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In this comedy series, comic Daniel Tosh finds laughs in the hot topics that were the talk of the internet the previous week. The show has been intermittently controversial because of Tosh's intentionally offensive comedic style. The series debuted on the Comedy Central network in 2009.

Tosh.0 is a series that is currently running and has 12 seasons (307 episodes). The series first aired on June 4, 2009.

Where do I stream Tosh.0 online? Tosh.0 is available for streaming on Comedy Central, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Tosh.0 on demand at Apple TV+, Amazon Prime, Philo, Amazon, Vudu, Google Play, iTunes, Comedy Central online.

Tuesday 10:00 PM et/pt on Comedy Central
12 Seasons, 307 Episodes
June 4, 2009
Cast: Nick Malis, Megan Abrigo, Caleb Emerson, Joseph Carl White II, Joseph Carl White II
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Tosh.0 Full Episode Guide

  • Daniel checks in with some musically challenged former guests to see how far they've fallen since being on the show, and reminisces about the unholy dumpster fire that was 2020.

  • Daniel talks with a white kid about the rap game and reveals the embarrassing side hustles celebrities are investing in.

  • Daniel analyzes the 2020 presidential election with the best political minds who have appeared on Tosh.0, and he dials up his favorite computer programmer who dresses like a cat.

  • Daniel calls 911 regarding a superhero being "attacked" at a barbecue, meets a man obsessed with seasonal Halloween stores and reveals unexpected objects extracted from peoples' bodies.

  • Daniel heads to the desert with a porn star and gets to know an artist living with attention-deficit disorder.

  • Daniel has unanswered questions about a flooded motel, interviews a man who's built up his body only so he can destroy it, and pitches a product to help public poopers.

  • Daniel gets frisky with America's number one cat food connoisseur and helps his staff orgasm using only the power of his mind.

  • Daniel reacts to a painful horse run-in, gets unconventional gardening tips from viral plant enthusiast Freedella De Vil and takes inspiration from a Turkish chef's no-look cooking approach.

  • Daniel bravely reopens amidst America's COVID-19 shutdowns, determines what's cake and what isn't, and sits down with YouTube sensation Rebecca Black.

  • Daniel premieres the episode filmed before the COVID-19 pandemic shut down production on the show and pays tribute to a late friend and Hollywood star.

  • On the season finale of Tosh.0, Daniel finds out if he won employee of the year.

  • Daniel helps someone seek revenge on their exes, hosts a podcast about a washed-up wrestler and wears an enormous scarf.

  • Daniel meets the Pot Brothers at Law, two attorneys who advise their herbalist clients to keep quiet, and makes amends for a blemish on his otherwise spotless moral record.

  • Daniel meets Super Bitch, the world's first black, gay superhero, and makes Halloween less of a nightmare for parents by teaching them how to terrify their kids.

  • Daniel takes inspiration from a woman who sprayed milk from her breasts at a music festival, is taught how to slackline at the office and meets with a renowned burp fetishist.

  • Daniel welcomes his best-smelling guest ever and wealth-shames young people on TikTok.

  • The Czech Republic's number one “Pokemon Go” player comes to America, and Daniel shines a light on Hollywood’s dirty little secret.

  • Daniel arranges an eat-and-greet with someone who has a unique sexual appetite.

  • Daniel meets a bloodstained man on a mission to end circumcision and helps his fellow comedians make their jokes woke.

  • On the fall premiere of Tosh.0, Daniel debuts his trendy new wardrobe, introduces his viewers to an Insta-bro with a bottomless throat, and talks Xs and Os with some extremely special Tosh.0 legends.

  • Daniel assembles a dream team of the show’s greatest guests, opens the heavenly gates of Tosh to a “Book of Mormon” thumper, and, after 11 years, finally lets it all out.

  • Daniel talks trick shots with an Instagram golf goddess; vows to broadcast the Robert Kraft sex tape; and asks "Is It Racist?" wherever bigotry rears its ugly head.

  • Just in time for Mother's Day, Daniel has the sex talk with some pervy podcasters, drops bombs on internet moms and sets his dumbest world record yet.

  • Daniel meets a man with extreme extremities, chats with Canada’s saltiest chip aficionados and reveals the show's most questionable segment.

  • Daniel discovers the sexy side of sneezing, installs a state-of-the-art office security system that’s 100% impenetrable and finds out whether British people’s road rage is as bad as their comedy.

  • Daniel hotboxes with a pair of vaping YouTubers, finds the saddest knight in the kingdom and asks you to decide where to stick the knife in.

  • Daniel meets America’s most low-energy drink reviewer, crowns a less disturbing king of pop and decides who’s the winner-winner when it comes to a particular chicken dinner.

  • Daniel meets a man who’s into pony play, grants his own birthday wish and scrapes the makeup off celebrities.

  • Daniel paints the town brown with a crafty turd burglar, outsources his bracket to Asia and demonstrates how to have some good, clean fun with a box cutter.

  • On the season premiere of Tosh.0, Hard Rock Nick proves that it's possible to hate both the player and the game, and Daniel pulls a Felicity Huffman and ruins his fans' futures.

Tosh.0 News

Funny Video of the Day: Here's How to Scare the Crap Out of Your Dad, Repeatedly

Scare me once, shame on you. Scare me another 40 times, shame on my poor situational awareness. This fantastic viral video is making the rounds today, courtesy of YouTube user andrembennett. In the video, our hero shows us the many different ways one can scare his dad. Or, more specifically, how it doesn't much matter what you say, provided you do a good job of sneaking up on him.

Daniel Tosh Explains The Oscar Nominees

If you didn't get a chance to watch all of the Oscar nominees for best picture, Daniel Tosh of "Tosh.O" is happy to explain the premise of each movie with a short review. Some spoilers involved.

Patton Oswalt Jumps (Foolishly) To Daniel Tosh's Defense

Sorry, Patton Oswalt. This is the feedback system at work. Daniel Tosh went way, WAY too far even joking about wishing rape upon an audience member...IN FRONT OF THE REST OF THE AUDIENCE. Think of it as risk-reward. In this case, the risk didn't pay off. It's completely fair that Tosh takes it on the chin. Hard.

Daniel Tosh of 'Tosh.0' Apologizes for Rape Jokes

In an incident that rings of Tracy Morgan, comedian Daniel Tosh was targeted by an audience member after telling rape jokes at a comedy club, leading him to apologize later on Twitter. Well, sort of apologize.

Tosh.0 Season 3 Episode 3 - Redemption for the Ice Cream Truck Guy

In a segment called "20 Seconds on the Clock” Daniel Tosh cracks as many jokes as he can about one video in about 20 seconds. Last week, Tosh featured a lady swinging her baby during some form of what she labeled yoga. Since the airing, the featured woman has received widespread scrutiny from the press.

Daniel Tosh may be joking but it seems these breakdowns could be serving as a public watchdog.

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