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Maoyu, or The Archenemy and Hero, is a anime series based on the similarly titled light novel series. The series had a 12 episode run and was directed by Takeo Takahashi and was produced by adult animation production studio Arms Corporation. The series was released in Japan in 2013 between January 5th to March 30th.

One very peculiar attribute of the show is the lack of any character names, either first, middle or last. All characters, even the protagonists, are referred to only by their titles and occupations.

The story revolves around a human-demon struggle wherein a brave hero, simply known as Hero, who is the greatest warrior in the human world, sets off to quell the conflict by slaying the demon king. The demon king turns out to be a queen, however, and is called, simply, The Queen, Queen, or Demon Queen. She, instead of fighting, tells Hero that they should join forces and become allies, since she dislikes the conflict just as much as he. Indeed the demons in general want the war to end but can not find a way to do. And so Hero agrees and together, human and demon set out to restore balance to the world, for both humans and demons alike.

Maoyu is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (12 episodes). The series first aired on January 4, 2013.

Where do I stream Maoyu online? Maoyu is available for streaming on Kadokawa Pictures Inc., both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Maoyu on demand at Apple TV online.

Kadokawa Pictures Inc.
1 Season, 12 Episodes
January 4, 2013
Cast: Makiko Fujii, Misato Fukuen, Banjô Ginga, Takaya Hashi
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Maoyu Full Episode Guide

  • The battle is on with the Demon King as measures are being pt in place to prevent an all out war.

  • As the Demons and soldiers mobilize for war, a proposal with the Financial minister is made by Merchant.

  • The actions of one person will determine the fate of many.

  • The speech of the century makes the enemy rethink their plans and leads to a retreat.

  • Hero goes on a trip with the Merchant and the Crimson Scholar but the Church has other plans for the Scholar.

  • The Demon King gets her affairs in order as she prepares to return to the Demon realm.

  • The battle to take bright Light Island is going nowhere fast. Victory lies on the shoulders of the Crimson Scholar and the reformatted battle plan.

  • A year passes without any advancement and Hero doesn't like what the outcome of a losing battle looks like.

  • Months pass since the Demon King has heard from Hero. His absence has made it hard for her to concentrate on her guests, the Delegates from the trade group.

  • The Demon King prepares for the next phase of her plan in a meeting with Hero and a nun in a convent. Past relationships could lead to a difficult futures when the nun learns of the joint venture the Demon King and Hero have planned.

  • Facing his enemy by himself, Hero finds that the enemy he has tried so long to reach has many more tricks in store for him.