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This nonfiction series takes a look at the extraordinary abilities of real-life people who were born with genetic differences that give them something approaching superpowers. The series is hosted by Marvel Comics founder Stan Lee. It aired on the History and A&E cable networks between 2010 and 2014.

Stan Lee's SuperHumans is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (31 episodes). The series first aired on August 5, 2010.

Where do I stream Stan Lee's SuperHumans online? Stan Lee's SuperHumans is available for streaming on History, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Stan Lee's SuperHumans on demand at Philo, Amazon, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, iTunes online.

3 Seasons, 31 Episodes
August 5, 2010
Cast: Stan Lee, Daniel Browning Smith
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Stan Lee's SuperHumans Full Episode Guide

  • Daniel encounters four people with totally separate powers...but united they could be the ultimate team of real life superhumans.

  • Stan searches for people with secret abilities that turn them into lethal human weapons!

  • Daniel encounters four real people who claim to have a difference in their physiology, that makes them superhuman!

  • Stan sends Daniel on a quest to find four superhumans with animal-like abilities.

  • Stan sends Daniel to find real life inventors who claim to have built machines that merge man and machine.

  • Stan wants Daniel to find individuals who are fear-proof. Julio Munoz wants to attempt one of the scariest stunts that requires superhuman nerves, and Tyler Bradt kayaks over waterfalls hundreds of feet high.

  • Super-strength is a common theme in most comics, whether a natural-born ability or the result of some misguided scientific experiment. Daniel investigates claims of mind boggling levels of human power.

  • Stan wants Daniel to investigate four people who apparently have superhuman heat tolerance, by performing potentially deadly demonstrations that push the human body to new limits.

  • Stan, having various fictional pain-proof characters in his comics, is stunned to find real people who actually experience no pain. Daniel meets four people who are able to control their pain perception and allow their body to push unimaginable limits.

  • Stan's comic-book character's bodies had physically shocking features and gruesome modifications, enabling them to perform incredible feats see this real life superhuman.

  • The search is on to find more real-life superhumans! First Daniel is in Canada to meet Pat Poviliatis and a man who boasts his hands are tough enough to withstand the deadly jaws of a steel-tooted cougar-trap.

  • A man demonstrates his incredible ability to smash through the rock hard exterior of a coconut with his index finger.

  • Daniel heads to Sardinia and meets free diver Stig Severinson who wants to take breath holding beyond human boundaries. He says he wants to hold his breath for over 20 minutes!

  • A man claims he can reach amazing speeds with a turbo powered rocket backpack and skates.

  • Daniel puts self-proclaimed beast masters to the test.

  • In a temple in Kuala Lumpur, Shaolin monk Hu Qiong demonstrates his unbreakable body by smashing steel on his head, and spears in his throat.

  • At high altitude, low oxygen causes hypoxia, altitude sickness and very quickly, death. But Ang Rita Sherpa claims he's climbed Everest 10 times with no extra oxygen. Daniel takes him to a leading Altitude Research facility to witness the effects of altitude in a hyperbaric chamber. It's said spider-silk is the strongest material on earth. And Randy Lewis says he has found a way to copy it--by breeding a herd of goats with spider DNA, creating a goat that can produce spider-silk in its milk? Stan wants Daniel to find out if this could be the first step to a real life Spiderman. It's rumored Tori Allen can climb Like Spiderman, but in fact it seems she was brought up with monkeys and has actually mastered many of their climbing tricks. Stan Lee created Rocket Racer, a super-powered skateboarding nemesis for Spiderman. But Bob Burnquist is said to perform jumps on his skateboard that have made Stan's comic books a reality.

  • Daniel Browning Smith is in Vegas to meet Brian Jackson who blows up a hot water bottle until it explodes. Daniel takes Brian to a lung specialist to measure the power output and pressure of his lungs. Lu Deyuan's extraordinary, traffic-stopping superhuman ability is eye watering! Daniel meets Lu in a Kuala Lumpur dockyard where he's hanging steel bars from his eyelids. Lu says he feels no pain and doesn't suffer from any injuries. Could Anthony Kelly have the fastest reflexes in the world? Daniel meets him catching tennis balls at 80mph, and use a high speed camera to capture his technique. At a Detroit Dojo, Daniel meets Japanese Nunchuck Master Hiroki deadly in the martial art of nunchaku combat. Cindi Bir and Daniel test his ability by challenging his accuracy with a baseball pitching cannon.

  • A man who can take enormous blows.

  • Mike Rutzen, who swims with sharks without the use of cage; a man who breaks baseball bats with a single kick; and a man who sprints on all fours.

  • In his quest to find people with real superpowers, Daniel Browning Smith meets some extraordinary individuals including the man with the strongest neck on earth.

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