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The story of Fugure! Kokkuri-san focuses on a monotone and emotionless young school girl named Kohina Ichimatsu who currently lives by herself. Kohina believes that she is a doll and only eats instant noodles each day. One day, Kohina decides to play with the Kokuri game on her own and chooses to summon Kokkuri-san, who is a fox spirit. He sees how Kohina lifestyle is a bit unhealthy, so he decides to protect and raise her as his own as her guardian. Once this happens, Kohina leads a new life while being haunted by other interesting spirits.

Monday 1:05 AM et/pt on Anime Network
1 Season, 12 Episodes
October 6, 2014
Cast: Ryô Hirohashi, Daisuke Ono, Takahiro Sakurai, Yukari Tamura
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Gugure! Kokkuri-san Full Episode Guide

  • Kohina and Kokkuri-san discover a girl named Kureha beneath a maple tree. She asks them to help her find the person she is waiting for. To aid her they have to seek out Tengu, who agrees to give them information but on one condition...

  • Though Shigaraki is very happy with Kokkuri-san's new form he agrees to help his old friend return to normal... Or at least that's what he claims. The group heads out in search of a hot spring that's able to break Kokkuri-san's curse.

  • The cat god Tama has an exceptional love for dolls and she wants to add Kohina to her collection! Can Kokkuri-san and the others foil Tama' plans or will Kohina really live out her life as a doll?

  • Much to the dismay of Kokkuri-san, Kohina is now able to see spirits! What makes things worse is she refuses to listen to his warning and befriends one. Shigaraki agrees to keep her secret will he be able to for very long?

  • Kohina can't seem to find peace and quiet anywhere she goes, including school! She now finds herself the victim of bullying and Kokkuri-san just can't seem to stay away.

  • As if Inugami wasn't enough to deal with, now there's the tanuki ghost Shigaraki! Can Kokkuri-san protect Kohina from the misfortune the new ghost brings? And what about the issue of her having an interest in a "boy"from her class?

  • Inugami is proving to be way more difficult to live with than Kohina and Kokkuri-san had initially thought. After an outing though, Kohina may have finally uncovered the secret to taming the out of control ghost dog!

  • Kokkuri-san starts helping Kohina make progress in leading a normal life but then Inugami shows disrupting the household even more! What could this strange and slightly confused ghost dog want from our little heroine?

  • Kohina Ichimatsu's decides to play Kokkuri-san! The fox ghost she summons plans on making a lot of unwanted changes in her life and doesn't plan on leaving anytime soon.

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