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  • 2010
  • 3 Seasons
  • 7.3  (749)

Stan Lee's SuperHumans was a reality TV show that aired on the History channel from 2010 to 2014. The show was created and hosted by Stan Lee, the legendary comic book creator responsible for iconic characters such as Spider-Man, the X-Men, and the Avengers. As the title suggests, the show focused on individuals who possessed extraordinary abilities that could be considered "superhuman."

Each episode of the show featured several segments highlighting people with different types of abilities. Some of the superpowers showcased on the show included super strength, super speed, extreme flexibility, and heightened senses. However, the show also explored more unconventional abilities such as the ability to withstand extreme temperatures, the ability to control electricity, and even the ability to generate electricity.

The show was structured around Stan Lee's attempts to understand the science behind these abilities. He would interview the superhumans themselves, as well as experts in various fields such as neurology, biomechanics, and physiology. Lee would try to get to the bottom of how their unique abilities worked and what made them different from the average person. Some segments of the show featured experiments and demonstrations designed to test the limits of these superhuman abilities.

One of the most impressive abilities showcased on the show was that of a man named Tim Cridland, who could endure extreme pain without injury. In one segment, Lee and Cridland traveled to a museum where they explored a collection of torture devices from the Middle Ages. Cridland was willing to subject himself to some of these devices in order to demonstrate his resistance to pain. He even inserted skewers through his flesh without any sign of discomfort or injury. Lee was clearly amazed by this ability and sought to understand how Cridland's brain could rewire itself to tolerate such intense pain.

Another memorable segment of the show featured a man with the ability to run barefoot across hot coals without injury. Lee and the experts he consulted were skeptical of this feat at first, but after witnessing the superhuman in action, they had to admit that there was something extraordinary going on. The experts explained that the man's ability to withstand such high temperatures had to do with the way his brain had learned to suppress signals of pain and damage.

Throughout the show, Lee was always respectful and enthusiastic about the superhumans he encountered. He never treated them as freaks or oddities, but rather as exceptional people with unique skills and abilities. In fact, many of the superhumans seemed to appreciate the opportunity to show off their powers to a wider audience and to work with a comic book legend like Stan Lee.

In addition to showcasing the abilities of individual superhumans, the show also explored the science behind the evolution of human abilities. Lee and his team looked at how various factors, such as genetics and environment, could contribute to the development of extraordinary physical and mental abilities. They also looked back at historical figures who were known for their exceptional abilities, such as Greek athletes and medieval knights.

Overall, Stan Lee's SuperHumans was an entertaining and informative show that combined science and pop culture in a unique way. It celebrated the incredible capabilities of the human body and mind, while also raising fascinating questions about what makes some people truly extraordinary. Fans of superhero comics and science fiction would likely find the show particularly intriguing, but it had broad appeal for anyone interested in the mysteries of the human body and brain.

Stan Lee's SuperHumans is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (31 episodes). The series first aired on August 5, 2010.

Stan Lee's SuperHumans
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Ultimate Super Team
10. Ultimate Super Team
September 17, 2014
Daniel encounters four people with totally separate powers...but united they could be the ultimate team of real life superhumans.
Disc of Death
9. Disc of Death
September 10, 2014
Stan searches for people with secret abilities that turn them into lethal human weapons!
High Voltage
8. High Voltage
September 3, 2014
Daniel encounters four real people who claim to have a difference in their physiology, that makes them superhuman!
Man vs. Beast
7. Man vs. Beast
August 27, 2014
Stan sends Daniel on a quest to find four superhumans with animal-like abilities.
Rapid Fire
6. Rapid Fire
August 20, 2014
Stan sends Daniel to find real life inventors who claim to have built machines that merge man and machine.
5. Fearproof
August 13, 2014
Stan wants Daniel to find individuals who are fear-proof. Julio Munoz wants to attempt one of the scariest stunts that requires superhuman nerves, and Tyler Bradt kayaks over waterfalls hundreds of feet high.
Powerlifting Pastor
4. Powerlifting Pastor
August 6, 2014
Super-strength is a common theme in most comics, whether a natural-born ability or the result of some misguided scientific experiment. Daniel investigates claims of mind boggling levels of human power.
Human Fireball
3. Human Fireball
July 27, 2014
Stan wants Daniel to investigate four people who apparently have superhuman heat tolerance, by performing potentially deadly demonstrations that push the human body to new limits.
2. Painproof
July 20, 2014
Stan, having various fictional pain-proof characters in his comics, is stunned to find real people who actually experience no pain. Daniel meets four people who are able to control their pain perception and allow their body to push unimaginable limits.
Throat of Steel
1. Throat of Steel
July 13, 2014
Stan's comic-book character's bodies had physically shocking features and gruesome modifications, enabling them to perform incredible feats see this real life superhuman.
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  • Premiere Date
    August 5, 2010
  • IMDB Rating
    7.3  (749)