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The Shiki show is presented by young girl. The purpose of this show is to reach out to young girls. The presenter says she started the Shiki show because she discovered that young girls are very wayward nowadays. That they don't have any bit of respect for themselves. They walk in the streets almost naked. And this attitude of young girls pierces her mind anytime she sees them on the street.

In one of her shows, she talks about how young girls move on the streets almost naked. That it is not by showing off parts of your body that will make a man admire you or want you. That showing off your body half naked is a serious sign to show that you don't have confidence in yourself and that you are a cheap or irresponsible girl.

That as a responsible girl you have to respect yourself. And one of the ways to do so is by dressing decently. That when you dress well, you will be admired by your friends. And men will respect you even more for that. That any responsible man will not go after a girl who exposes her body. Because he will not like that what he cherishes most be seen by all and sundry.

She goes ahead to talk to parents to help their children to dress decently. That it is the responsibility of the parent to correct the child when he or she discovers that the child is beginning to show signs of waywardness. There is a saying that charity begins at home. So parents should sit up and take care of their responsibilities. And it shall be well with the children.

This show is very interesting especially as the presenter is a young girl herself. You will not be disappointed if you try it out. You can reach them by twitter and face book. Also give your views and questions if any, through phone calls.

Shiki is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (24 episodes). The series first aired on July 8, 2010.

Shiki is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Shiki on demand atHulu, iTunes, Crunchyroll online.

2 Seasons, 24 Episodes
July 8, 2010
Cast: Tôru Ohkawa, Koki Uchiyama, Kazuyuki Okitsu, Wataru Takagi
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Shiki Full Episode Guide

  • Motoko?s concerns for her father-in-law?s health are brushed off as exaggerated worry, but soon her husband and children fall victim to the Shiki?s curse. Wandering the bloodied streets alone amidst the panic, the shaken widow calculates her revenge.

  • The struggle between the survivors of Sotoba and their neighbors-turned-demon continues. The hunt goes underground as Nao and a group of Shiki take refuge in the farmers? subterranean irrigation tunnel in hopes of escaping the merciless slaughter above.

  • The last of the Shiki try to escape the village, but one of their own kind stands in Tatsumi's way. What fate remains for the vampires and Sotoba - the village surrounded by death?

  • The villagers discover the Shiki's last hideout, and the bloody war is nearing an end - but two Kirishiki's still remain. Will Seishin be able to save Sunako from the human's vengeful wrath?

  • Toshio leads those who haven't joined the Shiki - or fled the village - on a raging, blood-soaked hunt, but there's still one place they haven't looked. As the vampires strike back, Seishin continues his watch over Sunako.

  • The villagers band together to free their town from the grips of the Shiki. Meanwhile, Tatsumi decides what to do with Seishin.

  • Natsuno's return from death grants him a visit from Tatsumi. Hoping to enjoy his last days amongst the living, Toshio takes the mistress of Kanemasa to the village's yearly festival.

  • Sunako calls Toru to Kanemasa to share a piece of her past with him. The Shiki's curse looms over Kaori as she finds her mother still in bed, pale and drained of energy.

  • The Shiki are bent on keeping the outside world in the dark about the deaths in Sotoba. When Toshio threatens to expose them, a member of the Kanemasa mansion pays him a visit.

  • Kaori's father suddenly collapses. At the clinic, Toshio studies his wife's corpse for clues on how to combat the vampires.

  • The population of the village grows thin as the blood-sucking okiagari claim more victims, including Toshio's wife. With no strength left in his body, Natsuno invites Toru in for a last feeding.

  • After Toru's attack, Natsuno warns Kaori and her brother to escape the village before they fall victim to the vampires as well.

  • While Sotoba's villagers are debating the cause of the frequent deaths, the town shaman points her finger at the residents of Kanemasa mansion.

  • Toshio and Natsuno's suspicions were true. Okiagari - creatures of legend that were once human that feed on the lives of others - are now stalking Natsuno.

  • It's clear to Toshio that the source of the deadly illness won't be found using conventional methods. He and Seishin observe a patient overnight to catch any sudden changes in her condition - or possible moonlight visitors.

  • Natsuno and his accomplices open Megumi's grave to test their theory. Meanwhile, the doctor's recent remarks have Seishin pondering about the young girl from the Kanemasa mansion.

  • When Megumi's friend suspects sinister activities are stirring at Kanemasa mansion - the last place Megumi visited before she died - Natsuno suggests digging up her grave for answers.

  • No one in Sotoba - the village surrounded by death - is safe, as a frustrated Toshio fails to find a cure for the epidemic strangling his town. Convinced that Megumi has risen from the dead, Natsuno researches darker sources.

  • After visiting the surviving families of the deceased, Seishin discovers a link between each of the twelve deaths. Natsuno is tortured by helplessness as his visions of Megumi become terrifyingly close to reality.

  • As the death toll rises, Toshio and his staff gather to further examine the fatal sickness plaguing the isolated town. Seishin's eerie admirer returns with an observation that makes her oddly wise for her age.

  • As Toshio, the village doctor, seeks to uncover the exact cause of Megumi's demise, reports of even more deaths in the area surface. Desperate for answers, Toshio and the Junior Monk set out to discover a pattern to these mysterious deaths.

  • Living in a small village, Megumi's two main interests are classmate Natsuno Yuuki and a European-style house on a hill. One day, when her fascination with the house leads her to climb the hill, she vanishes.