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Ghost Hunt is an animated series where a young man investigates claims of hauntings outside of a school. The young man works for a psychic research center in Japan. It's a show that is a little different than one might expect after hearing the title. However, it's full of adventure and entertainment. When the teen is called to a site, he starts to look for what could be causing the issue that might not be paranormal before immediately saying that the location is haunted. Some of the episodes have a bit of comedy included as the teen gets involved with some of his friends while investigating. They don't always think that he can determine whether a place is haunted or not and think that he is seeking attention because he's an orphan. Each character brings something to the story line. Many of the episodes aren't that scary because of the anime features.

TV Tokyo
1 Season, 25 Episodes
October 3, 2006
Cast: Colleen Clinkenbeard, Todd Haberkorn, Cherami Leigh, Travis Willingham
Ghost Hunt

Ghost Hunt Full Episode Guide

  • The team is exhausted, outnumbered, and near defeat. Ayako draws out the spirits of the enslaved, releasing Naru from his unnatural slumber. Now, the fate of his friends is in his hands.

  • Mai's abilities reveal treachery and tangled souls seeking rebirth at the foot of a cliff. The SPR must fight for their very lives when a massive horde of the undead attacks.

  • Mai discovers that her recent dream coincides perfectly with a local tale of suicidal young lovers that died on hallowed grounds. The clues lead to a cave where rumor soon proves truth.

  • As the team prepares to abandon the case, one of their own is spirited away to the chamber of horrors. Rescue must be swift if Masako is to survive.

  • Mai has telepathically experienced a gruesome murder. The house's history holds legends of one who bathed in blood, seeking eternal youth. As the body count grows, Naru pulls his team out.

  • While investigating the strange house, Mai is snatched by villains in lab coats and taken to a bloodstained torture chamber. Paralyzed, bound, with a blade at her throat, her screams of terror go unheard.

  • People are vanishing within the walls of a strangely constructed house. A seance makes contact with pleading voices from beyond - "Someone please help. I don't want to die."

  • In order to save one soul, the entire student body will have to pay with their lives. As all gather in the auditorium, Mai confronts death in a pool of blood. The end is near for many.

  • The ghost of a suicidal student has been swallowed by an ever-growing foxfire, and the SPR believes the threat was released with evil intention. While the scourge was meant for one teacher, everyone is at risk.

  • Masako may be having trouble seeing any of the spirits haunting the school, but Mai's latent psychic powers are really starting to flourish.

  • Spirits are stalking Rokuryo High School, a place of stern discipline and unquestioned conformity. The media has focused in on the strange events, drawing the interest of the SPR in their wake.

  • Mai has been possessed by Kenji, a lost spirit that lingers about a church where many children are cared for.

  • All signs point to a doll as the source of the evil that surrounds a frightened family. When a ceremonial fire...

  • Naru begins to unravel the threads that bind the secrets of a cursed school, and all of the players in the supernatural drama are gathered for questioning.

  • The effects of a student's curse have gotten steadily more serious as the SPR continues to seek answers, but team members are getting attacked and the persecution of the suspect is getting out of hand.

  • A student accused of faking a display of spoon bending powers has become the subject of scorn and she has cursed the teachers who revolted against her.

  • Dalliances with dark forces have brought a curse upon a high school, and all who sit at a certain desk have shared a scary fate.

  • Minnie's vengeance has shaken all who have seen. A specter appears amid a horrible chorus of pain and fear, begging the name… Tomiko… Tomiko.

  • All signs point to a doll as the source of the evil that surrounds a frightened family. When a ceremonial fire fails to destroy the doll, fear drives the little girl who is the doll's mistress to real danger and calamity.

  • Restless spooks often flock to children, and as the SPR checks in on their newest case they encounter a young girl at the center of a spiritual storm.

  • The investigation of the haunted school continues and the casualties are stacking up. Yet Naru has vanished, leaving the other members of the research team to fend for themselves.

  • An exorcism begins at Mai's school, under the watch of skeptics and believers alike. As the walls of the old campus begin to rattle and shake, Mai falls prey to the invisible scourge.

  • Kazuya "Naru" Shibuya, head of the Shibuya Psychic Research team, enlists Mai to aid in his research of paranormal activity at her school.

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