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The show follows Yura as she starts an all girls high school. She joins in the C3 club and meets another girl named Sonora. She is the head of the club since she has been in the school for three years. This show follows Yura as she adjusts to her new school and makes friends.

1 Season, 13 Episodes
July 8, 2013
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Stella Women's Academy, High School Division Class C3 Full Episode Guide

  • At her farewell survival game, Sonora displays her overwhelming strength again, even up against Karila, Honoka, Rento, and Yachiyo all at once. Sonora is just removing her goggles, thinking her last game in Japan ended too soon, when she turns around to find Yura holding a gun. C3 welcomes Yura back home with joy and laughter, and Sonora puts her goggles back on to face Yura one-on-one. How will the battle between the improved Yura and the very serious Sonora end?!

  • Sonora announces that she'll soon leave to study abroad in America. Angry that Sonora didn't say anything sooner and sad that she has to leave, Karila is on the verge of tears, but the members decide to see off Sonora with a C3-worthy "farewell survival game" in lieu of a party. Meanwhile, Rento finds Yura playing games in an arcade, completely devoid of spirit after losing her place in the Meisei survival game club as well...

  • Obsessed with the desire to become stronger and master her own path, Yura leaves C3 and joins the Meisei Women's Academy survival game club. Though the team emerged victorious from their first game with Rin and Yura working as a two-man cell, Yura completely ignored the team's strategy and combination efforts, leading Rin to make Yura participate as the medic in their next game. Unable to understand Rin's reasoning, Yura is further driven to become stronger and begins a training regimen so strict, it's as if she's possessed by something...

  • When C3 took part in the 24-hour tournament without Sonora, they managed to defeat the veteran Meisei Women's Academy team and finish in first place! But Yura doesn't look happy... During her final showdown with Rin, she broke the rules by continuing to play after she had already been hit.

  • The 24-hour tournament has finally begun. As the girls of C3 are fighting with all their might, Yura alone seems tense. Thanks to Yura's strategies and training, C3 wins their way through the early stages of the tournament, but when Yura grows so obsessed with winning that she fails to show the slightest gratitude toward her teammates, Yachiyo and the others increasingly lose their trust in her...

  • On their way home from shopping for survival game gear, Yura and Sonora are attacked by someone with an illegally modded gun. When Yura takes off to catch the culprit, Sonora leaps into action to protect her and winds up with an injury that will take three weeks to heal, crushing her hopes of joining the 24-hour tournament.

  • The C3 club budget is running low with a 24-hour survival game tournament and the school's cultural festival coming up. Sonora has the idea to make money at the festival and, in turn, use it to enter the tournament. But they don't seem to get very far with preparations, and soon, only three days remain until the festival.

  • Sonora takes Yura to a shrine at the top of a mountain for some training. It's said that the archery range on the shrine grounds is sacred to a young warrior of the Heike clan who is now revered as a god of the bow. There, Sonora initiates Yura into the art of survival games: the Japanese firearm arts.

  • Now that she's a member of C, Yura joins the club's senior members in a high school survival game tournament. Her eyes glisten as she sees a game field for the first time.

  • The members of the club C are trying hard to recruit Yura. In her first survival game with them, she was so overwhelmed, she couldn't make the decision whether to officially join. Now her roommate Sonora, who happens to be C's president, has returned to the dorm. A single bite of a rice ball made by Yura gives Sonora a clear view of the skills lying dormant within her. But as the members of C try everything they can think of to recruit Yura, somehow Sonora doesn't seem too interested in helping...

  • Having been accepted to the high school of her dreams, Stella Women's Academy, Yamato Yura arrives at her dorm with hope swelling in her heart. Unfortunately, she can't meet her third year roommate Kashima Sonora yet since she's away visiting home, but Yura happily flops onto her bed fantasizing about her new dorm life. Then she finds something under her pillow that one would never expect to find at a school for rich girls, shattering her rose-colored fantasies. It's... a Desert Eagle! What is a gun doing in a place like this?!

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