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Fortune Arterial is an anime series that was produced in Japan and based on a visual novel series of the same name. The primary protagonist of the series is Kohei Hasekura, who has transferred between a number of different schools so far in his life. His latest transfer brings him to Shuchikan Academy, which is built on an island. This school seems to be relatively normal, but there are a number of students who are anything but that.

There are many plot twists and interesting characters that become meshed in with the original storyline. For example, Erika Sendo is a popular student who seemingly has it all straightened out. But throughout the course of the show, it is revealed that she is a vampire. There is another character known as Kaya Sendo who appears to be young, but is actually 251 years old.

The series itself was originally aired in Japan in 2010. It has since been re-released as a DVD in a number of other countries. It has an opening theme song called "Kizunairo," by the recording artist known as Lia. The series itself is actually based on a game that was released for the PlayStation 3 console.

Kadokawa Pictures Inc.
1 Season, 12 Episodes
October 8, 2010
Cast: Jun'ichi Suwabe
Fortune Arterial

Fortune Arterial Full Episode Guide

  • Erika wakes up in her room and is horrified as she remembers what happened last night and the fact that she wanted blood. Meanwhile, the student council, including Kohei, decide to keep watch during the night to figure out if the rumors about vampires going around school are true, but...

  • It's a Sunday in June. Kohei and the treasurer, Seiichiro, are swamped with work to complete a plan laid out by the student council president, Iori, "Let's make the opening of the pool exciting." Duringwhich, Kohei becomes aware that it is Erika's birthday...

  • After school, Kohei sees Haruna putting up a poster for the school image committee. After hearing that the student council will be involved for the project, Kohei asks if he can help Haruna and they start working together. Kanade watches them from a distance, and she's happy Haruna looks like she's having so much fun, but starts to wonder about something...

  • It's finally time for the school athletic meet. Since Kohei was the lead of the meet, he was given the responsibility of leading the pledge of all the participants, but he gets nervous and completelyforgets what to say. Iori helps him out by yelling "Mister Girl's Bath," which makes Kohei stops worrying and he does what he has to. After that, the athletic meet begins!

  • Just what happened yesterday?! Kohei wakes up, and his morning is no different than before. He sees Erika on the way to school and her smile makes him feel better, but just as that happens, Iori, the student council president, tells Kohei that he will serve as theperson in charge for the school athletic meet.

  • Haruna, Kanade, and Erika, along with Shiro have fun in Kohei's room for a tea party. On their day off, all the tea party members go out on the town and shop, after which, they spend time at the seaside park.Erika suddenly warns Kohei to watch out for her brother. Once they get back to school, Iori tells Kohei to come to the Student Council Oversight room...

  • Shuchikan Academy's traditional opening ceremony. Kohei is surprised with the student council president's, Sendo Iori's, on-stage performance and the shouts from the students in the audience. The vice president follows and spills the beans on what happened the night before to the all the students, leading Kohei to become the center of attention during the following homeroom. Later, Shiro ends up asking Kohei to help find the escaped rabbit, Yukimaru...

  • Hasekura Kohei will transfer schools ten times. His new school, Shuchikan Academy, is on an island he lived on for a short period before when he was younger, Tamatsu Island. There awaited him thestudent council vice-president, Sendo Erika.

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