Watch TV Shows on Kadokawa Pictures Inc.

Kadokawa Pictures is a media company based in Osaka, Japan. In 1993, it started as a small affiliate channel for TV-9 in Tokyo but soon thereafter expanded into a multimedia business due to increased investment funds and viewer ratings. Kadokawa specializes in digital content via internet channels as opposed to traditional television episodes, although the Osaka location still broadcasts local news and sporting events.

It offers a variety of formats for download or instant viewing, such Japanese film, episodic series, documentaries, and music concerts. It is known for its selection of J-Pop (Japanese Pop Music) music titles from various artists. This is in part due to deals it has formed with large media conglomerate partners such as Sony. It also has licensing rights to certain video game and anime music from works such as Cowboy Bebop and Akira.

In 2011, it expanded its geographical locations to include headquarters in Los Angeles, London, and Singapore. Due to the availability of its content on the internet, it was one of the first to sign on to the IMLA (International Media Licensing Agreement) in order to allow content from different countries around the world to be broadcast legally in Japan.

Currently, the shows it has rights to in the Asian market include: "How I Met Your Mother," "True Crime," "NYPD Blue," "Angel," and "Survivor." Though the television, music and films from Kadokawa are accessible globally, they do not currently operate local television stations outside of Osaka, choosing to focus on their core offerings.