Strike Witches 2

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Humikane Shimada originally created Strike Witches 2 as a military genre mixed media television show. Strike Witches 2 was intially a series of illustration columns that were adapted into novels, video games and eventually a anime television series. This anime television series was produced by Kazuhiro Takamura and features battle scenes that are partially grounded in history.

Set in an alternate mid-twentieth century Earth is the story of a fight to protect the earth using both combination of magic and technology. The television show uses a fictional recreation of events in World War II using national armies who, instead of fighting against each other, join forces to fight against the threat of an alien invasion and take over by the evil Neuroi. Most of the battles are representations of real confrontations that took place during World War II and the human army represents the Allied forces while the alien Neuroi represent the Axis Powers.

The Strike Witches are young women with high magical skills, who are later recruited to serve in the military organizations around the world that fight against and protect the Earth from the evil Neuroi. Their biggest challenge has come with an unprecedented invasion of Earth in 1939. The weapons of the Neuroi are very similar to aircraft weapons but normal humans have no defense against their weapons except for those who have magical powers.

The television show is all about how the armies join together to use magic and the Striker Unit Machine to enable themselves to have powers similar to that of the aliens. The Striker Unit enables the soldiers to have such powers as flight and super human strength. A defensive field near the water is also created to protect the witches from the masima (a destructive weapon field whose only weakness is that it cannot cross water) of the Neuroi as well as other Neuroi weaponry which makes them humanities' top defense against the alien invasion and their destructive weapons. The show focus on protecting coastlines such as Britain and the Italian coastline.

Kadokawa Pictures Inc.
1 Season, 12 Episodes
July 7, 2010
Cast: Misato Fukuen, Shizuka Ito
Strike Witches 2

Strike Witches 2 Full Episode Guide

  • As the final battle with the Neuroi goes on in Romagna, Yoshika and Sakamoto face major challenges. Will they succeed?

  • The Allied forces make their way for the Neuroi nest over Romagna and yet the girls are asked to play a lesser role than they'd like. Meanwhile Sakamoto battles with her ever-decreasing magical abilities and her struggle to master the True Reppuzan.

  • Mission command issues an order for the Witches to attack an island that has become a Neuroi stronghold, in the hopes of preparing them for the impending final battle.

  • Miyafuji sees Sakamoto practicing the Reppuzan and asks her to teach her the attack that has been handed down in Fuso since time immemorial. Sakamoto refuses. Miyafuji wants Sakamoto to respect her more, so she'll teach it to her. Unfortunately, she is having trouble flying. That's when the naval fleet from Fuso runs into trouble and Miyafuji has her chance to prove herself.

  • The maintenance group finally finishes building the bath at the base. After working up a sweat with drills, the girls go to relax in there. But then the Neuroi alarm is sounded and a big commotion occurs!

  • After the Witches have become accustomed to life in the new base, they find that their food supplies have run out. They go to the city of Rome to buy more. Lucchini, a native, leads the way, as Shirley drives the truck and Miyafuji buys the food. The party heads for Rome, but when they arrive Lucchini vanishes!

  • As the Witches ready themselves for the battle against the Neuroi in their new base, a package from Karlsland arrives: a secret weapon using their latest technology! Shirley issues a challenge to the proud Barkhorn.

  • With a 6 month gap since the battle of Brittania, Lynne, Perinne, and Miyafuji all struggle with their training. Sakamoto sends the three of them to an island to undergo basic training again. What awaits them there?

  • Miyafuji Yoshika arrives in the skies above Adria, where she faces a new Neuroi. As the Vincencian fleet fights a desperate battle, Yoshika gets into her Strike Unit and launches alone. The Neuroi is far stronger than the one she faced in Galia, but...

  • Six months after the battle of brittania which liberated Gallia, Miyafuji Yoshika receives a mysterious letter from her father after her graduation ceremony. Is it a prelude to a new battle? The magical girl takes to the skies again to protect her friends!