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Dance with Devils is a Japanese fantasy, airing on television weekly. This anime series is rated G for the entire family to enjoy. This anime about five friends touches on the basics of high school seduction. Tachibana, has everything to be proud of, balancing her life in school and at home. She begins to noticed the attention of some of her male classmates and is flattered. Suddenly, her love life is improving dramatically, but what she doesn't know is the handsome guys that are pursuing her are demons.

She'll have to destroy the tactics of these evil boys and what they're trying to do to her school. She wants to graduate with a normal life and she is determined to do so. She finds herself falling in love with one of the demons and it becomes harder and harder to fight them. She finds herself fighting her emotions, as well. She doesn't have anybody to turn to because nobody will believe her. She has to find a way to fight for her school and her heart. Tachibana, watches her life go from manageable to chaos during one semester. She wants to help the students, but love is making it difficult.

Wednesday 11:30 PM et/pt on FUNimation
1 Season, 12 Episodes
October 7, 2015
Cast: Kyle Phillips, Dawn Michelle Bennett, Ricco Fajardo, Gregory Lush
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Dance with Devils Full Episode Guide

  • It's the final showdown as Rem and Lindo fight to keep Ritsuka safe and the grimoire out of Nesta's hands. Ritsuka must make one last, big decision.

  • Ritsuka has an audience with the vampire king, who claims to be able to solve her grimoire problem. Will she get her life back, or lose it for good?

  • The revelations just keep on coming as Ritsuka learns more about who she is and where she came from. Rem is confronted over his feelings for Ritsuka.

  • Ritsuka's been through a lot of surprising events lately, but the school's formal dance may top them all--and what follows may change things forever.

  • While Rem's father scolds him for dragging his feet on the grimoire, Ritsuka learns more about its shocking secrets from a new and unexpected source.

  • After Shiki opens up to Ritsuka in the school garden, he takes her to a mysterious museum full of what he claims are Ritsuka's memories. But are they?

  • Lindo joins Ritsuka at the academy to keep her safe, but Mage decides Ritsuka needs to spend some quality time with him and his irresistible charms.

  • Ritsuka learns some truths about her family--and about the student council--before having a confrontation with someone who isn't who he seems to be.

  • Ritsuka's brother Lindo goes to unusual lengths to keep her safe. Meanwhile, dashing student council member Urie has a few words to say about Lindo...

  • Ritsuka meets the rest of the student council before leaving with Rem, its president, to pursue a promising lead in the search for her mother.

  • Shiko Academy student Ritsuka Tachibana is summoned by the mysterious and handsome boys of the Student Council and accused of violating school rules. On top of which, a horrible incident happens at home. Who can she turn to, and why is she being targeted?

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