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Sora No Otoshimono Forte; or Heaven's Lost Property, as it's known in English, is a thirteen episode Japanese anime series with an additional OVA (or Original Video Animation, a spinoff feature film-length episode). The series focuses on Tomoki Sakurai, a teenage boy who longs for nothing more than peace and quiet, and the "Angeloid" Ikaros who literally drops from the heavens and becomes Tomoki's servant.

Ikaros' arrival is heralded by Tomoki's recurring dream of meeting an angel. Whereas Ikaros stays on Earth, the dream angel leaves to the skies. Although Ikaros is totally subservient to Tomoki, Tomoki is too sincere and honest to settle with such a status quo and he tries to get her to make her own decisions.

Other human characters introduced into the series and Tomoki's life include his childhood friend crazy neighbor Sohara Mitsuki (known for her "killer karate chop" whenever Tomoki comes off as lecherous to her), the "New World"-seeking scientist Eishiro Sugata, and the psychotic Student Council President Mikako Satsukitane.

The series' antagonist is known as Master, a being within the otherworldly realm of Synapse who lords over the Angeloids and toys with them, seeing them as nothing but playthings. The Angeloids (including Daedalus [the angel in Tomoki's dreams and creator of Ikaros, Nymph, and Astraea], Nymph [an "Electronic Warfare Angeloid"], and the busty Astraea (a Close Combat Angeloid]), seek help from Tomoki in the destruction of the Master of Synapse.

However, the Master is soon replaced by a being calling itself Chaos. A malevolent being whose appearance seems to be nothing more than a girl clad in the garb of a Catholic nun. In truth, Chaos can change her form at will and is a Second Generation Angeloid of the Epsilon class. Her initial mission is to acquire Ikaros' core, as she believes that it holds the secret to understanding the human emotion known as "love," a quest that obsesses the Epsilon class Angeloid.

Kadokawa Pictures Inc.
1 Season, 12 Episodes
May 25, 2020
Sora No Otoshimono Forte

Sora No Otoshimono Forte Full Episode Guide

  • It's Tomoki.The sun shines down gently.The smell of a gentle breeze.The nostalgic sound of the waves.You enjoy season because your friends are there to spend them with you.This moment will eventually become a memory, but why look back on allof this now?I just want to spend more time with everyone.I want to make the most of these cheerful, irreplaceable days I havewith those creatures that fell from the sky.Peace and quiet really is the best.By the way, I seem to be getting... "carried away" quite a bit lately.

  • Hey, it's Tomoki. Ikaros and Nymph, and even Astrea lately, have been making a ruckus at my house. I don't have any place of refuge anymore. This is a problem. There are people who think I can just spend my time surrounded by cute, sexy girls, but they're crazy. Nymph and Astrea do whatever they want, and Ikaros does ridiculous things without even realizing it. Now that I think about it, Ikaros has seemed kind of weird lately. She starts to space out... well, I guess she's always been like that. Anyway, someone give me back my safe havens!

  • Hey, it's Tomoki. When you space out during lunch, you can sometimes hear construction far off in the distance, right? Doesn't that kind of make you think about the past? When I was in elementary school, I kind of feel like I heard a lot of that when I would get sleepy in my afternoon classes after we ate lunch. What if that wasn't really construction, and instead something strange? My parfait melted when I started thinking about that at a restaurant.

  • It's Tomoki. There's a lot of people who say they've seen ghosts. But, if you listen to what happened to them, it's usually their friend's friend that the story ends up being about. And then it's always just some stupid story they hear on TV. Also, when someone brings up a scary story that they think is scary, it never is to anyone else. Why is there always one person in a group that is the "spiritual one," that can see or feel ghosts, or whatever? Oh, me? I have two strange creatures living with me, but I don't have an ounce of a sixth sense.

  • It's Tomoki. You usually see girls passing around surveys on what guys they want to date in school dramas. I wonder if people actually do that. I think it'd be pretty awkward for the guys who were at the top of the list and those who didn't score high at all. Besides, if a guy were to start a survey like that, all the girls would criticize him. They'd tell the teacher about how doing something like that would hurt a girl's feelings during homeroom. I wonder if that means it's okay to disregard a guy's feelings, then? Huh? What was I talking about again?

  • Hello, it's Tomoki. Do any of you have a dream you've been keeping since you were young? The dream I had when I was younger, was corrupted one day while I was growing up, and I don't know what happened to it. I'm no longer who I once was. I don't like that! I want to have an uncorrupted, pure dream forever! That being said, I don't want to involve others in my personal delusions like Sugata does. Try to remember the time you used to forever run towards the horizon, with your dream in your pure eyes.

  • It's Tomoki. Time flies, and it's already snowing for the first time this year. Japan's winters are nice. You get under a nice blanket around a table, eat some tangerines, and spend the time relaxing in peace and quiet. But, I know that will never happened. Can't I have dreams, too? And when winter comes, you want to go to a hot spring. Surrounded by snow, go to an open-air bath, along with the cuties. That would be awesome. It doesn't really matter, but can someone please do something about Astrea? She's annoying and always follows me around.

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