Rozen Maiden Zurckspulen

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The fourth anime series of Rozen Maiden (referred to only as Rozen Maiden in Japan), it follows the plot of the second manga series. Now animated by Studio Deen, the animation style is similar to the previous three anime adaptations of the series but it also seems to have a more faithful representation of the manga art as well, fans of both mediums should be happy with this new addition.

Starting from the beginning of the manga when Jun first receives his invitation from Laplace and his unexpected new servitude to the doll Shinku the adventures of the introvert boy Jun and his strange new acquaintances are certain to charm fans new and old. This adaptation also explores what could have been if Jun had not accepted his fateful invitation, the young Jun and dolls we are familiar with and the alternate adult Jun and versions of the maidens must band together to defeat Kirakisho the 7th Rosen Maiden or be trapped in the N-Field in their struggle to win the Alice Game.

1 Season, 16 Episodes
July 4, 2013
Rozen Maiden Zurckspulen

Rozen Maiden Zurckspulen Full Episode Guide

  • Souseiseki has come back to life thanks to Suiseiseki's donation of her own twin 'soul fragment,' her Rosa Mystic, but this renders Suiseiseki lifeless. Now Jun, Shinku, Suigintou, and the twins are trapped in an N-Field with Kirakisho. The 7th and most wicked doll without a body to call her own, is hiding and regenerating, watching Jun from the shadows, desperate for him to become her master.

  • Hoping to effect real change to his world, Jun is hard at work on the 'new doll' every night after Shinku retires to her case. He feels as though he is slipping back into his deep hole again, despite having made the effort to get where he currently is; which is living on his own, and attending university. He receives a chance phone call from his fussy big sister when he most needs it, and Shinku also gives him some attention.

  • To get back to the Jun who wound, Shinku and Suigintou call a truce. Elsewhere, adult Jun is humiliated.

  • Shinku counts the days until her temporary body will perish, and wills events to hasten. Much to her annoyance, Suigintou has taken up temporary residence in her master/manservant's apartment.

  • Jun continues to receive messages from his younger self, urging him to complete "Shinku" at all costs.

  • University aged Jun Sakurada is now miserable, living alone in a studio apartment and working in a bookstore for a lazy, hateful manager. One day, he is instructed to throw out a box of magazines to find the first issue in a "How to Make Girls" series that come with one part of a doll per issue. At first, Jun is repulsed by what he sees in the magazine, but something makes him take one home.