, adding to the overall cheerful and upbeat vibe of the series. The animation is fluid and dynamic, bringing the story to life.

Overall, Kiss Him, Not Me is an enjoyable and delightful romantic comedy that challenges gender norms in the anime industry. The show tackles sensitive topics such as body image, bullying, and self-acceptance, while also providing endless laughs and heartwarming moments. The characters are all likable and relatable, with their own unique struggles and personalities. The animation is beautiful, and the voice acting is superb. If you're looking for a fun and heartwarming anime to watch, Kiss Him, Not Me is definitely worth checking out.

Kiss Him, Not Me is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (12 episodes). The series first aired on October 6, 2016.

Kiss Him, Not Me
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Kiss Him, Not Me
12. Kiss Him, Not Me
December 22, 2016
The guys decide to all get together and tell Kae how they honestly feel about her along with Mutsumi. Kae decides to go on a date with all of them individually to decide who's feelings she will accept.
Forward! Guard the Castle!
11. Forward! Guard the Castle!
December 15, 2016
Mutsumi tells his brother Kazuma, "Serinuma-san is my girlfriend." However, Kazuma keeps on pursuing Kae, now with even more gusto. Igarashi, Nanashima, Shinomiya and Nishina all try to band together to get in Kazuma's way.
Brother Invasion
10. Brother Invasion
December 8, 2016
Mutsumi finds a hidden treasure map in the History Club room and invites everyone to go treasure hunting. Igarashi, Nanashima, Shinomiya and Nishina are less than thrilled about the idea, but after finding out Kae would be going alone with Mutsumi, they decide to go too. The four of them are confused by Mutsumi, because he treats Kae now the same way he always had. And so, they decide to ask him how he really feels.
The Beach! Bathing Suits! Time to Get Serious!
9. The Beach! Bathing Suits! Time to Get Serious!
December 1, 2016
The six go to Nishina's holiday house by the ocean to swim. Everyone has fun bodyboarding, eating at a beach hut, and playing beach volleyball. But while doing so, Shinomiya realizes just how unreliable he is and loses confidence in himself. What exactly can he accomplish? After another failed attempt to be useful at the evening barbecue, Shinomiya runs off on his own.
I'm at a Disadvantage
8. I'm at a Disadvantage
November 24, 2016
After the group's pilgrimage is over, Nanashima begins to notice there's been a change in Kae's relationship with others in the group. Nanashima realizes his only advantage is that he looks like Shion, and with Shion out of the picture, he's lagging behind the rest. While dancing a dance from Puri Puri Moon with his little sister, Nanashima decides he needs to be more proactive. Meanwhile, Kae has decided to take up a part-time job at Usami Land to raise funds for upcoming Kachu Rabu events.
On A Journey to the Holy Land of Kachu Rabu
7. On A Journey to the Holy Land of Kachu Rabu
November 17, 2016
Everyone goes together on a one night trip in order to attend the death anniversary of Hyakki Sametora, the samurai the lord in Kachu Rabu is modelled after. Both Kae and Nishina are enraptured by the real armor and helmet Akane is modelled after, and a portrait of Sametora. After, Kae and the gang decide to go to a small island in a lake where Sametora's head is rumored to be buried. But what will happen next?
Let the Shipping Wars Begin!
6. Let the Shipping Wars Begin!
November 10, 2016
A new anime, Katchu Ranbu, or Kachu Rabu for short, has started, and it's hugely popular. Bot Kae and Nishina are elated about the show, until they find out that they each ship Lord x Akane and Akane x Lord respectively and get into a huge fight. Their friendship appears to be heading to a halt, so Igarashi, Nanashima, Shinomiya and Mutsumi try to help the pair out. Unfortunately, it looks like their reverse ship war is just heating up.
Back to My Original Self! What Should I Do?
5. Back to My Original Self! What Should I Do?
November 3, 2016
The anime Mirage Saga is hosting a Valentine's event, and Kae decides to make a chocolate for Shun for the event. As Kae fusses over what chocolate to make in order to perfectly capture Shion's beauty, Nishina suggests Kae try making a 3-D chocolate sculpture. Kae agrees, and throws herself into making one, but is unable to improve in her ability to sculpt the chocolate at all. Nishina can't bear to see Kae saddened by her situation, so suggests Kae use the chocolate she made instead. What will Kae decide to do?
Christmas in the Holy Land
4. Christmas in the Holy Land
October 27, 2016
With Christmas around the corner, Nanashima suggests everyone have a party. However, Kae says she can't possibly make it because she's going to Comiket. In the end, everyone decides to go to Comiket together, then have a Christmas party afterwards. The boys are bewildered at their first visit to Comiket, and feel as though everyone is looking at them askance. Meanwhile, Kae is busy bustling about the entire venue, until she runs into some trouble at the cosplay plaza. And then, a handsome cosplayer saves her.
The Clear and Blue Autumn Sky, and Passionate Maiden
3. The Clear and Blue Autumn Sky, and Passionate Maiden
October 20, 2016
For the school cultural festival, Kae's class decides to host a cosplay café. Kae is fired up about designing the costumes not only for her classmates Igarashi and Nanashima, but also for Shinomiya, who's playing the role of a princess for his class which is putting on a play. But as excited as she gets about the costumes, she also has to help the history club set up its exhibition. With everyone's help, she manages to finish everything in time for the festival. And what follows is a date with the four hot guys...
The Strange Room And The Four High School Boys
2. The Strange Room And The Four High School Boys
October 13, 2016
After having lost weight, Kae does extremely well in PE class. Seeing that, some girls from the soccer club ask Kae to help play in a practice match. Kae has full confidence in her soccer knowledge, but she actually only knows soccer from soccer anime and has never actually played herself. And so, Igarashi from the soccer club, as well as Nanashima, Shinomiya and Mutsumi try to help her out.
Can She Do It? A Real Life Otome Game
1. Can She Do It? A Real Life Otome Game
October 6, 2016
Kae Serinuma is what you might call "fujoshi". When she sees two boys talking, she starts to rave in crazy thoughts! One day, the favorite character of her anime dies, and the shock is enough to lose weight. With this, four school boys decide to call her out, but she does not seem to care - she'd find much better to see them all making out!
Where to Watch Kiss Him, Not Me
Kiss Him, Not Me is available for streaming on the TBS website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Kiss Him, Not Me on demand at Amazon Prime, Google Play and Apple TV.
  • Premiere Date
    October 6, 2016
  • IMDB Rating
    6.6  (1,481)