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Hanabishi Recca isn't like other teenage boys, and in Flame of Recca he's going to have to learn how to balance his ninja obsession and his martial arts training. He was born to the leader of a ninja clan that existed over 400 years ago, but doesn't realize it. While he thinks he's a normal person, he's blissfully unaware of the time warp that sent him to modern Japan.

Recca soon learns that his girlfriend can cast healing spells, and the punk rockers that he hangs around might have some secret ninja abilities of their own. They'll need them if they want to collect mystical objects and defeat underworld criminals.

2 Seasons, 43 Episodes
July 19, 1997
Cast: Kôsuke Okano, Hikaru Midorikawa, Mariette Sluyter, Motoko Kumai
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Flame of Recca Full Episode Guide

  • After Kurenai has been extinguished, Kurei unleashed his powerful flame, the Sacred Flame Ho-Oh (Phoenix). Resshin recalled that the Sacred Flames caused Kurei's harsh fate. It is revealed that Resshin was a spirit of Recca and Kurei's real father, Oka. During the end of the fight, Kouran Mori appeared with a puppet Kurei. Recca and Kurei faced the puppet and Resshin finally joins them to destroy the puppet. At the end, Recca emerged victorious.

  • Mikagami battles Kai who is suspected to be the murderer of Mifuyu. Kai was able to defeat Mikagami. But despite this, Kai declared that Mikagami was the rightful heir of the Hyomon Ken (Ice Crest Sword). And before he died, Kai revealed that the murderer of Mifuyu was their sensei and Tokiya's grandfather, Meguri Kyoza (In the manga, two men hired by Kurei were the true killers and Meguri arrive too late and blamed himself for Mifuyu's death. Also, Kai stabbed himself with the Hyoma En in the manga after the match). At the same time, Recca learned that the 8 Flame Dragons were Hokage ancestors and was forced to fight them again to regain their powers.

  • Domon faces Noroi, a ghost that haunts the Bakuju madogu. Noroi tried to invade Domon's mind and body but thanks to Domon's strong spiritual capacity, he was able to repel the Bakuju's spell and emerged victorious. And at the end of the match, Kurei appeared.

  • Fuuko, Tsukishiro and Kashamaru tried to escape from the Majigen dimension and eventually found the real Magensha and Domon won the match. In the second part of the semi-finals, Raiha, who was supposed to fight Kurei withdrew.

  • The true form of Fuujin is revealed and it is a cute little fox. Later, Fuuko challenges Magensha but ended up getting sucked in the Majigen.

  • Fuuko Kirisawa faces Uruha Ma's second-in-command, Gashakura. During the match, Kouran Mori interfered and set a laser in the ring's corners where Fuuko was hit twice

  • Recca faces the copycat ninja Kashamaru who wielded the madogu Nisebi (Fake Flame). During the fight, Recca was given a riddle by Rui (One of the Karyu) and was able to solve her riddle and created a fog illusion (in the forms of Gashakura, Jisho and an impersonation of Kashamaru himself) against Kashamaru. Recca emerged victorious. Tsukishiro and Kashamaru are then sent to the Majigen dimension. Recca was supposed to fight Gashakura who stated that Kashamaru applied sleeping potions to all his weapons.

  • Team Hokage automatically advances to the Semi-Finals after learning that their opponent dropped from the quarter finals and faced Uruha Ma led by Magensha who defeated and killed the Jyuushinju Jisho. In the first match, Koganei faces Tsukishiro, who uses two madogus the Kaigetsu and the Oboro (Hazy Moon). Koganei figured out the Oboro's weakness by following the trail of blood and defeated Tsukishiro, but due to fatal wounds caused during the fight, Koganei lost consciousness and the match ended in a draw.

  • Recca asked Neon why was she protecting Kurei despite being a merciless killer. Neon told a story about Kurei's sad past and why Neon became a Jyuushinju. Recca tried to summon Madoka, the barrier dragon and try to save Neon despite being their enemy.

  • Team Hokage agreed to Neon's suggestion in having a double bout since if Team Hokage loses the next 2 matches, Fuuko Kirisawa will win by default and the match will end in a tie. During the fight, Recca and Mikagami had a rift because of Domon who later intervened during the match and stopped the argument but ended up losing his win against Aki. The duo worked together to win and defeated Miki. Neon then released the sealed energy from her madogu the Fukyo Waon and tried to play the last tune, the Requiem (song for the dead)

  • Team Hokage faces the beautiful but deadly Uruha Sound/Oto. In the first match, Domon Ishijima faces illusionist Aki who uses the madogu Kotodama which enables the user to create illusions that only the opponent can see. The illusions include Aki stripping, a giant snake, snowy weather, flower and flames all over Domon. Mikagami tried to stop Domon's match but is prevented by Recca which led the two men having a rift. Luckily, with his mental fortitude, Domon was able to repel the Kotodama's spell and emerged victorious. Mikagami objected Recca's happiness for Domon's win because he almost let Domon die which made the conflict worse. At the end of the fight, Neon called a double bout (i.e. 2 vs. 2 Neon and Miki vs. Recca and Mikagami)

  • Recca faces Genjuro into a fight after defeating Meno Sakura. During the match it is revealed that Genjuro first used the illusion technique that Kurei used. At the end of the fight, Genjuro angered Setsuna, the 4th Karyu who burned him alive.

  • Mikagami was supposed to fight Menou, a school girl, but forfeited due to the injuries caused by Mokuren. So Recca fights Menou who also wields an implanted Shikigami in Menou's hair. Saicho, who also uses a Shikigami also explains that despite having the same name, they have different abilities. Saicho's madogu (made by Koku) is used to animate paper objects. While that of Menou (made by Kaima) is implanted and uses the user's hair as a deadly weapon. Near the end of the episode, it is revealed that Genjuro was behind the trapping of Menou's father so Recca and Menou teamed up to defeated Genjuro to save Menou's father. Recca manages to do so and Menou accepts defeat. At the end of the match, Recca finally gets to face Genjuro.

  • The episode begins with Koganei about to be absorbed by Mokuren. The former eventually accepted defeat. Recca was about to fight Mokuren but Kagero asks that if Recca fights Mokuren, what will happen to Koganei? Mokuren will be burned alongside Koganei who was inside the human tree. So Tokiya decided to fight Mokuren. During the fight, Mokuren's branches grow after being cut by Tokiya. Kagero revealed that the source of Mokuren's power comes from the Kodama madogu implanted in Mokuren's face. Near the end of the fight, Tokiya pierces his sword to the ground where Mokuren interpreted it as an act of submission. In reality, he froze the entire ring to freeze Mokuren as well. He eventually finds and rescues Koganei due to the fact of heat conductivity where metals react first in freezing temperatures (which in this case, Koganei's golden cross gave Tokiya the signal of the former's location). Tokiya emerged victorious

  • After Koganei defeats Shiju, Genjuro suggested to change the format of Round 2 as single elimination where the loser gets eliminated and the winner keeps fighting.

  • Fujimaru stripped Fuuko Kirisawa during the match and called her ugly. At the end of the match, Fuuko warned the audience if there is someone like Fujimaru, she would make their lives as a living hell. Later, Saicho apologized for Fujimaru's perverse behavior and gave a paper bandage to Fuuko's arm and give his jacket to her.

  • The fight between Hokage and Kuu begins with the match between Daikoku and Mikagami. But before the match, Tokiya walked away from the ring to refuel his Ensui in a nearby fountain. He recalled what his master/grandfather, Meguri Kyoza taught him on how to use the Ice Crest Sword for revenge by saying the words, "The path of Revenge is hard road in life. This sword requires blood of its opponents and soon, you'll be covered in blood." When the match began, Tokiya began dodging Daikoku's staff attacks. The former also asked a logical question on how to stop a fan without turning off the switch and touching the blade. Near the end, Daikoku uses his bo's 1000-attack technique.

  • Recca, Domon, Fuko and Tokiya all decided to train during their summer break in case Kurei confronts them again later on. Before leaving, however, they decided to meet at Recca's house, where Recca introduced Kagero to his adoptive father and thanked him for looking after him for all those years. Yanagi, who was worried about Recca's safety, decided to accompany him in his training, much to his chagrin. Meanwhile, Fuko and Domon decided to train using the Madogu they acquired from the battle at Kagero's hideout. After a month, Recca was able to tame two of the flame dragons, while Mikagami, Fuko and Domon got more proficient in using their Madogu. Their reunion was interrupted however, by Genjuro and Jisho, who sent them an invitation from Kurei to join the Urabutou Satsujin, the most dangerous martial arts tournament in history.

  • After rescuing Yanagi and destroying Kurei's mansion, Kage Hoshi invited Recca and his friends into her secret hideout carved in the face of a cliff. Kage Hoshi reveals to them that her real name is Kagero, and that she is Recca's true mother. While Recca refuses to believe, she tells all of them the truth of 400 years ago: Oka, the Hokage clan's leader and a flame master, had two sons: Recca with his wife Kagero, and Kurei with his mistress Reina, making Kurei and Recca half-brothers. Kurei, who exhibited flame powers as a child, was slated to inherit the clan leadership, but it was soon discovered that Recca also possessed the same powers. According to prophecy, only one member of the Hokage clan can use the powers of flame in each generation, and when there are two of them at the same time, one of them is bearing a cursed flame which can lead to the end of the clan's existence. The clan elders determined that Kurei was the one with the cursed flame, and sentenced him to death, but was spared upon Kagero's request. Meanwhile, while Kagero was telling them all of this, three members of the Uruha under Kurei's orders was spying on them, having discovered the hidden passageway towards the hideout, and was planning to attack them all unaware.

  • With his gauntlet off, the form of Recca's fire reveals itself. Making a deal with a dragon, Recca turns the heat up on Kurei.

  • Recca and the others face off against Kurei, who reveals the true nature of Hokage fire. It seems impossible to overcome, but Kage Hoshi has one last gambit in mind.

  • Recca has a flashback to the past, caused by Kurei's revelation. He awakens to find that he, Fuuko, Domon and Ganko have fallen into Mokuren's lab, where plants attack. Meanwhile, Kogenai shows off the versatility of his Kōgan Anki weapon in a series of attacks against Tokiya. He disarms Tokiya, yet waits for him to retrieve his blade in an effort to show off all five forms. In the end, Tokiya uses a fake image of himself created with water to catch Kogenai off guard and win the battle. Back in the lab, the group encounters Mokuren, a psycho with the ability to manipulate plants. Recca bludgens him with stereo equipment, and when Mokuren transforms, Recca sets him on fire, winning the battle. The group heads for the elevator, where Kurei is waiting in ambush.

  • Fuuko, Recca, and Domon are holding up a wall when Tokiya appears and taunts them. He destroys the wall and then begins to battle with Koganei who was waiting from the group on the third floor. Tokiya engages Koganei, and allows the rest of the group to run on to the fourth floor where they meet Kurei. After getting their attention, Kurei tells Recca about their past 400 years ago and how both were sent to the present time when they were infants.

  • The group goes up to the second floor with new friend Ganko to meet Seiko. Seiko who was locked up because he was too dangerous is now stopping our team from getting to the fourth floor where Yanagi is. Domon steps up to the challenge, and declares he'll face Seiko alone. Seiko is at first taken down, but after the use of his elemental weapon, creates a rock armor and pulverizes the group. It's then we learn that Domon is given Saturn's Ring from Kage Hoshi, and with its aid manages to defeat Seiko. As the episode closes, Tokiya makes his appearance at the mansion.

  • Katashira Reira gains control of Fuuko's body and begins to attack the other two. During this, Reira uses the moment to gain control of the boys. Stuck in her control, Reira tortures Fuuko with Primera until she begins to laugh. Fuuko learns the secret of the doll controller and stops her, ultimately defeating the duo. Kage Hoshi is then seen trying to convince Tokiya to assist Recca and company. Meanwhile, Kurei gives order to let lose a dangerous character that is locked up in a cage on the second floor.

  • Recca, Domon and Fuuko realize that Maria is too fast for them but, taking advantage of the time she needs to occasionally recharge her laser, they defeat her. They are met by a doll controller in the next room that turns all of them into 'dolls' she can control.

  • Recca meets a teacher that knows a lot about the Hokage Ninjas. Yanagi is kidnapped by people from Kurei's Uruha [his Death Squad], including a greatly skilled but rather innocent swordschild named Koganei.

  • As Yanagi appears, Tokiya withdraw from the fight and Yanagi manages to heal Recca using her powers. Feeling down because he let Yanagi saved him, Yanagi recommend they goes to the amuzement park. On the way to buying some drinks, Tokiya appears and take Yanagi to Mirror House. Recca then confronts Tokiya in order to save Yanagi, after a fierce battle, Tokiya admit defeat. It is also revealed that Kage Houshi is actually Recca's biological mother, and make them fight each other to strengthen their power.

  • FÅ«ko Kirisawa is irritated by the fact that Recca became someone's ninja just because he felt like it, and accepts the FÅ«jin, an object that enables its user to control wind, from Kage Hōshi. The FÅ«jin, however, is rigged with a mind control orb that enables Kage Hōshi to manipulate FÅ«ko's thoughts. FÅ«ko then arranges to meet Recca on the school grounds after dark to fight with him. Recca is at a disadvantage at first, but is saved by Domon Ishijima after the latter is informed by Yanagi of what was happening. Recca eventually resorts to using his power to control fire to combat FÅ«ko.

  • A boy named Recca Hanibishi is obsessed with being a ninja. After an accident, a girl named Yanagi Sakoshita heals him, and he declares her to be his princess, and pledges to be her loyal ninja. After an encounter with Kage Hōshi, he learns that he has the ability to control fire.

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