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  • 2010
  • 1 Season

Phantom Thief Reinya is an anime television series produced by Kadokawa Pictures Inc. The show follows the misadventures of Reinya, a young cat burglar who robs from the rich and gives to the poor. With her trusty accomplice and sidekick, Chutaro, Reinya pulls off daring heists and clever schemes to outwit the police and corrupt officials who stand in her way.

The show is set in a whimsical, fairy-tale-like world filled with anthropomorphic animals and magical creatures. Reinya herself is a small, cute cat who wears a black mask and a red bandana around her neck. Despite her diminutive size, she is a daring and skilled thief who enjoys the thrill of the chase and the satisfaction of outsmarting her opponents.

Each episode of Phantom Thief Reinya follows a similar formula, with Reinya and Chutaro planning and executing a heist while trying to avoid detection by the authorities. Along the way, they encounter various obstacles, such as security guards, traps, and rival thieves who are also after the same loot. Despite the danger, Reinya remains calm and collected, using her wits and experience to stay one step ahead of her foes.

One of the unique aspects of Phantom Thief Reinya is the way it blends humor and action. While the show features plenty of exciting chase scenes and heists, it also has a playful, lighthearted tone that keeps the audience engaged. Reinya and Chutaro are both lovable characters who are easy to root for, and their banter and interactions with each other help to keep the show entertaining.

In addition to Reinya and Chutaro, there are several other recurring characters who add to the show's charm. One of the most notable is Akebono, a police officer who is tasked with catching Reinya but who secretly harbors a crush on her. Despite his best efforts, Akebono is often outsmarted by Reinya and ends up becoming her unwitting accomplice in her schemes.

Overall, Phantom Thief Reinya is a fun and engaging anime series that is sure to delight fans of action, humor, and adventure. With its whimsical setting, lovable characters, and exciting heists, it is a show that is perfect for anyone who enjoys a good caper. Whether you're a fan of anime or just looking for something light and entertaining to watch, Phantom Thief Reinya is definitely worth checking out.

Phantom Thief Reinya is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (12 episodes). The series first aired on January 29, 2010.

Phantom Thief Reinya
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Good bye Reinya!
12. Good bye Reinya!
April 2, 2010
Deep in the holy mountains, Reinya trains with the old master to gain the strength to defeat the invaders who beat her once. One day, the master introduces Reinya to Black Reinya and her sidekick Black Chutaro. The appearance of new rivals sets Reinya and Chutaro's fighting spirits aflame, but the two do not stand a chance against Black Reinya's incredible strength.
I'll never forgive this affair!
11. I'll never forgive this affair!
March 26, 2010
Reinya gets excited about true love of Akemi and Tatsuhiko while watching her favorite soap opera "Love in Space: From the Magellanic Clouds with Love" when Tatsuhiko walks into Faminya with his real girlfriend. Unable to distinguish between fiction and reality, the furious Reinya follows the couple. When Reinya pulls out a gun-shaped object, Chutaro begins to worry.
Oh, no... Reinya is finally beaten!
10. Oh, no... Reinya is finally beaten!
March 19, 2010
In her heat induced delirium, Reinya drinks what she thinks is a can of juice brought to her by a balloon. When she finally comes to, she realizes she just stole some juice from a little girl, who runs off to report the incident to her father, the Captain. That night, the Captain and his daughter read Reinya's letter. His daughter unsettles him when she makes him promise he will catch Reinya this time. At that moment, Reinya makes her appearance.
Organize the Shinsengumi Troops!
9. Organize the Shinsengumi Troops!
March 12, 2010
Policewoman Nocchi is so absorbed in the Oedo Police Department's Brain Analyzer, she doe not notice when the electric fan blows her skirt up. Just when the Captain shows up, Nocchi suddenly shouts, "90% of Reinya is Shinsengumi!" and leaves the police department while muttering something under her breath. Meanwhile, Reinya returns to her hideout with the golden dark soy sauce with Nocchi hidden inside. Reinya uses her Kitty Eyes to discover Nocchi is Isami Kondo, leader of the Shinsengumi.
Mission Impossible: Reinya's Date
8. Mission Impossible: Reinya's Date
March 5, 2010
Reinya invites the Detective on a picnic as Faminya's clerk Reina, making the obsessive Detective's imagination run wild has he fantasizes about marrying her. However, Reinya cares nothing for the Detective's feelings and desires only to get information about the golden macadamia chocolate. On the day of the picnic, Reinya is enjoying the Detective's homemade sandwiches when suddenly, her face turns blue. The sandwiches contain natto, Reinya's forbidden food, causing her to break into many small Reinyas which are swept away in a river.
No way! Reinya is cursed!
7. No way! Reinya is cursed!
February 26, 2010
Reinya snatches a golden witch from the billionaire's mansion, but for some reason, he is relieved to see it go. Strange things begin happening to Reinya. Mysterious carnivorous plants take over her hideout, and she finds a hole in her favorite socks. The golden witch turns out to be a cursed object bringing bad luck to Reinya's hideout. When Chutaro is eaten by the carnivorous plant, he advices her to throw the statue away, and Reinya is forced to choose between her love for gold and her love for her sock.
I wanna be a ninja!
6. I wanna be a ninja!
February 19, 2010
Wanting to leave her name in history, Phantom Thief Reinya tries to come up with a memorable special ability. Inspired by the book "How to be a Ninja", she begins training in ninja techniques. However, the electric fan of her "Hidden Leaf Technique" leaves her in a mess, and she nearly drowns when a dragonfly perches the straw of her "Hidden Water Technique." Realizing the plastic straw is too thin for the "Hidden Water Technique," she replaces it with a bamboo tube just as a sparrow approaches.
Shoot! Reinya is trapped!
5. Shoot! Reinya is trapped!"
February 12, 2010
While fleeing the scene in her flying balloon swing, Reinya drops her shoe. Chutaro warns her the police might perform a DNA analysis on some hair attached to her shoe, but Reinya merely fusses over the pimple on her neck and her refusal to eat natto. Finally, Reinya decides to sneak into the Oedo Police Department and finds her shoe on a table. She approaches without caution, only to be caught in the Captain's secret weapon designed specifically to thwart Reinya, the "Phantom Thief Sticky Glue."
No way! Someone's got it in for me!
4. No way! Someone's got it in for me!
February 5, 2010
Reinya's favorite soap opera 'Stolen Love in Space: From the Magellanic Clouds with Love' is on the air. The show's love triangle between a mollusk-shaped and rock-shaped alien brings tears to her eyes when a package from Feline Express sets off her hideout's alarm system. Reinya takes the package to the idiots of the Oedo Police Department who take it to the Hazardous Material Management Facility to be examined.
Stolen Love in Space?”
3. Stolen Love in Space?”
January 29, 2010
A message from Reinya arrives at the Oedo Police Department announcing her plans to steal the Golden Kid's Meal. The thee idiots arrive at the scene of the crime to secure the area. On her way to the Golden Kid's Meal, Reinya activates her 'Kitty Mode,' transforming her eyes into lamps and giving her superhuman speed. Reinya is a kitty-person, a cat-human hybrid. Meanwhile, the Captain and Nocchi play cards while waiting for Reinya, but the thief does not make an appearance.
2. Tete-a-tete
January 29, 2010
While reading reading her favorite 'Monthly Thief Magazine,' Reinya spots a fortune telling her to steal something that drives married women wild for good luck and begins planning her next burglary. Up above in the convenience store, the three idiot police arrive. Too busy reading to deal with customers, Reinya sends Chutaro to deal with them, and his apathy drives her crazy. Reinya reluctantly heads to the register, driving the Detective into his world of delusion as he expresses his love for Reina with exaggerated gestures.
Here comes Phantom Thief Reinya
1. Here comes Phantom Thief Reinya
January 29, 2010
Reinya works as the poster girl for convenience store Faminya by day and steals golden treasures as Phantom Theif Reinya by night. With her sidekick Chutaro, Reinya plays a slapstick game of cat-and-mouse with the perverted Captain, the delusional Detective, and Nocchi of the Oedo Police Department. The Golden Umakabai, a solid gold statue of a local instant noodle brand, is scheduled to go on display at the Hakata Museum. Following her motto 'nothing is greater than gold,' Reinya decides to snatch this golden treasure. However, the Captain, the Detective, and Nocchi are on full alert for Reinya at the museum.
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Phantom Thief Reinya is available for streaming on the Kadokawa Pictures Inc. website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Phantom Thief Reinya on demand at Amazon Prime.
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    January 29, 2010