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WIXOSS is a trending battle card game. Each player's deck revolves around an LRIG avatar that is supported by the other cards in the deck. When Ruko receives a deck from her brother, she discovers that the deck's LRIG, Tama, can speak to her. Tama explains that Ruko is a Selector and must fight against others of her kind, with the grand winner gaining whatever their heart desires. Tama also cautions that losing three times will reverse the triumphant Selector's wish.

"selector infected WIXOSS" consists of 12 episodes, though it gained a second season that was titled "selector spread WIXOSS."

selector infected WIXOSS is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (24 episodes). The series first aired on April 3, 2014.

selector infected WIXOSS is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch selector infected WIXOSS on demand atAmazon, Vudu, iTunes, Crunchyroll online.

Friday 2:49 PM et/pt on FUNimation
2 Seasons, 24 Episodes
April 3, 2014
Cast: Tia Lynn Ballard, Lindsay Seidel, Apphia Yu, Monica Rial
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selector infected WIXOSS Full Episode Guide

  • What became the fate of the girls ensnared within the world of WIXOSS? Everyone held the opportunity to make a selection. The selection made is...

  • To put an end to the tragedies, Ruko meets Mayu, who is accompanied by a familiar figure. With further secrets revealed, the final stage begins.

  • Akira, holding a warped sense of affection towards Ulith, faces her in battle. Meanwhile, Ruko and friends are led to someone they didn't expect.

  • Chiyori challenges Ruko and Hitoe. In agreement with Ruko and Yuzuki, Hitoe decides to do battle, only to discover Eldora with a motive of her own.

  • Hearing of a way to save the girls of WIXOSS, Ruko gains hope, only to instigate Ulith's lust for destruction. Ulith utters the word "Grow," and...

  • Mayu watches the battle between Ruko and Ulith with interest. But upon Iona's words of revelation, Mayu's expression turns to that of displeasure...

  • After meeting with Fumio, Ruko renews her resolve of wanting to correct the wrongs of WIXOSS. Ulith has her own agenda, and whispers words to Akira.

  • Ruko battles against Fumio, leading to a new revelation for WIXOSS. After battle, Fumio asks a question that brings about a strange feeling to Iona.

  • With the many mysteries surrounding WIXOSS, the girls set sight on the writer of the WIXOSS novel, seeking information on the secrets of WIXOSS.

  • Tama speaks with Mayu with intent of wanting to return back to Ruko. Mayu agrees to her wish, leading to a reunion with Ruko in the most unlikely way.

  • Ruko is troubled over using Iona, and of committing to battle. Meanwhile, Ulith connects with Akira, bringing her back to the WIXOSS scene once again.

  • Time has passed since the last battle. The girls have their thoughts on what happened, and what needs to be done. The fate of WIXOSS begins again.

  • Ruko's battle finally comes to a close. Everyone has made a choice to their ways, and the results are...

  • New secrets unravel with the mysterious girl, Mayu. Iona gathers the Selectors to have battles, with an ulterior motive in Iona's mind...

  • The mysteries around WIXOSS begin to reveal, with an unusual girl at center, Mayu. Meanwhile, a message is sent from Iona to the Selectors...

  • Word spreads of the intimate, yet forbidden love Yuzuki has towards Kazuki. Meanwhile, Ruko learns the horror of what happened to the 'true' Yuzuki.

  • After Yuzuki parts ways with Ruko, Yuzuki wins to become an Eternal Girl, but... Later, Hitoe gets a new deck of WIXOSS and finds a new LRIG...

  • As Ruko seeks answers, she comes in contact with Iona who soon senses affinity towards Ruko. Later, Ruko and Yuzuki is contacted by Akira...

  • Ruko battles Akira with a resolve unlike before. Meanwhile, Yuzuki comes to a resolve on her own after a meeting with a new Selector.

  • Ruko and Yuzuki become friends with Hitoe, with hope for a lasting friendship. Akira, wanting to battle Ruko, faces her, but then Iona appears...

  • Ruko finds herself in battle against Hitoe, and taps into a desire she has never felt before. Meanwhile, Yuzuki's battle ensues against Akira.

  • Ruko, along with her new friend, Yuzuki, come across a battle of Selectors, Akira versus Hitoe. Yuzuki must now prepare to fight the winner, Akira.

  • A young high-school girl, Ruko, receives a deck of cards, the WIXOSS. In the deck, she finds an unusual talking card. Bewildered, she meets Yuzuki, who calls herself a "Selector." Soon, Ruko finds herself in battle to be the "Eternal Girl."