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The story of Nobunaga the Fool focuses on the story of two planets. The Western and Eastern planets are both connected by the "Dragon Pulse" that spans throughout the entire universe. Once this happens, both of these peaceful and prosperous planets become war torn overnight, as they are consumed in constant rage against one another. The fates of both planets are at the hands of an ancient super technology called "sacred tresures". It is believed that these treasures are capable of restoring order to both worlds.

A girl named Jeanne Kaguya d'Arc is the only one who knows about these sacred treasures and what power they hold. Jeanne is from he western planet who has seen many visons that involve a holy savior-king from heaven who's purpose is to save the world. Jeanne begins her journey to the Eastern Planet with a man named Leonardo da Vinci. As soon that they arrive on the Eastern planet, they encounter a strange man and fool named Oda Nobunaga.

Nobunaga the Fool is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (24 episodes). The series first aired on February 5, 2014.

Where do I stream Nobunaga the Fool online? Nobunaga the Fool is available for streaming on TV Tokyo, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Nobunaga the Fool on demand at iTunes online.

Monday 1:05 AM et/pt on TV Tokyo
1 Season, 24 Episodes
February 5, 2014
Cast: Katelyn Barr, Krystal LaPorte
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Nobunaga the Fool Full Episode Guide

  • Mitsuhide, now Arthur's ally, confronts Nobunaga in Palais Natura. Enraged, Nobunaga presses on through Palais Natura until Arthur finally appears. Arthur, intent on reshaping the world, gives Nobunaga a choice...

  • As the Holy Grail's activation nears, Nobunaga decides to launch a frontal assault on Palais Natura with Azuchi. Hideyoshi's objection leads Nobunaga to finally realize that Himiko is at her limit. Chastened, Nobunaga decides to rely on The Fool, but Alexander bars his way. Himiko decides to take action...

  • Mitsuhide can no longer suppress his doubts about Nobunaga after Ichihime's death. Nobunaga also questions his own destiny, but Hideyoshi's words clear his doubts. Meanwhile, Arthur accelerates his plans for manifesting the Holy Grail and amassing the twelve Chosen.

  • Caesar-dono informs Nobunaga of King Arthur's true intentions and that he now pledges his allegiance to his side. Nobunaga, upset with this information learns the real reason for Caesar's switch and vows to put an end to it.

  • Alexander and the Western army continues their inexorable advance on the Star of the East. Even Nobunaga is powerless before Alexander. His attempt to defeat Alexander by harnessing the power of numerous Regalia at great cost only serves to bring him ruin.

  • Azuchi reappears in Yomotsuhirasaka after using the gate to return to the East. Himiko, severely weakened by the ordeal, tells Nobunaga about their shared history in this place. Meanwhile, the gate's reactivation galvanizes King Arthur to launch an invasion of the East by sending his most powerful general, Alexander.

  • Nobunaga launches Azuchi on a mission to rescue Jeanne from her Round Table captors. Her abduction leads Nobunaga to acknowledge that Jeanne's power is essential to reach his goal. Meanwhile, Jeanne rejects Cesare's demand that she subjugate herself to King Arthur. Macchiavelli decides to take Jeanne to a certain location in order to inflict psychological torture...

  • Nobunaga's unorthodox strategic move, the wartime tea ceremony, has come with a great price. Nobunaga firms his resolve to fulfill his dream of world domination. Meanwhile, news of the Oda clan's military prowess reaches the West, where King Arthur prepares for his eventual confrontation with Nobunaga.

  • Nobunaga responds to Caesar's demand for surrender with a tea ceremony invitation. Caesar is taken aback, but decides to go along. Ichihime is entrusted with the task of hosting the fateful wartime tea ceremony, and she firms her resolve to do everything in her power to save the Oda clan...

  • Mitsuhide is suspicious of Caesar's inaction. Nobunaga is certain that Caesar will strike while the Oda clan lacks experience in warfare. As predicted, Caesar launches a full-scale assault, but The Fool, Orleans, and Gokuu manage to corner the Quo Vadis.

  • Giant War Armor units are en route to the trade port Takamagahara to replenish Caesar's ranks. The Oda move to requisition some of the Giant War Armor by infiltrating Takamagahara. Jeanne is grouped with Hideyoshi, who reveals a sordid past and a grudge against Nobunaga...

  • Obtaining the Regalia of wind and light, along with Jeanne's Giant War Armor unit, has propelled the Oda clan into becoming one of the heavyweights on the Star of the East.

  • Caesar's assault is about to upset the balance of power on the Star of the East. Nobunaga decides to regain the Regalia entrusted to him by Shingen; likewise, Caesar moves to seize the Regalia in Nobunaga's possession. As the plot thickens, Jeanne has a sinister vision...

  • The assassins' attacks have the Oda clan in an uproar. The advisors insist that the Takeda clan is behind the attacks, but Nobunaga decides to confirm the truth by going alone to meet Shingen...

  • While the Oda clan struggles with grief over an irreparable loss, Nobunaga disappears. His absence heightens the tension between Mitsuhide and the advisors.

  • As the inevitable clash between the Takeda and the Oda forces nears, Nobunaga and Nobuhide have a clash of their own with differences in opinion regarding tactics. Nobunaga is certain that The Fool should be taken on the offensive, and begins to rally the men. However, someone poisons him with a paralytic, and he collapses. As Nobunaga realizes the truth behind the subterfuge, Nobuhide goes forth in his own Battle Armor to duel the Fuurin Kazan...

  • Himiko of Yamatai has averted a crisis by giving Nobunaga a Regalia. However, in return, she demands that they wed. Nobunaga decides that an alliance with Yamatai will strengthen the Oda, and accepts. Meanwhile, as da Vinci plans their betrothal ceremony, Ranmaru seeks to confirm her prophecy by determining whether Nobunaga is the Savior-King.

  • Nobunaga has a premonition that the Giant War Armor unit, The Fool, is a force heralding a new era. His confidant, Akechi Mitsuhide, is less certain, but Nobunaga only laughs off Mitsuhide's concerns.

  • Far off in the East, Nobunaga considers the calamities of war, even as a falling star reveals itself to be a powerhouse mecha from the Western world.

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