Devil Survivor 2 The Animation

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When the world is under attack by a monstrous and unstoppable enemy, the only way to fight back is with warriors who have already died! Sidestepping a gruesome fate in a subway crash, Hibiki, Daichi, and Io find themselves recruited into the ranks of the Devil Summoners! When each clash comes with a clock counting down to Armageddon, it's the ultimate conflict between good and evil, as the living, the dead and the demonic combine forces to send the invaders straight back to Hell.

Anime Network
1 Season, 13 Episodes
May 5, 2013
Cast: Greg Ayres, Jessica Boone, John Gremillion, Illich Guardiola
Devil Survivor 2 The Animation

Devil Survivor 2 The Animation Full Episode Guide

  • The battle against the Septentriones is complete, and the final battle line has been drawn. The Void continues to expand, devouring all of existence, and Alcor and Yamato finally resolve their long-brewing conflict. In the end, only Hibiki will remain, determined to stop Yamato in his attempt to remake the world -- but will the strength of his convictions be enough?

  • The seventh Day of Judgment has arrived, and the final Septentrion appears, leaving a path of destruction in its wake. With Hibiki still in a coma following the previous day's encounter, Daichi and the others -- armed with a newly redesigned summoning app -- will band together in an effort to stop it. But their confidence is shaken when all of them receive dead face clips, and the enemy reveals it has a disruption wave that can prevent their demons from being summoned. Will a last-minute arrival be enough to turn the tide of battle?

  • Mizar, the sixth Septentrion, will soon manifest in Tokyo -- but Yamato has already plotted its course, and devised plan of attack. To defeat Mizar, JP's will summon a powerful demon named Lugh; unfortunately, controlling it will mean trapping it in a human vessel that is bound to be destroyed. That vessel turns out to be Io, and when the others learn of the fate that will befall her, Hibiki will launch a desperate effort to save her from certain doom.

  • The three entities of the Septentrione have finally manifested and are heading straight for Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya. Hibiki, equipped with secret knowledge has to find a way to stop the enemy advance.

  • Ronaldo and Yamato reach an uneasy truce and decide to work together. Faced with imminent attack from the Septentrion Megrez, they divide protection of Nagoya, Osaka and Tokyo between themselves and Hibiki.

  • At JP's Tokyo Branch, Prof. Kanno works to rebuild their Terminal technology from scratch as the threat of renewed Septentrion attack looms. Elsewhere, Io and Daichi arrive in Nagoya in search of Hibiki, and soon find themselves drawn into the band of insurgents that has recently waged war against JP's.

  • In Osaka, Hibiki struggles with his inability to save Keita from perishing in battle. Meanwhile, with Osaka's spiritual defenses down, an ultra-powerful enemy named Merak has manifested and is making short work of all who would oppose it. Hibiki is placed on standby but races off, intent on protecting the others from harm. But his actions will have unforeseen consequences as Io is ordered into the fray, and Hibiki comes face-to-face with Ronaldo, an en enigmatic figure from JP's past.

  • Daichi, Hibiki and Io are transferred from Tokyo to the JP's Osaka Main Bureau. There, they encounter Hinako and Keita, two recently recruited Summoners. No sooner has the trio arrived than Osaka finds itself under a massive attack, one that combines hacker knowhow with mystical energies.

  • Three friends are thrust into a war they never asked to be a part of, wielding demons that they summon through their cell phones to battle the invading Septentrione, with the entire world at stake.

  • When Daichi and Hibiki are suddenly killed, they are revived by Nicaea and sent into a battle between humans and demons.